Miracle II news update

Miracle II news update



                              How the pure, natural Miracle II Products work
MIRACLE II natural  formulated products contain no synthetic ingredients, no known irritants (see scientific page for OSHA official information). are Gluten free and are human safe , which means that they are not harmful if ingested.

In the process of making Miracle II, its complex mixture of minerals and herbs are mixed with pure water and then put through an electrical process known as eloptic energy (an enhancement of Nikola Tesla’s gift to the world). This process transforms it to include highly charged mineral clusters . Studies show that toxic chemicals would literally be broken down and transformed into benign or usable beneficial byproducts by the action of the charged clusters

And what does this do… studies have shown that toxins in the body which build up are positively charged . The Miracle II Soaps and Neutralizers have a negative charge which pulls these toxins out . Then the minerals in the Soaps and Neutralizers can be absorbed into the body, often reducing the body’s toxic load.

People have found that when they take a Miracle 11 Detoxification Bath toxins, chemicals and any heavy metals accumulated in the body get released through the 7million pores of the skin. Then when Neutralizer Liquid and Gel are used ,it further takes the pressure off the detoxification organs – kidneys, liver lungs and bowel and helps your body to digest food.

Using the Neutralizer Gel to clean the teeth (add a few drops of Concentrated soap to help it lather) can actually stop gum and tooth decay. Miracle II Neutralizer Liquid benefits the body to better utilize the nutrients that are ingested via food and supplements and help remove food additives, dyes, yeast, fillers. This will even help arrest parasites, worms, fungus, bacteria, acid buildup, reflux, thrush and candida. Arthritic sufferers benefit too as the toxins which built up in the joints get released.

Dr Cochran in his book, “The Secrets of pH Concerning Health and Disease,” has done extensive clinical studies with the bodies pH balance. His research found that no viruses, mould, bacteria, parasites or fungus could survive in a fully oxygenated environment.

Oxygen and pH work together. Studies show that increasing pH levels results in higher oxygen levels at the cellular level. Urine pH measures the fluids surrounding the cells. The inside of the cell needs to be negatively changed in order to draw oxygen into it . (Note: pH stands for potential of hydrogen).

Miracle II products have been shown to create increased oxygenation in the cells. These products which are negatively charges have also high ph levels or alkaline in nature:

– the Concentrated and Moisturizing Soaps have a pH of 8.4
– the Neutralizer Liquid has a pH of 8.5
– the Neutralizer Gel has a pH of 7.4 – 8.4
– the Skin Moisturizer has a pH of 7.4 – 8.4

Using them as outlined on the “How to Use” Testimonial pages has helped many to better health.

In summary, we have compiled Testimonials from both Australia and from previous U.S. customers who have found that Miracle II does what it says in helping to energize the body, strengthen the Immune system (by becoming more alkaline )and in the process it cleans the body ,removes toxins, increases oxygenation, and helps to balance pH at the cellular level, which helps the body to self heal.

Some further points re the awesomeness of Miracle 11 .The University of Louisiana has conducted independent clinical testes with Miracle 11 and found it neutralizes Anthrax and Cobra venom, They found when they tested nuclear power plant operators radiation effects were neutralized Radionics machines were blown off the chart by Miracle II.

Please note that the above is for informational purposes only. If you have any concerns of things you are unsure of, you should consult your own Health Practitioner regarding the use of these products.

Information and statements on this site regarding Miracle II products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. The claims concerning the effectiveness of the Miracle II products are limited to the experiences of the testimonies of thousands of people using the products.




Miracle II super concentrated formulas are for all cleaning situations too.


Miracle II works just as effectively as other cleaning products with just mixing as little as 1% soap with water.This mix will clean your kitchen bathroom toilets, floors, clean your car, kill insects and even fertilize your gardens and lawns with the leftovers and still with great results Now that works out about 0.25 cents for a 500 ml product …..


And Miracle II is antifungal and anti bacterial even at these lowered strengths and it sanitizes and disinfects at the same time If you mix this with the purest water source you have available you would get even a better result as Miracle II does not have to go to work on cleaning the tap water firstly .


And remember Miracle II is so safe you can drink it….


No more chlorine bleaches or any other harsh cleaning product to damage your health or your environment and you get great results even for heavy cleaning like ovens and barbecues. Just use a stronger ratio of Miracle II to water as much as 10,15 or even up 20% strength is required but no more ! And just received a brief on use of harsh chemicals used to clean homes – It’s an interesting read -Will send it out separately. It highlights many side effects of chemicals used in the home.


Miracle II Laundry and Therapeutic ball


You know this simple awesome product is still not accepted by so many. From every report we have ever had  people say it WORKS and it can save you heaps and heaps on your laundry bills! You get a three year money back guarantee if you are unsatisfied. Plus it will probably last for 5 years or more One lady told us she had hers for 10 years and it was still working- No need for fabric softeners either or the last rinse cycle.


Throw it in the bath with your Miracle II  soap –It empowers the effect of the Miracle II soaps further (or instead of for those with extreme allergies) What is more this Ball is a great Therapeutic aid. Massage your feet, neck or head with it or let it do the massaging in your footbath .


The Miracle II Laundry and Therapeutic ball  is filled with Miracle II  soap and Neutralizer Liquid  but neither EVER gets used up  You see this Ball works electromagnetically and just like a magnet it never runs out of energy …Do reread the how to use instructions on our web pages.


Some things are really special about Miracle II

Read up on “Know Miracle II” document attached..it contains information from Scientific tests having been done by science facilities in the U.S. including the university of Louisiana independently of Miracle II. Scientists all over the world have tried to break the Miracle II formulas down over the years but cannot.. They can get 99% right but not the ‘God part’.

Special reports

We have had many reports around Australia of Miracle II’s wonderful healing ability, even on the positive effects against gang green. 

We have seen the effects the Neutralizer Gel has had on many skin conditions at samplings we have done at Expos around Australia .They have virtually disappeared overnight .and that includes even applying only a Miracle II soap on the skin – Remember the soaps are 80% Neutralizer liquid ..

Gift ideas

Don’t forget our Miracle II Gift packs, plenty on offer-a Retail pack,  a Travel/ Trial pack ,a  Beauty pack offers and an Animal and Pet care pack all with instructions and applicators.

Check out the past newsletters listed on our website in our archive files for more handy hints as well as revisit the “How to use instructions for all applications”.

We have information on our website and CDs  available of  the whole Clayton  Tedeton  revelations and  story of how Miracle II came about and it’s uses . There are also on it on many great testimonies .Simply write and request with your next order.


  Animals and Pets


Always think of your animals and pets too won’t you with Miracle11 (and Ocean Ormus) ..so many testimonials plus you can save a fortune on vet fees. View our webpages for more details



Spread the good news won’t you…. these products truly are a Gift


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