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                             Miracle II  & Ocean Ormus


We get great testimonials in regards to the healing and detoxing effectiveness of both Miracle II and Ocean Ormus and in this issue we wanted to reiterate their benefits -how they work, their Alkalinity and now it is a good time after Christmas to do a detox.

Miracle II and Ocean Ormus are the perfect pure and simple way to do a gentle internal cleansing detox to rid it of parasites, worms or candida or just  a general clean up of the internal ‘pipes’. And the beautiful thing about these products you can do it everyday for the rest of your Life …….Holiday season over get into them.

PH Balance  

You know that all Diseases Thrive in an ACIDIC Environment?

Did you know that most degenerative diseases attributed to aging, such as cancer, osteoporosis and heart disease, and other diseases such as allergy, kidney stones and gallstones, have all been scientifically linked to mineral deficiencies that result in your body fluids becoming more acidic?

Scientists report that over 150 or more degenerative diseases are caused by high acid levels!! Parasites, viruses, bad bacteria, and disease cannot live in an alkaline body.

Body fluids range between 4.5 and 7.5 pH (blood must maintain 7.35 to 7.45 pH). A 1-point drop on the pH scale is 10 times more acidic – from 7 to 6 is 10 times, from 7 to 5 is 100 times, from 7 to 2 is 100,000 times more acidic.

All Miracle II and Ocean Ormus products are about 8- 8.4% alkaline except the Miracle II Moisturizing soap and Skin Moisturizer which are about 7.4% . All Miracle II and Ocean Ormus products with regular usage can bring your ph back into balance within 2-3 months.


Take this simple six step approach yourself and with all your family for that matter to purify the total body and pull the toxins out as part of your inner cleansing.


1)Drink the Neutralizer Liquid daily 5mls at  least.. We take 5mls morning and night and have done for over 8 years now, more if we feel a flu symptoms coming on.

2) Take 2-5mls of Ocean Ormus once a day.

3) Eat  sensibly and eat pure foods. Wash your vegetables and fruit in our Green soap or neutralizer liquid to remove chemicals and  fertilizer spray effects. Even organic foods should be washed.  

4) Bathe in anyone of the Miracle II soaps regularly.. A bath could do wonders as it has tremendous power to pull toxins out .Shower with Miracle II soaps and wash your hands likewise – Use one of our soap dispensers to make your soap(s) last and last. 

5)Clean the teeth daily with  a little Neutralizer Gel and 2/3 drops of soap – swallow what you can as this is awesome what it does internally. Its what’s in the soap that actually magnetizes the nasties out of the body.

6)Apply Neutralizer Gel or Skin Moisturizer wherever rashes, skin issues like dry winter skin conditions and regularly after a bath or shower.

What is more  after a Miracle  II bath in particular you will  find due to  their higher vibration, it has a great calming effect on you…Try it out you will be pleasantly surprised.

Total detox effects

So this post Christmas period make the effort to do your detox – Both Miracle II and Ocean Ormus carry the Adamantine Particles and the Violet Flame so will not only assist in doing a detox physically but they work on the emotional and mental bodies and we all need to be doing a gentle ‘Mind, Body and Soul detox’ in these special times and regularly.

And don’t forget Miracle II is great for cleaning and sanitizing for your Animals too plus your home, office, shop or factory.

Check out all our cleaning tips on our website-Miracle II powerful concentrated, non-toxic soaps act as antibacterial antifungal cleaners, detergents, disinfectants – for everything that needs cleaning, sanitizing and that means EVERYTHING! They also act as great Insecticide/Repellents and you know how super concentrated they are so you can save heaps even  with watering down…

                              “Don’t leave home without it” 

 *Scientific and Clinical study report re Miracle II is available on request.*Scores of people’s personal testimonials can be obtained by writing to or emailing Circle of Life.

And now to our Ocean Ormus range…                                                             

Ocean Ormus… Total life effect

The most amazing thing about Ocean Ormus this Liquid Gold, this “Manna from Heaven” is its “effect” on us overall. We have had some great insights about Ocean Ormus – we know it will help us through some of the changes ALL humanity is going through at present working on a very subtle level on our DNA .

