In the interests of good health

               In the Interests of Good Health 

We decided in this month’s issue of a Circle of Life’s Products newsletter that we would address general health issues where our Circle of Life products can really be of help to you. These are times of massive changes and we must take care of the Body as we would do our Spiritual Temple. We went through some of our old Product notes and added extra comments to give you this guide, this different understanding of how our Body Temples need purifying.
Plus we also enclose our “Angels Good Food Guide” information chart to give you guidance to help you address where you may need  to take more specific types of fruits and veges for your particular body needs at this special time on planet Earth and further uses for Miracle II and Ocean Ormus … ENJOY the following article  and the attachments I am sure you will find them very interesting  !         
Managing Diseases and Toxemia with a little help from Miracle, II, Ocean Ormus and Reiki  Healing.
All diseases, regardless of their names, come within this understanding as only varied expressions of the one disease of toxemia.” Stanley Burroughs, author of “The Master Cleanser” booklet and famous for creating the “Lemonade Diet” used by thousands every year.

Disease, old age, and death are the result of accumulated poisons and congestions throughout the entire body. These toxins become crystallized and hardened, settling around the joints, in the muscles, and throughout the billions of cells all over the body. It is presumed by orthodox medicine that we have a perfectly healthy body until something, such as germs or viruses, comes along to destroy it, whereas actually the building material for the organs and cells is defective and thus they are inferior or diseased.

Lumps and growths are formed all over the body as storage spots for unusable and accumulated waste products, especially in the lymphatic glands. These accumulations depress and deteriorate in varied degrees, causing degeneration and decay. The liver, spleen, colon, stomach, heart, and our other organs, glands, and cells come in for their share of accumulations, thus impairing their natural action.

These growths and lumps appear to us as forms of fungi. Their spread and growth is dependent on the unusable waste material throughout the body. As the deterioration continues, our growths increase in size to take care of the situation. Fungi absorb the poisons and try to take the inferior material of the organs. This is a part of Nature’s plan to rid the body of our diseases.

When we stop feeding  this fungi and cleanse our system, we stop their development and spread; then they dissolve or break up break up and pass from the body. They will not feed on healthy tissue. There is a simple set of laws which explains this action. Nature never produces anything it does not need and it never keeps anything it does not use. All unused material or waste is broken down by bacteria action into a form that can be used over again or eliminated from the body. All weak and deficient cells, caused from improper nutrition will also be broken down and eliminated from the body.

We spend a good portion of our lives accumulating these diseases and we spend the rest of our lives attempting to get rid of them – or die in the effort!

As we continue to search for more and more magic “cures” we become more and more involved with complicated varieties of disease. A simple understanding and action has always proved to be the best to eliminate our negative actions and reactions.

Germs and viruses do not and cannot cause any of our diseases, so we have no need for finding various kinds of poisons to destroy them. In fact, man will never find a poison or group of poisons strong enough to destroy all the billions upon billions of these germs without destroying himself at the same time.  Do take note of this. Even Jeshua touches on this point in Love Without End

These germs are our friends, there are no bad ones, and if given a chance will break up and consume these large amounts of waste matter and assist us in eliminating them from the body. These germs and viruses exist in excess only when we provide a breeding ground in which they can multiply. Germs and viruses are in the body to help break down waste material and can do no harm to healthy tissues.”

We know that throughout nature everything moves in cycles, constantly changing, constantly cleaning out the old and building the new. Consequently, as a person reaches the “point of no return,” a point where his accumulations have reached the limit of what the body can tolerate, then a rapid change takes place or he dies. The cycle has come to the point where a good house cleaning must be started, and one of nature’s most effective methods is to start loosening and eliminating these poisons with bacteria action.
As this action progresses, we become sick and feverish; large amounts of mucus are eliminated; diarrhoea increases the discharge of waste material; and all of our resources go into action to clean us out as fast as possible to prevent these poisons from killing us. When this happens do not panic and resort to the unnatural action of drugs and antibiotics which can only defeat natures laws. The drugs stop the natural changes by suppressing the cleansing action and stores the poisons in the body to cause future problems.”

Animal Protein in the Diet: When one considers that flesh foods of all kinds are extremely toxic, it becomes apparent that they are an extremely undesirable form of nourishment. In the eating of meat, one must take into account all of our eliminative organs. They are made primarily to take care of our own wastes. When we add animal flesh, containing the wastes of its cells (or drugs and other unusable materials), extra work is required of these organs and various forms of trouble will eventually develop.

