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MIRACLE II products contain no synthetic ingredients and are human safe, which means that they are not harmful if ingested and contain no known irritants.

Miracle II Concentrated and or Moisturizing Antifungal, Antibacterial Soaps New ‘silkier’ Miracle II soaps – perfect for all skin and hair types.

Practical use by testimonies in the bath, shower or general personal use

Bathing is a MUST for maximum benefits of all Miracle II products used personally.

Add a small capful of either Concentrated Soap or Moisturizing Soap and a small capful of Neutralizer Liquid as the bath water is filled is all that is required to feel their wonderful energizing and healing effects of a Miracle II bath.

All the 7 million pores of your skin get opened up and rejuvenated If you have a Miracle II Therapeutic Laundry ball add that to the bath too. It enhances the wonderful healing and energizing effects even more.

Bathe two or three times a week for the a few weeks for maximum effectiveness and for a minimum of 25 minutes and then try to have a bath once a week after that ‘forever’ it feels that good!

Try and not towel yourself off. Leave the soap sink in to your skin. Spray your self with Neutralizer Liquid afterwards and /or apply Neutralizer gel or Skin Moisturizer as outlined further in the document.

For those who cannot take a bath or don’t have a bath tub, then at least a foot bath similar to above. Still sponge your body all over and leave the soap on your skin, don’t wash it off. Apply Neutralizer Liquid to your body and face and Neutralizer gel to the feet afterwards for great healing and detoxifying benefits.

Taking a shower, use only the Miracle II soap(s). Pour a small amount on a sponge and work over the body and hair. That’s right wash and condition your hair too with either soap in the bath or shower, your hair will shine and no more hair loss for some.

Always spray your self after a shower with Neutralizer Liquid to freshen up – face, eyes, ears, any skin conditions, under your arms before applying the Miracle II Thai Deodorant Stone (do the same for bathing).

Shaving. Miracle II Concentrated Soap and or Moisturizing Soap are great for shaving face, body and legs- just as good for male skin . Any excess soap just rub over the body where there are blemishes of any kind and let it soak in. Apply Neutralizer Liquid after to freshen up.

Soap dispensers make these antifungal and antibacterial soaps last even longer. Use only 1/4 of either soap mix with 3/4 water in a foaming soap dispenser. Place all over your home- bathrooms, kitchen, laundry, toilets, garages and sheds for soft hygienically clean hands.

Wash the fruit and vegetables

And here is a very special use, you can even use Miracle II Concentrated (not Moisturizing) soap to wash your vegetables. Add 7 drops of soap into your kitchen sink and fill with water. Then wash your lettuces, greens, fruit and vegetables to remove bugs, pests and neutralize the effects of pesticides sprayed on them during or after production.

Note: the original Concentrated ‘Personal and general use’ soap can be used instead of the new Miracle II Concentrated Soap.

Miracle II Neutralizer Liquid “Nature’s Miracle for the total body”

This Nature’s Miracle for the total body has a pH balancing formula and is a mix of the purest, natural minerals and super charge with eloptically-energized water. It is a colourless and tasteless liquid that is human safe (verified by U.S MSD reports).

The Neutralizer has the ability to cleanse & detoxify. It is so safe you can use it to clean your contact lens and use it as an eyewash!

Use Miracle II Neutralizer liquid daily in your fridge water to help balance the acidity in your diet and the effects of sugars, caffeine, and processed foods.

For external use add to your bath as outlined in Miracle Soap section.

After showering spray Neutralizer Liquid  on your face, your skin all areas of the body that need refreshing your eyes and ears.

There are a hundred and one magical uses for this product!

Hair Spray Spray your hair with Neutralizer Liquid or apply Neutralizer gel. It acts as a great hair spray NATURALLY.

Neutralizer Liquid, Gel and Skin Moisturizer are great for sunburn.

For smokers, testimonies attest that spraying in the mouth every time there is an urge, can help break the habit.

It has great health benefits and used regularly will help keep you in good health from thousands of reports.

Spray Neutralizer Liquid on meats, chicken, fish, vegetables and fruit before cooking or eating raw for purity, taste and even makes last longer. Even neutralizes effects of Steroids, Hormones and metals like Mercury.

Miracle II Neutralizer Gel – ”Its an Emergency Kit in a bottle”

Same base formulation as the Neutralizer Liquid but three times stronger ,apply where and when you need to address specific skin or healing problems like warts, moles, cuts, sores, scars and sunspots. Great too for sunburn, cellulite and wrinkles.

Great too for ALL types of bites and stings. If badly bitten take Neutralizer Liquid internally and apply Neutralizer Gel externally for quick relief.

Put it on your sprains and injuries for a faster recovery.

Massage neck, back, tired feet, all aches and pains and arthritis – great way to relieve pain. If you have a Therapeutic laundry ball then use the ball to massage the gel into the skin Good results on Carpel tunnel.

Clean your teeth with it, but do add 2 drops of Miracle II Concentrated Soap to lather in mouth. No more teeth or gum decay. Swallow in part. It will refresh and cleanse from the throat to the top of the stomach. Like Neutralizer Liquid it is safe to ingest

Miracle II Skin Moisturizer: The future of Natural Healthy Skin”

Can be used in the same way as the Neutralizer Gel but not internally as it has special natural oils and nutrients to soften the skin -great before and /or removing makeup . Both the Skin Moisturizer and gel are wonderful for cellulite and wrinkles.

Miracle II Skin Moisturizer is great for burns and sunburn generally.

Long air flightsALL products  before and after a long flight take a Miracle II bath then apply either Neutralizer Gel or Skin Moisturizer all over the body. It will help remove the effects of radiation and jet lag.

Check out the Skin Beauty treatment guide for expanded uses for both the Neutralizer Gel and the Skin Moisturizer products. The Neutralizer Gel and Skin Moisturizer have a wonderful feel on the skin and both are the only totally non sticky and non oily products of their kind on the market.

Miracle II Therapeutic Laundry Ball

Miracle II Therapeutic Laundry Ball the Therapeutic/ laundry ball can be applied in so many ways on the body and in the bath to assist other Miracle11 products or by itself. Great for massage,as a reflexologist on tired feet and great for Carpel tunnel when used with the Gel. Try it out under your pillow at night for a good nights sleep too.

There are literally hundreds of uses for Miracle II .You will find you will discover even more of your own saving you a fortune on your personal care and health products and doing it safely, environmentally and getting wonderful results at the same time.

Never has a product range offered so much and so economically We cannot promise you anything, but the sky is the limit with Miracle II as hundreds of thousands of people around the world are attesting to. Try it out for size.

Miracle II Products disclaimer

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