God is calling us all up higher


                                                               “God is calling us all up higher       

                                                            Circle of Life’s December Newsletter
Welcome to the first of our Circle of Life December newsletters. We will issue another right at Christmas. We ask you read with particular discernment this newsletter and  take in only what resonates with your Heart’s Truth as we go up Higher.’
We are just about at the edge of a wave of intensifying energy that will change every single life on planet Earth. Know that this energy is making all things new but can still cause havoc in our world and even within us in so many ways of  discomfort, exhaustion, cleansing,  mental issues, even dis- Easement.. all the things we  have been ‘enjoying’ for quite sometime now.
…..A quote from Jeshua from “The Keys of Jeshua” says what needs to be said about the times ahead.

From now right through to 2015 we feel much more is coming to the surface to be exposed on our planet in order to be cleansed .This does not mean it will not continue further as it will right through until the planet is a planet  of LIGHT. Most of humanity right across the world have agreed at least at Soul level  to stay and so will have to face a new set of challenges in their life. 
God is calling the tune now and is asking “all on our planet to raise themselves and come up  Higher” , I was TOLD. If all happens as we see it, it may well be a incredible wake up call for most and a major JOLT for those really stuck in 3rd dimensional ways of living. 


God is using every means at His disposal to shake humanity up like the Photon Belt Effect which has intensified . It’s presence and  influence is extremely powerful at present and the main reason most are feeling out of sorts and being stirred internally. Prayer, Meditation, dedication to being of Service and good works will be the main call of the day from now for us all.
                                                 God’s Universe, Earth’s Plan Extra-terrestrials and the Angel kingdoms
We are coming of Age …Part of His Plan now is for humanity on Earth to truly know we are not alone in the Universe and we have help!. God forbid if we were the only planet with Life what  a creation God has made of Poverty, Mass Starvation, Greed, corruption, wars on many fronts, misuse of nuclear energy, abuse of children, animals, our Earth and much, much more .
There are literally millions, no billions of other stars in our Universe(s) teeming with Life and that means most of the planets in our solar system …Venus is the planet of LOVE for our solar system but all of God’s creations are founded on Love and that is where Earth and all who  abide on her are returning to and now being aware of and we have incredible help from them in the form of the good extra-territorials and the Angelic kingdom to guide us

We are currently being observed by millions of friendly star ships to assist us in these incredible times (help but not do it for us ! )  Their sightings (and the Crop Circles with messages for humanity) are now see almost daily throughout our world (and filmed) . I have seen these Light ships parade across the sky in their millions and have had two specific meetings on the inner plane with these ‘good guys’.
I have seen a pot pouri  of different types of very small to very large spacecraft as well  and their landing fields. I call them the Angelics  really. And please note all the dark  entities/ ships are now not allowed entry to our planet as they did in the previous 70 years when sharing higher technologies (many for war) with rogue governments to develop ‘weapons of mass destruction’ .  
                                                                                                  Book of Daniel
I was ASKED to read the old testament book of Daniel three times in the past months and then suggested I also look at a You Tube on the Daniel book. Archangel Michael and Gabriel (as the Announcer) are strongly featured in parts . I was also shown likened to Daniels’ teachings that Michael’s legion of Light will ‘Zap’ a lot of the darkness from the planet but before hand this legion will appear as a great coloured Light extravaganza across the skies, a wonder to behold..
It may frighten many as most will not know what it is or what is happening. Many Christians may feel that this special time  is ‘The Rapture’ spoken of in the bible. Some may take the Fear road. Some will do nothing about it as they will not change in this lifetime but most will be searching and that is where our work truly begins and will be needed more than ever before.
The Light extravaganza of Michael’s Legion of Light also encompasses the good extra-terrestrials in their higher dimensional Light ships .Yes it is time for the world to know they exist .They will offer help and support to humanity without actually interfering in our Soul evolution.
I believe they will ‘Zap’ much overriding darkness away, exposing, revealing to us of ‘the goings on’ our planet, in governments and people that have controlled the Earth for a very long time. They hopefully will be cleaning up all the Nuclear fallout and leakages which we have no knowledge how to do properly except dump in our oceans.
All I see this is in the NOW time and truly believe it is nearly upon us.  All this will give humanity the HOPE and knowledge to go forward and believe and Trust in God’s awesomeness which lives in us all!  Those who don’t want to change can and will leave eventually, that is all those who do not want to face the LIGHT as that is where our Earth, humanity and ALL Life on her is going.
 I believe President Obama will make announcements to this effect as was President J F Kennedy among other things supposed to do but was killed for his trouble. I have met with and seen JFK on the inner plane. He told us he was being worked overtime by God with governments and leaders behind the scenes for these special times .JFK was a great LIGHT ahead of his time!
For anything, everything we may be TOLD we will then need to be very Forgiving  and move onwards and upwards IF we are to move forward as children of God on Mother Earth.. 
 Jeshua, the King of  Kings (Sananda as He is know in Heaven and the Cosmos) is in charge. And Archangel Michael is bringing billions of Angels to the fore. When or how or if Jeshua’s Presence is to be felt or seen we do not know for sure. 
It does not end there with God’s Presence on and off our planet  .We are the Second Coming …God’s Presence is  within all of us  .Hopefully we are expanding so much in Christ consciousness that our Light is shining brilliantly on the world now
There is also the Presence known to some of you of the Maitreya Buddha ,known for these times as  “Kalki  Maitreya  Buddha.It is very strong on the planet now. He is written about in the  Hindu, Vedic and Buddhist  prophecies. His name means Loving and Kind( Google and read more about Him there) .He is their reading of the God /Christ Presence to appear in these times and as we said He is here now.. Muslims are expecting the Imam Mahdi  but feel that won’t happen as such. 
The dates for these happenings we are never told exactly but this time we truly feel is very close. Even though a lot were disappointed that  ‘nothing’ happened on the 21st December 2012 (it did on the etheric/inner plane ) a high percentage of  Light workers were still ‘asleep’ and so we were not ready for any Big changes then in the physical but now it is different !!!.
You are the Peacemakers, the Wayshowers , the Leaders by example firstly then for some, the Teachers of the Way of Righteousness (Right Living). Yes this is a planet that is well on its WAY to the Light and there is no turning back .This dark planet is to be a bright Star in the Heavens and ……  “Love is to be the ‘Commander in chief.‘”….The road ahead is exciting as  Jeshua has said …

