Love Without End Christmas newsletter

                                               Love Without End Christmas  newsletter 




Welcome everyone to our last newsletter for 2016. There is much to write about at this time but we will try and keep to the basics for this Christmas holiday report.. Humanity is really now going to the LIGHT and LOVE that we are back to living in “Love Without End” .


A quote from Jeshua The Source of Love is the Father, the Creator Himself, who is to all of existence like the sun is to life on earth.  Yet, the Light of His Love is so brilliant, only its halo can be perceived. The Source of Pure Love is the ultimate source of all Love.  From that Love you are emanated, or created.  Like a ray of light, you are an entity of His Love.   Love is the name of God, and Love is your name as well.   In that, you are created in His likeness.   You are known and shall always be known by the nature of your Love”…Love Without End

                                     Love Without End                      

It is time for Life on our planet to fully awaken to the ‘Christ Child within’ and their lives be led from the Sacred Heart not the mind. By hook and by crook that is our destiny  and we are certainly getting the BIG push from Heaven to do so –TO BE AND  LIVE  FROM THE SPACE OF THIS LOVE THAT WE ARE .


So another BIG SHIFT from Heaven  is coming I feel-I have been TOLD even from next week around the 26th December could to speed ups in the ‘Awakening’  process. This which will be a true Blessing, or a challenge to many, dependent on what Spiritual level they are on..


There is also a possibility this could also mean there could be some challenges because of those fighting the changes, plus weather conditions in some parts of the world will be impacted as this extra SHIFT, this increased Gamma radiation arrives .


So expect the unexpected ..the coming months in the physical world should be quite enlightening but challenging.


There is much happening in our world that needs to change in Europe , the middle east and in the U.S. in particular. Donald Trump’s win in the U.S election is part of that change which will affect all our world . It is good news despite what you hear and see from the mainstream news .He is not perfect, in fact is a rough diamond but he cares, has a good heart and is ‘a tough and strong leader who cannot be bought and this is what is needed for these changing times .


He is the catalyst God has chosen . We must have good (God)  leaders in every country  for the world to go forward . And he needs our prayers to bring about good (God) changes You may be interested to know that at Donald Trump’s inauguration on the 20th January 2017 he will be 70 years 7 months and 7 days old (777) These are powerful Spiritual nos for CHANGE .


There is nearly a civil war being ‘created’ within the U.S as we write. Your prayers are invaluable here. I wrote sometime ago that Heaven showed me that HOPE was missing in this once great country. It’s people are broke .. there is extreme poverty in many states , actually there is 30 % full time unemployment in the country (you don’t read about that).

 Hopefully Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin can lead our world back to Justice and Peace.I know it will still take time .. perhaps 2 years before things start settling down.  Your prayers are needed constantly and trust they have been working are more powerful than you know


Prophecies and channelling


Discern ALWAYS what you listen to or read from now on including our newsletters whether it is your TRUTH or not. …Go within and Listen to your own Heart speak now more and more !. Many of the channelled messages coming forward from many sources about these ‘end times’ contain many prophecies some good), much  misinformation ,disinformation and would have had you think all sorts of things were to happen .


As we awaken further now we will get an increase of our own channelled information from God, Christ and Holy Spirit within ….So go within always , seek the Spirit of God within your Sacred Heart  and what a better time to work on yourself then at Christ Mass. 


The new energies and resulting body effects     


It is important not to let up with our inner work in fact it may need to be increased to keep pace with Mother Earth’s and our rise into the fourth dimension and higher .Practise Spiritual body building everyday – Pray and meditate, Toning ,chants, Breathe, spend time in Nature, take time out to  assimilate what is coming through and exercise lightly.


The Heart area is feeling the changes… I was shown theetheric webs around our Heart area are coming apart” and this is and will cause feelings of  ‘heart issues’ in some instances and extra pressure in this area until our Sacred Hearts open up more to LOVE  ..Watch our diets too but more importantly be disciplined enough to still the mind more than ever before.  