Sometimes the meat can remain in the stomach for two or more hours and begin to ferment and spoil. To be broken down and digested it must pass on into the small intestine. All forms of meat take longer to digest than do fruits and vegetables. Chicken and other fowl take the longest of all. Just because meat is already a form of flesh it does not follow that it is readily usable by our bodies. In fact, just the reverse is true.

For many of us giving up eating meat is hard and in many cases we may still need the Zinc and Iron that other foods cannot give us. In other cases certain blood types are such that king such a big change is not quite right and can leave the person weak. Suggest in these cases cut down and eat what meat is needed in moderation and Bless the animal for giving up its  life  until at some stage in the future we can give up Never feel guilty though as the animal kingdom agreed this was part of their service  . 
Do remember that all solid food must be broken down into a liquid form to be carried by the blood before it can nourish the body. Flesh foods of all kinds (including fish) take much longer to reach this state and are less useful to the body than fruits, vegetables, and seeds.”

All mucus diseases such as colds, flu, asthma, hay fever, sinus and bronchial troubles are rabidly dissolved and eliminated from the body, leaving the user free from the varied allergies which cause difficult breathing and clogging of the sinus cavities. Allergies exist as a result of an accumulation of these toxins and they vanish as we cleanse our body. People who are over-weight often experience these difficulties, and the more they continue to eat the toxic fat-producing food which cause their obesity, the more other ailments multiply.
Mucus disorders are brought about by the eating or drinking of mucus-forming foods. In other words, if you have these diseases, you ate them! As we stop feeding our family mucus-forming foods, we can eliminate their mucus and allergy diseases for the rest of our lives.

The types of disease which are a result of calcium deposits in the joints, muscles, cells and glands are readily dissolved and removed from the body. Cholesterol deposits in the arteries and veins also response to the magic cleansing power of diets like the lemonade diet.

All skin disorders also disappear as the rest of the body is cleansed. Boils, abscesses, carbuncles, and pimples are come under this category. These conditions are, again, Nature’s effort to eliminate poisons quickly from the body….. Miracle II really helps here.

All types of infections are the result of these vast accumulations of poisons being dissolved and burned or oxidized to produce further cleansing of the body. Therefore, rapid elimination of the toxins relieves the need for infectious fevers of all kinds. Infections are not “caught,” they are created by Nature to assist in burning our surplus wastes.”

Deficiencies do exist, primarily because of improper diet and improper assimilation. These deficiencies also produce toxins because of the deterioration of the cells. So we still have only one disease, and with one simple process we can eliminate all so-called diseases of whatever name. As we expel the disease-producing toxins from our bodies, we must also restore the deficiencies.

Thus, a “cleansing diet”, whatever form it takes, must also include proper foods, a balanced Lifestyle, some good spiritual practices like Reiki, Meditation, learning good Breathing techniques, visits with a good Naturopath or doctor as required or Healing practitioner. Light exercise too will help re build the Body Temple to eliminate waste material. But we must be the Commander in Chief in taking control of our own Health and Well Being .   
Now read our good fruit and vegetables and Miracle II applications guide enclosed Miracle II and Ocean Ormus can assist release toxins naturally from the body.
Taking Miracle II Neutralizer Liquid daily and using Miracle II Neutralizer Gel and a few drops of soap to clean your teeth twice each day (and swallowing) will help eliminate toxins in the body. Whilst the Miracle II Neutralizers NEUTRALIZE, the Miracle II soaps function  is to actually help  magnetize and pull the toxins out.
Regularly having a Miracle II soap  bath also HELPS RELEASE TOXINS through  the pores of the skin where the toxins may be caught up in the body…People who  were very toxic have noticed in their first Miracle II bath the ‘gunk’ that was deposited in the bath tub from their body. 
This is unique to Miracle II   as most toxins have to be released through the bowels and bladder, through sweat or through good breathing techniques which we should do each day any way.
Ocean Ormus works ever so  subtly on knocking toxins for six without even using Miracle II but it takes a lot longer as Ocean Ormus’s role is to  work on DNA  and cellular structure improvements   Use together with Miracle II and you have  a powerful formula for success     
Attuning to the Reiki energy and our Reiki treatments are also a proven powerful detoxifier and healer. When a total body treatment is done clients feel a great healing physically, emotionally and mentally and with regular treatments the Reiki energy helps to boost the immune system. For more go to our website’s  healing section .
All the above are available through Circle of Life  …. Attached are “the Angels Food Guide” chart  and a Miracle II,  Ocean Ormus and LWE range price list page. 
Note..we now include our Sacred  Oils , Cd sets and books on this list.
We wish you Good Health ……
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