It’s time

It’s time




Hello everyone welcome to  this special Circle of Life October Newsletter …We ask you read what we write with discernment and Love, take in the breath and ask your self what feels TRUTH for you .As I see it we are coming up to crunch time on our planet as far as the God team and 3rd dimensional  events’ are concerned . From now till the end of December hold onto your hats .


It could be a rocky road or smooth sailing dependant on where you are at on your Spiritual path… and so it is so important to raise your Consciousness ‘up higher’ and look at any/all external things coming as a ‘Beholder’. More on this subject follows   but first  …


The body changes   The metamorphous-changing from a carbon based to a crystalline body is for real and is happening and seeming more real as the magical Light from God’s Infinite universe through the intense Gamma radiation – the Adamantine particles has Intensified tremendously affecting our bodies. Remember though it will take time, this simply cannot be an overnight event.


 We are in God’s time and now need to change our ways of Life to a 4th/5th dimensional being living on a 5th dimensional Earth .The Inner Light within our Sacred Heart, even though most of us cannot see it yet , is glowing more brightly. We are becoming more powerful human beings , becoming  more fully conscious human beings ,full of Radiant Light and Adamantine Particles.


                                                                                                              Sacred Heart

The more we are attuned to our Sacred Hearts now we will impact so many more people then we will ever know .Our Healing ability ,our Inner Knowing, our connection to the God within, our Sacred Heart, Jeshua (Jesus) , Mary, Michael ,Buddha ,Krishna, all the great Beings of Light will be a natural daily occurrence  …                                                        


                                                                                                         A massive Storm coming

These were the words used to tell me of what is ahead but then not to panic as there was a CALM afterwards. We are coming up to crunch time on our planet as far as 3rd dimensional  ‘life/ events’  may be concerned and come more to a head (to be cleansed) .This looks like intensifying at least till the end of December ..Expect the unexpected as much as the expected.


The good news is we could also be in for beautiful surprises at the end of it …


 Expect there will be a general raising of Consciousness to balance any ‘events’ scheduled. It is through Prayer, Meditation, Invocation, Affirmations, Right Living and other good practices that we move faster into living from the Sacred Heart and so better help our fellow man, our Earth and all her kingdoms raise in Consciousness too .


Your Prayers and Invocations are needed right now for the US Europe and the middle east to do God’s Will for a change. Russia holds a vital key for Justice and Peace to happen on our Earth. She needs your support to carry out God’s Will  and special prayers are needed for President Trump His life has been threatened so many times ..there has been an assignation attempt on his life too.


He needs to win the mid term elections to be in full power to overseer the massive changes that need to be put into place in government in the US (and the world for that matter).The dark ones are doing their best to cause as much damage and trouble at every turn with fake news, profound lies and deceit, terrorist activities you name it to stop Trump’s team’s movement s to bring the TRUTH out about what has been happening within America and on our Earth since after the second world war.


President Kennedy tried to but look what happened to this great man. There is so much to be relayed that it will be mindboggling to those who are not conscious yet – the masses ! It could even be a time of intense civil war within the US alone (you could probably say they are having one now.)


Trump doesn’t have much support from government nor the agencies that control America and not even within his own party only the military. Perhaps there are more of the US public then we know of that support him but are not prepared to go any further . As we have said before he is no saint but he doesn’t belong to the cabal/illuminati and has good intentions like President Putin to bring about the necessary changes to bring back real Justice, Peace, Freedom and Equality into our world.


The general public as I indicated will soon learn Russia is the good guy as even the mass media will have to report the TRUTH for a change as what has been really happening on our planet becomes more public knowledge. We can do our bit ! Remember we are powerful spiritual human beings Becoming !!!..

This truly is the Armageddon time . The clean ups need to be in full swing before what I see will be the BIGGEST EVENT of our times and all time in our 3d world 


This is NOT the end of the world though as many write and believe but the ENDING of old ways and 3d life as we have known it .I was shown only this weekend that many, many people across the world feel as we ‘go downhill’ , the world is ending ….Alleviate their anxieties where you can !


Now aren’t you glad you chose to be here to lend support in these massive changing times and you did you know ! The actual EVENT that is coming will be after the deep cleansing. 


Back in 2013 and given to me a couple of more times in 2014, 2015 ( I wrote about them then) I believe what we will experience is something so awesome from God that all life (the birds, the animals, sea life too) on our planet will feel it It hopefully will be such an explosion of Love and Light that it will create such JOY, BLISS and LOVE that we have never felt will be mind boggling !