Learn to BREATHE better. using whatever modality you may have learned before as we need to take in more oxygen and also expand our lung capacity for these new times. This will also help the circulation. Did you know 80% of our world population do not breathe properly ….Correct Breathing can work wonders to your health and well being .


Consciously breathe in the Adamantine particles ..these are truly the Breath of God and are now available to everyone. Rest when you need to now during the day, take several power naps to make up  for the lack of sleep and be gentle with yourself as we go through these changes  


Now we ask if you pass on all this information to others who do not yet understand what is going on .It maybe a catalyst, an  opener to their spiritual journey onwards and upwards.


God’s Gift of the Violet Flame  


Pray and use the Violet Flame constantly – they may assist to reduce any anxieties you have personally and may help alleviate the condition of our society and Mother Nature’s  extra activities .


We have this Gift of God’s Violet Flame through Saint Germain (St Joseph)to use and remove the negative energies on our planet. This can be used in just about every situation in your domestic life and world events….With this Sacred Fire Gift we can become  a powerful instrument of God and do a tremendous Power of good for our families, our homes, our communities, and our world at large .For more about this wonderful Gift do visit our website in the Healing section for an explanation and use of the Violet Flame. 




This Christmas break which we honour the Holy birth of Jeshua (Jesus) surrounded by Mother Mary , Joseph and a great Heavenly Host also honour the Holy birth of the Christ Child within you.. This is a message that Jeshua wants you to here now and let it sink in.


May we suggest you allow some time for creating and planning your spiritual future We have reminded you before to do a Spiritual business plan’ for your future. Now is as good a time as ever to get cracking on it ..You will have so much help from Heaven now it is not funny.  Build in what you would like to see regarding COMMUNITY as well in your visions as this will be a WAY of Life as we move into the new times ….It could be the catalyst to let go of all things past including old karmic ties.      


We hope your 2017 is a year of great Joy, Abundance and Peace to you as you go about your ‘Father Mother’s business’ of creating Your new world .If we can help you to better understand our writings our thoughts about our future as they are revealed to us or anything re Jeshua’s and Michael’s teachings, our Healing work  and you can organize sufficient numbers we would be glad to give a lecture or talk ‘at your place’. We are here to Serve.


We cannot finish this  newsletter without a reference to our Love Without End work… for which I was given a strong message just 3 nights ago  …Jeshua’s LOVE WITHOUT END books and CDS we keep getting the same message they will become like the ‘new times Bible.’


Jeshua started His movement in the 1st century simply as ORTHA or  ‘THE WAY’ .  His focus then, now and ALWAYS is LOVE and that is why He gave the world LOVE WITHOUT END at this time …it is THE WAY teachings all over again .It was in the 4th century that the roman empire altered His teachings to make His work into a structured religion among other things with no references to the Divine Feminine for it was  a male dominated world then….women had no power ???


Things have certainly changed in these times .Jeshua and Mary have shown  me He and Mary Magdalene were together.. A rabbi as Jeshua was in those times had to  be married in order to be a rabbi. Mary was never a prostitute, they had children and all His disciples were married. The ladies went everywhere and worked together with their husbands healing and teaching . 


Do consider our books and the CDs sets which we offer via this newsletter at  a very discount of $88 including postage .That is less then half the price of the U.S. All our Circle of Life’s books are filled with Inspiration and LOVE beyond measure and should form part of many, many  people’s library of books to  study. 


Do also consider our great other products Miracle II and Ocean Ormus  both Gifts from Heaven.


Until next time do share as you see fit …With the infusion of extra Light bombarding our planet affecting everyone more and more of your family and friends now should be looking to see things in a new LIGHT  and be readier than ever before to listen to what you know..Be game to share (you will know when to back off) and you may be surprised at what their response is..


          Breathe in the Breath of God, the Adamantine particles and Breathe out Love .  


  A very special and happy Christ Mass to you all and thank you for your support this year.


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          “Love is who you are and never forget it . “