Testimonials for Miracle II


Circle of Life’s association and testimony with Miracle II

About 14 years ago Greg was looking for some natural and organic product companies to work with or consult with and perhaps distribute their products. Greg had consulted for 6-7 years after he left corporate life working with  a few small natural and organic companies that  did some good things also for our environment but those contracts had ran out. All this was to help us get funds together to open up our Circle of Life centre to help people with their lives find their Heart and Soul again  but continue doing some consulting work to pay the bills . But Greg was then told ‘no more consulting work’ the voice of God spoke and he asked “how will I live” !

Greg had been looking at Miracle II for a while previously to take on board, knew all its background   but still wasn’t quite sure  about  it  then one night in meditation he received a vision of  how Clayton got the  formulation -the Laser Light writing on a Violet wall  but it was then taken away as it was Clayton’s secret with God only. Then Greg was shown how it was created in the ‘Science labs of Heaven’ and carried one of Nikola Tesla’s great discoveries and knew then he was to  do Miracle II

He was TOLD I was to be a Captain of Miracle II’ and one day “this product would become like Gold” because of its all encompassing healing powers and uses,  it’s positive effect on our environment and it higher vibration which will be a standard requirement for goods marketed in the new times . The next step he was TOLD I was going to travel to the US to meet with Clayton in Louisiana and also to meet with Glenda Green of Love Without End in Sedona on the same trip as this also is a most important part of his work

He could not afford a trip at the time then  a little Miracle happened.. God told him ‘He was getting a Gift and it wasn’t his birthday but he was still getting one”…Clayton paid for the trip to the U.S even though he really did not know Greg apart from a few telephone conversations He was invited to stay with him for two days to check him out and see how real he was. They became good friends. He liked Aussies. and he loved our Steve Irwin As part of the friendship he also gave him something which no other Miracle II distributor carries as a point of  difference to other distributors -a Violet formulation for the Miracle II soaps

So today Circle of Life is Miracle II’s main distributor in Australia and will continue to do so Here a sample of some testimonials from satisfied customers as to their love of these products

To name a few 1)”Taking a Miracle II bath works  wonders on the emotional and mental levels not just the physical body” 2) “It carries the Violet Flame to Neutralize all things as well as the Healing energy of Heaven” 3) “It carries the Adamantine Particles”

4)There have been major healings like the man with a gang green leg and foot. He had so severe gang green caused by diabetes he was booked in for an amputation As a last resort he saw a naturopath  who just happened to promote and recommend our Miracle II. He bathed his foot and leg in a tub  twice a day in our Miracle II soap for a half hour then applied the Neutralizer Gel  He also drank good quantities of the Neutralizer Liquid each day.  Within two weeks there was tremendous improvement and no  amputation.”

This chap later made a special trip from the Sunshine coast to the Circle of Life centre in Engadine in Sydney  on a cold wet winter’s night took off his shoes and socks in the street to demonstrate what Miracle II had done for him.

We have seen Miracle II Neutralizer Gel, Liquid and Soaps do wonders on scars, cellulite, sunburn, burns even third degree burns with no other medical treatment required We have seen it work on spider bites -all spiders and other  nasties and much much more and it works on animals and pets just as effectively as humans and is totally safe for babies and children to use  .

Circle of Life

“I have bought a few of your products, and have used them personally. First however I check the products with my bio resonance testing for solvent and metal pollution which is common for most skin products. Your products tested clear.

I then test for common laundry bleach pollution which is a common problem for American products and your product tested clear.

So the next step was to contact you and see if your products could be used in my practice. I envisage just having ½ dozen of the different products handy in the smaller quantities so that I can recommend to clients and they can purchase them.

V Coyte, Naturopath, Hobart

Clayton Tedeton on CD. An interview on U.S Health and Wellness program now available on request. talking about how and why Miracle II began and the Revelations he was given about these products to give the world.

Scientific and Clinical study report re Miracle II is available on request as well as full instructions for use .

Scores of people’s personal testimonials can be obtained by writing to or emailing Circle of Life.