OCEAN ORMUS great Health benefits …

 We believe that many remarkable things happen to a person when they become involved with Ormus some subtle and even unnoticed others obvious and recordable, but above all else having good loving intent is the most important factor any one of us can consciously be, not only will this help heal who we are but also collectively heal our world and each other. Yes we do have a light or etheric body as well as a physical body and our Light body needs to be fed just as our physical body does.

ORMUS, DNA Repair and Health article by Barry Carter– one of the three co partners in the rediscovery of this ‘White Powder Gold’, this ‘Manor from Heaven’ (understood and used by Abraham and Moses in their time) under its modern times name of Ormus .  


It appears that the key to great physical longevity is the discovery of a method for effecting the repair of DNA. Accumulated damage to the DNA has been called one of the major factors in aging. It is also generally considered to be a major factor in cancer, aids and other degenerative diseases. David Hudson(founder and original developer of Ormus) in his lectures and workshops claims that the ORMUS materials have reversed the progress of cancer and other diseases. Hudson suggests that this reversal is the result of the repair of DNA which is facilitated by the ORMUS elements.


Here is a quote from one of David Hudson’s lectures…

 “Ormus is not an anti-anything. It is not anti-aids. It is not anti-cancer. This is pro-life. It literally is the Spirit. The material is not here to cure aids. The material is not here to cure cancer. The material is here to perfect our bodies. It makes our bodies be in the state they are supposed to be in. It is our own immune system that fights and cures the disease.


If you can correct your DNA at every cell in your body. If you can correct the damage that’s been done that brought about by illness, if you can correct the damage that has been brought about by viruses etc; you literally will become a perfected being. You will return back to the original healthy state you were meant to be in.”


Did you know that those who pan and work  with Gold most often never get sick and live to  a ripe old age such is the Healing power of Gold.  We know we have one of the best purest forms of Ormus’s on the planet Try it out …You need to take only the slightest amount to get healing and rejuvenation benefits. Even when you may think after a while well what is Ocean Ormus doing  for me, it is WORKING ever so subtly as the ancients knew ….


There is no harm in getting anyone to trial this amazing product as it cannot harm nor can you overdose on it, nor will it interfere with other treatments. It is simply the purest natural ‘liquid powder gold’ and ocean sea minerals combined and much more.

We would reiterate it is SAFE for children and babies and pregnant women to take In fact some ladies have already been guided to take for their ‘unborn’ child’s sake .In these cases they require only a small amount. Use your inner knowing as to the requirements needed

Why not trial this Ocean Ormus for yourself, your family and friends and even in small doses on your animals and pets and see what it can do for you We do have a trial size pack available as we now offer a special dispensing unit for those who request.

Check out our website for more links/ information re ormus and Ocean Ormus.

We ask  that you look at our other Ocean Ormus based products These too are Gifts…

Our Ocean Ormus Skin Care Face Serum and Body Femme and Alpha products … Rejuvenate, Revitalise& Heal.


            “There is no other ormus quite like Ocean Ormus”                                                                      


                                          Love Without End range

                 Sacred oils, Art, Books and NEW CD offer

A brief word about our incredible Love Without End range. The full Love Without End book is available in CD form-  a total of 14 x 90 minute CDS of its story and teachings. We are offering this at a great saving of about $60 compared to the US price including their postal charges.

It is a wonderful way to fully understand this “Manuscript for Living” for the 21st century either in its own right or complementing the reading of the Love Without End book to fully grasp all the incredible teachings revealed .More details available on our books-CD section of our website  

And if you haven’t tried one of our Special Sacred Oils range you are missing something. These oils have a remembrance of what their name  implies  …Mother’s Blessing, Peace, Love, Joy, Forgiveness, Innocence, Compassion,Abundance, Holy Ground, OM, right through to Magdalene’s Blessing and Jeshua’s own Christ Scent (He told me He used this  remarkable oil in His lifetime on Earth). 

They are extremely concentrated and  sourced from the purest sources on the planet  You can apply them so many ways – direct on the skin ,use in a burner …Add a couple of drops into a Miracle II bath …awesome All carry the Adamantine Particles too!!!  

Visit our website for all our product information and much, much more .We enclose total range lists to help you choose any of your needs and

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