A Year of Grace


                                                        “A year of Grace”       


                                              Circle of Life’s January Newsletter



Welcome to the first of our Circle of Life newsletters for 2015 .We have labelled this year a ‘Year of Grace’ as you will see when you read through .We are now entering the third year of a golden age of reformation in every area of our lives , culture, society, continent and world that will bring many more changes to our lives .quoting from Jeshua  from “The Keys of Jeshua.”



 The hard work we have all done on the inner plane is getting results even though from outside appearances it doesn’t look so. We should see some incredible things happen this year, ‘Miracles’ if you wish, despite what is happening in our 3rd dimensional world now or may happen in the months ahead.


We were TOLD to mention in this newsletter .”There will be very positive signs for us so as to make our Way forward with Ease and Grace in most aspects of our Life from now on IF we are doing the work.


God is calling the tune now and is asking “all on our planet to come up to Higher.” Most of humanity right across the world have agreed at least at Soul level to stay, learn and grow but this will bring new sets of ongoing challenges in life for all to face and master. 


But know now the only solution for us to stay above these 3rd dimensional issues is through Prayer, Meditation, dedication to being of Service and good works  and be in the moment.


The NOW time


We are starting to better understand what it truly means to be in the NOW time. We used to write that time was speeding up, even the younger generation are saying that. Christmas comes and goes each year just like that….But in fact what is happening as we move  ‘up higher’ into ‘hyper space’ time or roll into 4th/5th dimensional thinking and living, time as we know it  is actually COLLAPSING .


In the higher realms there is no time it simply ‘a pulse of time’ There is no past, no future just the Present (remember the saying it is a Gift) We were given linear time on Earth so we could measure things i.e. like a ‘life span’ although that is eternal with many chapters in it as Jeshua says  .


It’s time to let go, not worry about our future and stay in the NOW in every Way possible …Meditation helps here no end but there is something else to plan and then master in this special time on planet Earth!


State your Intention…..”As you think so you become.”


It is an important time to set intentions for the year ahead as part of what our roles are in Life. What  do we see for ourselves, our families, our communities. Write them down as we say each year particularly at this time. Put down some steps as you wish how you can do that and leave it for a Heavenly response  You will now be given Insights IF we are doing the inner work ..As we said this a time of Grace, a time of Miracles but we have to do the work which will be richly rewarded for very soon.     

Overall we may wish to Intend …..

We intend to learn and grow further to  be of Service to Humanity, Mother Earth and all life forms on her (whatever form that takes).

We intend all to be divinely guided within and for our Families generally as this is the foundation of Earthly Life. 

We intend Justice and then Peace on Earth and what that  means in our part of the world .

We intend the Truth to be revealed in every facet of Life, arrests where necessary of the few wanting to control the many.

We intend the installation of Divine Government in our own country and on Earth.

We now intend ALL changes happen smoothly for the Highest Good of All That Is.

Intend we are creating a new world, a world of Love, Justice, Peace and Abundance for all .Focus with intensity the Blessings we may all enjoy together now. – Once you have set your Intention(s) leave it to God,try and stay in the moment each day ,live in the Present. 

Own Mission….How will we know when we have heard right?. When a Passion pours out of the Heart we will know .This Passion when channelled into Selfless service can cleanse our Hearts It is one of the few things on Earth which can erase the past and set us on a Course of doing our part of God’s plan . And remember  Jeshua’s words  “As you are lifted up you draw all men unto Me.”


Inspiration springs from the Heart and the Heart only . It is unique unto each of us . If we are still not sure what it is, meditate on that one thing that sets our Heart on fire like nothing else. If we are still uncertain then go out into the world and try new things we have never done before.


Go find a cause to work for. It will not take long to discover your latent talents as you dedicate your Heart to Humanity, Mother Gaia and all life forms on her. 


Take advantage of this rarified God energies (the Adamantine Particles) for self-discovery and set your course for the New Year. Work hard now and know it is you who is anchoring in the Light on Earth for the great Dimensional Upshift which will carry Humanity to New Earth


 All we see is in the NOW time and truly believe it is upon us.  All of our work collectively can only give humanity the HOPE and knowledge to go forward and believe and Trust in God’s awesomeness which lives in us all!  Those who don’t want to change can and will leave eventually, that is all those who do not want to face the LIGHT as that is where our Earth, humanity and ALL Life on her is going.


You are the Peacemakers, the Way showers , the Leaders by example firstly then for some, the Teachers of the Way of Righteousness (Right Living). Yes this is a planet that is well on its WAY to the Light and there is no turning back .This dark planet is to be a bright Star in the Heavens and ……  “Love is to be the ‘Commander in chief. and..the road ahead is exciting as  Jeshua has said


Be the Love that we are and more Ask to receive in fullness higher levels of Love. ..Be ready for anything, everything !!!


Ask God, particularly the Divine feminine aspect represented by Mother Mary, Mary Magdalene and Lady Quan Yin, the God team to show you how to Love more, to show you how to receive Love, and to show you how to radiate Love…. Call on Jeshua, Michael, The Buddha, Maitreya, , St. Germain  and the angels  to help. They hear every call to their name .


The Adamantine Particles


Breathe in consciously every day twice a day for at least 5 minutes the Adamantine Particles Even if you do not quite understand what they are, they are so Powerful and awesome.. They are the Body of God in physical matter and carry the Christ Light , The Love, the Violet Flame and the Healing energy required to make everything NEW in you and everything around you as you Breathe them out


, ……USE THIS GIFT to help make all things new


Take more time out for yourself…..


Essential ingredient now  for these times – Let go of some of your ‘day jobs’ if you can, find time to  spend in Nature, Light exercise, good diet , right living and take  ‘power naps’ like is posted on noticeboards on country roads on long car trips  if your body is telling you to. There is so much going on ‘within’ – we must LISTEN to our body elementals.


Much, much more information are is in our Jeshua and Michael books and be aware all our Miracle II, Ocean Ormus, Sacred Oils and new Sacred Oil /Lotions are full of the Adamantine Particles and much Healing Light.


Please share this newsletter with as many as you believe should read and that number is growing faster than you may think. Try it on for size with those you know and Love. If you need to discuss please email or contact us …We are here in Service !



“Breathe in the Adamantine Particles of God, Breathe out Love

                                                          ” Blessings from the Circle of Life  P.O. Box 700 Engadine NSW 2233


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                                                                            “We are ONE.”