Enough is Enough


                                                            “Enough is Enough”


Welcome to this special newsletter .Incredible times hey,these truly are the most telling and trying times for us and all humanity ever on this planet . Everything is coming to a head internally, domestically and our world at large to be finally cleansed and it is in this NOW moment . Its almost like there     is hardly a part of the world that is not in some kind of turmoil,although we in the  ‘lucky country’ do not experience what is happening overseas ,  domestically there is still a lot to be changed in our society and the way we live.

What follows we ask you discern what we write and take out only what you believe is your Truth…… .

Attacking the Light…

Our work is to commence in earnest but be aware  the dark ones are doing their best to upset every Light worker on the planet and are actually doing their dardness  to actually attack their Light .I know this for a fact.Use the magic of the Violet Flame, the Golden Christ Light and seal yourself  in Archangel Michael’s Protection several times throughout each day to keep them at bay.

We MUST take time out each day and,..do NOT go into overload no matter whether it is physical, mental or emotional issues as these are the times we are most vulnerable to lower energies and so Attack !.  Everything you read , read with discernment .There is much contradictory information coming forth on the Internet in particular to confuse and sometimes disturb you plus what you hear see and read in  the mainstream press is full of Untruths .

DISCERN. And then keep our calm ,smile and shine your Light everywhere and to everyone. 


I have received several messages about what is written in the prophecies in the bible  over the years and lately and so have gone back again to read some of the Ancient texts, (the book of Daniel we often mention) and the book of Revelations by St John. Much of what is written is happening now but I have been TOLD often there will NOT be the third world war that looks to be on the horizon .There will still be much disturbance ahead though,. including Earth changes and crazy weather fluctuations but this Earth is not to be destroyed.It is going to the Light taking all on board who are ready.

Over the next few months in particular we ask you increase your prayers, invocations and meditations  for yourself ,your connection to God through your Sacred Heart ,for your families, humanity and our world at large . I often hear ‘The Lord’s prayer, the Our Father’ being beautifully sung in my head.. I don’t ask for it, it just comes on ….I say to myself after I hear “Thy Will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven  this is God’s time we are living in NOW !

Never were our efforts needed so  much as NOW. These are the ‘End Days’ the end of our old ways of Life and  most of the way humanity has lived will NOT be acceptable to God much longer . I think God, the God energy has finally said as I often hear of late Enough is Enough.”. I also heard  Archangel Gabriel will make an Announcement.”

Whatever is ahead and I believes very soon now many millions, billions in fact may be frightened or disturbed who are not connecting to their Sacred Hearts. The new energies coming in alone are challenging and exhausting but these are only a forerunner to future ‘events’ . This Path was never to be a ‘piece of cake’ for anyone. You just don’t walk into a new golden age .Everyone must do the work but will be getting so much support now to do so including your efforts of support….And besides which the new times will be like no other !

I was shown by the great Master El Moyra who works with Archangel Michael on the first ray of God’s Divine Will..all the dark ones will be exposed to the world soon but not just yet”  as we still have our own work cut out .This is a free will planet and no one is going to save us except ourselves ..Yes we are getting plenty of help and support and yes I believe Jeshua, Jesus the Christ, Michael and Gabriel will be there somewhere and perhaps a host of others -St Germain and Mother Mary and that is the Good news.  

As I see it there will be much work for all of us ahead .Many in religions will need help to understand the whole TRUTH of  Jeshua’s Teachings. I wrote in my last newsletter this is where I even saw Reiki being taught in churches as one example of opening up people’s Sacred Hearts (And again I saw it last night)..It’s time to marry up some of the Eastern teachings and practices of Lord Buddha with Christian beliefs..I know this is one thing Jeshua will want     of us.


We ask that you Forgive everyone and everything in your world within families, communities and the dark ones when they are finally brought to Justice as this is essential to move forward .What did Jeshua say to Peter when he asked Him how many times should he forgive his enemies “forgive them seventy times  seven”. Jeshua has said “this was one of the hardest lessons humanity has to learn and WILL learn to move forward in Life” and Forgiveness and LOVE  go hand in glove. He added one more point in His great books we offer “To test your Love, try Loving your enemies.”

The Way forward…

What a powerful,unbelievable exciting but challenging time to be on plant Earth.. Do your best to be the best person you can be, that’s the best place to start .Again discern what we have written, meditate on it .Nothing was written to frighten you but give you some guidance. Remember All the answers you need for your Life are truly inside you.”

Our work …

We ask you look at  all our wonderful products for your Life like Miracle II, Ocean Ormus, our Sacred Oils and books and of course our Sacred Heart Reiki. All carry the ‘Adamantine Particles’ All can help you no end and were given to us as ‘Gifts’ to offer for your journey in Life….Take care till next time. 


     “I AM with you always even to the end of the world .”