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                                        Circle of Life July 2014 newsletter 


Welcome to our  Circle of Life July newsletter. There is so much happening at the moment in our 3rd dimensional world but more importantly there is so much going on within us, our Earth and all life forms on her body. And it is in this context we wish to  expand upon in this newsletter.. We know it is not going to  be easy in the times ahead and your commitment and dedication to Service will be needed   …..


There may be significant earthquakes taking place , more escalation of the phoney wars, financial issues (individually and collectively) but if you are in your Heart, you will become a Beholder, at Peace and will take a ‘higher view’ because you know we are living in God’s time .and  nothing can harm us. Do your prayers , meditations, your affirmations , use the Violet Flame to see all the outside troubles of the world dissipating, coming to a head simply to be thoroughly cleansed as nothing that is not of the Light can exist on this planet once it is in the 4th/5th dimension be-coming..


Divine Mother energy

 If you haven’t felt it the Divine Feminine energy of God (which is LOVE) is now bombarding our little planet in a very powerful  way ..through all aspects of her in Mother Mary, Mary Magdalene, Lady Quan Yin’s  and the collective ISIS energies (a name being usurped by the  phoney war in Iraq) .This LOVE energy will really start to make its mark in this last half of 2014..And you (and all humanity) will feel it as things start to Lighten up in your Life .You should be noticing it now in our animal kingdoms.  .And you know there  are no opposites to LOVE (Fear, wars, hatred, greed etc are not opposite to Love just an absence to it and they now are  and will be gobbled up in the coming times)) 


Circle of Life  .. some background to our work and maybe yours too.

 We don’t know whether we ever expanded on our piece of the spiritual pie that is us but it is time we did and  share with you as it might interest you to be part of what God has given to  us to do  

 In 2002 I was meditating on a new name for our work We had called ourselves some esoteric names like ‘Corona Light Centre’ and wanted to  have a more mainstream name. In meditation I heard the Elton John song “The Circle of Life” . I had lying across my two legs lionesses and many more lions and lionesses in my lounge room and outside. So got the new  name okay but it did not end there  We registered the new name on the 11th day of the 11th  month of 2002 (22) at nearly 11am.


I have been  TOLD that there were Circle of Life centres throughout the Universe The logo we have was produced for us in front of us on the screen For those who know  us we are not great on computer technology and didn’t have  a clue how to create one. Symbolic in the Cross in the middle is Archangel Michael guarding the North, Raphael to the East,  Uriel to the South and Gabriel to the west .Later on Archangel Michael produced another picture of our logo with Him in the middle which we put on all our business cards (small print) and on the back of  the Lamb and the Lion postcards.. (Attaching a larger picture of ‘Michael in the middle’ for viewing)    


The words written in the  Circle of Life logo are from the seven rings of the Sacred Heart out of “Your Heart is your Higher Intelligence”    ch7 “Love Without End ..Jesus Speaks”book.Michael actually moved the words around for His picture to be in the Logo He moved LOVE to the left and  took out Unity (He is the Unity).

 We feel  really blessed and know all  the work  we have been given has Heaven’s gold seal of approval .All carry  the Christ consciousness and is Life enhancing. Everything we do and market in Circle of Life has been a direct revelation from God or Jeshua or Mary -Miracle II we were shown being created in the great master Hilarion’s Science labs of Heaven, then we was shown the written formula on the wall that Clayton Tedeton received (then it was taken away from us though as it was Clayton’s secret with God) 

 Mother Mary gave us Ocean Ormus..it carries her Blessing and the healing energy we saw radiating from it was awesome,if ever so subtle and of course  we have had countless messages re our Love Without End work from Jeshua and Archangel Michael’s and know them to be God’s WILL !

Jeshua at this time specifically asks us to promote from the Love Without End. material “The Conversations with Jesus 14 CD set: . This work truly is  a Manuscript for Living in the 21st century bar no other. Every facet of Life is detailed from the cradle to the grave The CDS are a beautiful complement to His two books and will Inspire you in your Life .We know people are so busy they do  not concentrate for long enough to read such  long books but will listen to a CD in the car or relaxing at home .We cannot go   forward  without knowing the whole Truth of our Being and this work will Inspire you to know it more beautifully and simply who  you are and what Life is truly about. 


Jeshua even makes Science sound interesting and simple and of Love in His teachings. He wants the world to know the Truth of all His Teachings as He gave them in His time on Earth were, are and always will be LOVE and you too are that LOVE manifest!. View the caption of the contents of the 14 CD set which we  have attached

So for all that, we have always envisioned many Light centres with the Circle of Life name on them throughout Australia and perhaps overseas.. We put it out there that it is happening and it will grow. ….In any case become truly part of the Circle of Life in what ever form that takes for you

 We know our  work is going to be intensified in the very foreseeable future but hopefully you will find like us it a discovery journey and it is enjoyable because you know you are connected to the Divine and doing something worthwhile. Jeshua said in Love Without End  Everyone has  a Covenant and a Purpose and if you don’t discover it no one else will”  . FIND IT!

 The children and youth of the world

 *Heaven keeps reminding us to include in our focus all the Children and Youth of the world, so many of whom have gone astray into drugs, alcohol, or sex abuse and misuse who are actually high Light Beings who do not like our world.  Pray for them to make the grade. Call on Archangel Michael and Mother Mary for their Protection and particularly against molestation, abuse, slavery and other things too horrible to mention here ..These the Indigos, Rainbow, Light children and youth are the ones who in future times will be the leaders of our world and will need Teachers and WAYSHOWERS!


 In summary

 Archangel Michael has made it clear there are literally billions of Angels ‘waiting in the Wings’ so to speak to support us and all humanity  We only have to ASK.. In this respect we have been asked to share His and Jeshua’s powerful teachings and messages which we do with our program “The Golden Promise.”

 We have been given much to share and teach humanity particularly about their Spiritual journey, our world within and at large  and if we can be of Service to you let us know .We only touch on key points in our monthly newsletters as we are endeavouring to reach such a wide audience and everyone on our beautiful planet is at their own unique level of understanding and belief system.

 IT IS YOUR TIME FOR ACTIVE SERVICE but you can only teach what you know and experience. You cannot teach from  a book unless you know and Live that work.  We ask you now to take the next step .

Call or write to us if you are interested in us giving a talk or a seminar in your area about any of our “Golden Promise” seminars, our special Sacred Heart Reiki or if you have not understood what we have written in this newsletter please feel free to  call or email and we will endeavour to  help you out.


 Thank you for   your  interest …Till next time… Please pass on as you see fit…


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                                 Know  “In the Circle of Life we are ALL One