There is only One religion in God’s world …LOVE

  •                              “There is only One religion in God’s world…LOVE” 


                                      Circle of Life’s Winter Newsletter



    Welcome to our special winter newsletter. This month we are going to focus on our two best selling books from Jeshua …”Love Without End” and “The Keys of Jeshua” and/or  in the 14 CD set “Conversations with Jesus”..You will see why as we lead into a special write up on them both.


    As we mention often please read this newsletter with your own discretion and take out what you believe is true for you at this stage of your Spiritual Path.


    Humanity has overcome many hurdles particularly these past few months and you can feel the slight release of pressure around the world but there are still testing times ahead as everything has to be squeaky clean before the ‘Event’ and we start to move into a fifth dimensional reality.  


    I believe we are coming to a time when the Voice of God will be felt by and within everyone on our planet …It is God’s Gift of LOVE .People will know it is God calling them by name . When !.. I don’t know for sure but this time it could be very soon.


    What people do then is up to them as we live on a free will planet. Some simply will not change their ways, others will need your help, those that is who that chose to teach men the WAY. All this may happen this year,but it is only the start !!!


          There is only One religion in God’s world  ….LOVE  !!!


    Now a word about why we do these  incredible books..“Love Without End” and “The Keys of Jeshua and the complementary matching CD set. I believe they will come unto their own and particularly for people bridging old Christianity to the new times…. 


    That is part of the reason why we promote  so often to help people Explore and experience these LIFE-TRANSFORMING teachings:


    But many times in the past 15 years I have thought I will move on and leave these books to do their own work but Jeshua would drop in and ask us to keep going . I said I don’t know if people are listening anymore.


    Despite  all the supposed new age stuff out there , these books know no time , they do not belong on the shelf nor antiquity and of course we should know better it is Jeshua speaking (or Sananda as He is known in the higher worlds).He is the greatest Master of Love in God’s universe


    Never before has it been so important that we each learn to transcend what does not work in our lives and on our planet.  And never before has such clear and profound direction on how to get our lives aligned behind what works for us and for the planet been given to us from such a divine and scientifically inspired place.


    The WAY  is revealed in these two outstanding books “Love Without End” and “The Keys of Jeshua”  and in the Conversations with Jesus 14 CD setSome examples…


    … Laws of Longevity & Well-Being: What the body, mind and spirit need to create a healthy, long-lasting life and banish unhealthy habits forever can be provided energetically.  Jeshua confirms it!  This is your opportunity to learn how.


    Moving Past Fear & Into Joy: Scientifically sound keys for recognizing and spiritually removing irrational fears that block or inhibit your freedom, joy and aliveness.


    The Passion of Being Your “Cosmic Self”:  Learn to regenerate health and awaken your joy of life through principles based on the seamless connection that exists between inner and outer perceptions of time and space, creating a singular stream of energy to (and from) the “Cosmic YOU”.


    The Power and Intelligence of Your Heart: Jeshua’s revelations of the scientific truths governing the Heart’s power to create guidance, joy and love as the generative force of our true nature – and the secrets of connecting with it.


    …  Practicing Innocent Perception:  A powerful technique defined by Jeshua as a way of experiencing people and the world around us without the distortions, limits, and judgments that separate us from the divine, authentic nature of life in which all things are intricately connected.


    Remember He said “unless you become like little children you cannot enter the kingdom of  Heaven”


    …  Prayers That Transform Our Lives: Discover the place within where prayer can alter your life and empower you to reach the very pinnacle of meditation – where no difference between prayer and meditation exists at all.


    …  The Love That You Are.  The pure and simple YOU asks itself not what the world needs, but rather, “What can I bring to the world today by being truly alive?”   Learn how to get and STAY in touch with your authentic nature.


    … Science- Time’s fluid nature: World-renowned scientists have clamored to confer with Glenda about her astounding revelations. Read Jesus’ own explanation of how science and spirituality can be mutually enriching and reveal miracles as a natural part of our daily lives.


    Learn what He has to say about the quantum field and coming discoveries that will prove we create our own reality – the most complete, extensive treatment of pure science ever found in “spiritual literature”.


    And for our world to go forward Science MUST integrate Spiritual principles..Who Is the greatest Scientist ..GOD !


    The Adamantine Particles Science is now aware of them but cannot transfer any benefits or how to use them. Understanding them and then being able to use them. Jeshua explains they need to work from a spiritual foundation….WOW is all I can say.