Fourth /Fifth Dimension
Mother Earth we have been shown visually is clearly into the fourth/fifth dimension (sometimes) Those still stuck in a materialistic world, 3rd dimensional living have two choices – get off the ship or look to go with her and change their lives as they will not be able to live on her body unless they have raised their vibration to match hers .
This may still take a number of years away for some, but we can help here .It will take as little or as long for humanity as each of us do our work to show Humanity the WAY as we are now the co creators in all present and future events.
Each day firmly establish a mental intention to be in a state of Joy and Gratitude, for these will assist Heaven to step up the new frequencies that are inundating the Planet. This intention also assists in the breaking up of the densities of mass consciousness thinking that has been accepted as the normal way of thinking, doing and Being for Humanity.
Pray for Divine Guidance in Governments , Politicsand world events.
We ask occasionally for all to pray for divine guidance in governments and politics. For humanity to truly be given the chance to change its ways it must start at the top in governments and business alike There are good men and women ready who will soon come forward and this is in every nation. Put the Violet Flame through every major government on the planet.. Sweep them all clean.
Having God men and women in public office IS NOW a MUST for all countries to move forward into the new times.. In Africa there are many good men and women biding their time as there in Asia (Burma stands out) but there is still a lot of Prayers to be said for other countries, particularly Europe , the U.S. and the middle east  .We can help make this happen as Co creators of earth events .
Your Discipline and Commitment
Nothing has changed in our urging you that we must be prepared, be fine tuned, be committed be disciplined Be the Love that we are and more Ask to receive in fullness higher levels of Love. ..Be ready for anything, everything !!!
Ask God, the God team to show you how to Love more, to show you how to receive Love, and to show you how to radiate Love. Call on Jeshua,  Michael, The Buddha, Maitreya, Mother Mary, Mary Magdalene, St. Germain  and the angels  to help. They hear every call to their name .
The Adamantine Particles
Breathe in consciously every day twice a day for at least 5 minutes the Adamantine Particles Even if you do not quite understand what they are, they are so Powerful and awesome.. They are the Body of God in physical matter and carry the Christ Light , The Love, the Violet Flame and the Healing energy required to make everything NEW in you and everything around you as you Breathe them out
The Adamantine particles are so much more than the prana we are aware of This is a wonderful Gift from God, Jeshua, from Heaven, ……USE THIS GIFT to help make all things new  .
Much, much more information is in our Jeshua and Michael books and be aware all our Miracle II, Ocean Ormus, Sacred Oils and new Sacred Oil /Lotions are full of the Adamantine Particles
Please share this newsletter with as many as you believe should read and that number is growing faster than you may think. Try it on for size with those you know and Love. If you need to discuss please email or contact us …We are here in Service !
“Breathe in the Adamantine Particles of God, Breathe out Love
                                                                               ” Blessings from the Circle of Life
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                                                                                              “We are ONE.”