10 years of Miracle II

                        Circle of Life’s  Miracle II News for November 2014


Welcome to our special Miracle II  news report. Miracle II is one of Nature’s Gifts for the world which can assist the physical, mental and emotional metamorphosis that is happening within the body in these extraordinary times.

We are into our 10th  year of distributing Miracle II in Australia and thought  we would look at where we have come .We have greatly enjoyed bringing it to the Australian public through Expos in every state , some national advertising , talks to  various groups  to sing the praises of  Miracle II’s value for your Health and Wellbeing in these awesome times and will continue to  do so.  

Time has gone so  fast doing this special  work that we are still as keen as when we first started . It has never seemed like work as we hear the Testimonials from around the country which we often take for  granted and forget to report on. We have recorded hundreds and hundreds of testimonials but at one time we were advised to delete so many at the same time as happened in the US (read on further in this report about  what  happened there).

Along the way there has only ever been one natural and organic product range that  has ever complemented what Circle of Life’s Miracle II is all about and that is Ocean Ormus  and we have discussed its benefits often and how it does complement and love bringing this product range to you.  

Miracle II was given as a Heavenly Gift , an ALL IN ONE  product range for these special times to help clean up the body, the home, the Earth  and our animals and pets NATURALLY and to do so efficiently as your chemist and supermarket brands and even more cost effectively  if instructions are followed correctly.

Going back aways for our newer users  this  Gift was given to Clayton Tedeton of Louisiana U.S.A in the 1980s but it took till the early 1990s before Clayton finally accepted God’s calling and started to  market  within the U.S. It was God’s  second Gift to him , his first was being able to walk again after a near fatal car accident -He was bedridden for a year and doctors told him he would never walk again.  

His miracle  was “He took up his bed and walked”  .In return God asked of him to give something to the world  in the form of a product range which he called “Miracle II” (as this was a second Miracle for him). He didn’t understand  then one night the formulas were written in “LIGHT” on his bedroom wall at 1am in the morning. To this day the formulas have never been revealed to anyone except some members of his family.

Nor has any scientist nor chemist been able to copy them despite trials .Government agents and large pharmaceutical and household cleaning companies at different stages have tried to buy them out or put Miracle II out of business because the products WORKED and people were reporting Miracles were happening for them. At no stage though had or has any claim ever been made by Miracle II  as to what the products can do.

It is only through personal Testimonials(and that includes for animals and farming) that came in their hundreds and thousands that the word spread and still does to this day and no  business nor government body could or can legally stop this work based on people’s testimonies .

Miracle II went international in early 2000s -now in 33 countries Our involvement with Miracle II came about in mid 2004 .We were given the vision of the formulas  written on the wall  in LIGHT that God gave Clayton and then it was taken away from us as it was not our secret but it was to show it was true .We were TOLD “Miracle II would be like Gold in the new times” We were then  ASKED to give up our consulting work and  be part  of the Miracle II journey. We were shortly afterwards given a Gift of the Violet Soap, which to our knowledge only a few other Miracle II distributors in the world have.      

So there you have a bit of a very brief history about Miracle II  which we thought we would share 10 years on from taking on board. There is much more within our web pages at www.circleoflife.com.au .If you would care to  watch a video of the Clayton Tedeton -Miracle II story we will copy for you (it runs for just under an hour).

Know you can use these products with Safety and with Confidence  so do avail yourselves of these awesome products.. There is just about nothing you cannot use them on from your Personal care needs, internal detox and cleansing, household and commercial cleaning  and then never forget your animals, pets, gardening  and farming …. ALL are  totally natural and organic formulations that you can even drink so safe are they.  

Do too  look at  all our “How to use” pages in the Miracle II section of our website ..there is much reading there . As well we attach a full “A to Z chart” of many of the applications and “Know Miracle II”.  Hope you find interesting.

During Spring coming into Summer these products stand alone for a multitude of uses personally and generally…. 

If you would like some more information or you have a sufficient sized group of people we would be prepared to give a talk about these awesome products at ‘your place’ as we need to Spread the good news about these amazing products for these special times .

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