    Beyond the profound information you will find in these books you will find them to be a personal and transformational experience.  This “course” is unique because of its dynamic and transformational nature.   


    You know early on whenever I had read something from the books that I did not fully understand,I could be doing something months later that related to a understanding/reading from the book and all of a sudden, Jeshua would whisper in my ear “See that is what I meant”.


    From the viewpoint of protocol, the ‘course’ is a mixture of 1) presentation of vital new information, 2) interactive work to develop heightened awareness about oneself and skills that are being taught, 3) learning to apply key teachings from Love Without End and The Keys of Jeshua.


    Knowing how to find the future within yourself, YOUR OWN BEING, is the secret!”


    The books contain profound spiritual and scientific information given by Jeshua containing the laws each of us need to know and understand at this time for our lives to work.  The information has been so profound that it has attracted both scientists and spiritual experts who have marveled at its advanced understanding.


    On a personal level it contains the most spiritually advanced principles that govern the Intelligence of the Heart, the laws of longevity and well being, the laws governing successful work, relationships, and creative manifestation. 


    When you read these books with Divine Intent you know the Divine purpose behind life and how life works. You have the clearest blueprint possible for how to perceptually create a joyful life aligned with conscious evolution. 


    At a time when life can be so challenging, it’s more important than ever to understand the principles and tools that have the power to shift life into a new dimension of consciousness for ourselves and for the planet…These books and CDs set offer that support.


    Finally a word onon  the new holy book that I have seen ….The “Bible”…        


    I have been privileged to have given a vision of a “new revised testament” book, interspersed with beautiful teachings from Lord Buddha, Krishna and some of the Old Testament beautiful chapters as well as keys parts of the new testament as originally given by Jeshua.. This new book was coloured Blue !


    Jeshua’’s original teachings in the first century were simply called Orca’ (in Aramaic) or The WAY in English before the roman empire took control in the third century and added and subtracted to His original messages.


    Of particular concern was removing any reference to empowering women in all forms of life and so we still have male dominated religions in today’s world ..As you witness today though things are changing and so the TRUTH of His original messages must be brought back.


    His original teachings and more are in with  “Love Without End” and “The Keys of Jeshua” books and complementing “Conversations with Jesus “14 CD set.



     Prayer, Meditation, the Sacred Breath and the Adamantine Particles.


    We cannot stress enough the need for Meditation and Prayer in these awesome times . It is urgent if not critical.

    Meditation you could liken to spiritual food for the brain .Do you know scientific studies have shown meditating can prolong Life but the most important Gift is it reconnects you with ‘HOME’, the beautiful place you left eons ago. It may take a while to fully reconnect but be patient and practise daily. 


    Start with Breathing in the Adamantine Particles. Breathe them in consciously every day twice a day for at least 5 minutes Even if you do not quite understand what they are, they are so Powerful and awesome.. They are the Body of God. They create matter, they create physical life .


    They will help each of us create our new world. They carry within them the Love, the Christ Light , the Violet Flame and the Healing energy required to make everything NEW in you and everything around you as you Breathe them in and out. 


    USE THIS GIFT .Much much more information is in our Jeshua (Jesus) and Archangel Michael work and do you know all our Miracle II. Ocean Ormus products and our Sacred Oils are full of the Adamantine Particles too. All are GIFTS !


    Do relook at all our other wonderful products to assist you in your Life  including Ocean Ormus.


    Changes are upon whether we want them or not ! As we have said there is much coming- A sudden JOLT to all humanity in the Awakening process followed by ‘Disclosure’ and this time it is not too far away!


    In summary

    The consciousness of our beautiful planet GAIA as she is known spiritually is shifting very quickly . Realize that she needs us/ you—and many like us—to make hers and humanities transition easier and faster to 5D.


    We encourage each of you not to lose Faith, not to lose Heart, to realize that you have great Heavenly support ..Ask God, your Sacred Heart, Jeshua, Michael, Mary, your Angels  or any of the great Heavenly team to help you to hold fast to a Loving Heart and the willingness to serve the Light in your very own special and unique way.


    We are here in Service and NOW …..  For all of us IT‘S TIME TO REALLY GO TO WORK !



    ….Please share this newsletter with as many as you believe should read…. 



      “Breathe in the Adamantine Particles of God, Breathe out Love”


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