For whatever   Joy, Bliss, Love we may have experienced in meditation multiply that 1,000 times that is how awesome this God’s Gift should be . But when exactly only God knows! How long it will last only God knows ! But certainly it will last long enough to be felt so deeply that humanity will never forget it.


My thoughts then after the messages…If you are a Christian or believe strongly in Jeshua from a Christ Consciousness point of view ,you will see or feel Him  I also felt for those of Buddhist or Hindu beliefs.. they will get  a similar vision, message from Lord Buddha or Krishna and those devoted to our Lady Mother Mary will feel Her Presence and some feel or see St Germain as He is the Master of the new Aquarian Age and an incredible Being of Light .


Those of the Jewish and Muslim Faiths as I understand it will respond to the Love of God or Jeshua .


There will be no fear in the Event as it is from God however I was shown many of the Christian clergy, community will not believe later after this magnificent Event that the message is from God or Jeshua  (perhaps just a powerful interlude) and will walk away as it is not the message they want to hear !.


This concerned me but everyone still has free will and that we cannot interfere .  As I also have felt each time I got the vision and the message was this – many will see Him, others who are not clairvoyant will hear God or Christ within and just know it .


In summary  Jeshua’s and the Heavenly team’s Energy and LOVE are now coming through very powerfully(and not before time you might say) so much so that this is God’s time to be revealed.


So what happens after this Event ? …I was TOLD humanity will basically be in four groups-


1)The Awakened, they being YOU the teachers to help those wanting to come forward, those starting to awaken


2)The second group will spend their lives now wishing to learn and grow


3)The third group will not change at this stage They are predominantly good people who cannot or won’t move from their comfort zone, their fear based structured and/or religious lives and/or who have not had the exposure to change their lives due to environmental or very poor living conditions


This whole group simply have decided at soul level they are not quite ready to move forward to higher consciousness in this lifetime ,even though they will be on 5d Earth. Many will leave sooner rather then later and come back to complete their ‘consciousness shift’ at another time.


4) And lastly the fourth group mainly the dark ones who have caused much of the problems in our world /or on our Earth and will not want to change their controlling worldly ways. They will leave the Earth to go back to a 3rd dimensional planet and start again But some in this last category will ask for forgiveness and try and make a go of it on our will be hard work for them.


There is to be no judgment of where souls may be .You and I have simply been around a lot more lifetimes to now want to be the example, the Light for everyone to see and then share what we know.


I believe we will be given many extra Gifts, Healing abilities and much guidance and assistance from above.


In Summary

Everyone on this planet is now going through the ‘shift of the ages.’ Everyone on this planet is feeling it and that includes the children although most of them do not feel the intensity as much. Everyone knows that something is happening out of the norm and it not just the world going crazy with wars and things but it is within each person’s own psyche..


Next step is the coming ‘massive Storm’ before the Event


Spend as much time in nature now as you can daily even, meditate and pray in short bursts rather then long ones throughout the day. BREATHE !!!. Relax as much as you can and do NOTHING if it gets too heavy some days .


But BREATHE spend 10 -20 minutes a day (2 bursts of 10 minutes) simply breathing in Light (the Adamantine particles, breathe out LOVE

If you feel you need to find a good ‘therapist’, do a workshop, or find a good book (one of our  Jeshua – Love Without End books or CDS or Archangel Michael’s books are perfect)  These can help you let go of the patterns of your ‘wounded child’ within then do so !


And then understand that while we are doing any major cleansing we may still be exhausted. We have spent most of our lives repressing these energies. Processing them is hard work. But worth it! When we are finished we will have cleared our psyche of subconscious patterns of  self- sabotage, and will be able to function from a space of complete clarity and purity of intention.


Miracle II , Ocean Ormus and our Sacred Oils can help you no end to help you detoxify and actually assist you to reenergize yourself !!!.


Enjoy a Reiki treatment too it is quite awesome and a true Gift for these times


The Sacred oils can help rekindle the process of Qualites of Life we espouse to – Love, Compassion, Joy Peace, Forgiveness, Releasing Fear (Magdalene’s Blessing ) Innocence, Healing a wounded Heart with the Christ’s Essence and then there’s OM and Holy Ground for meditation., Abundance and Blessed Mother (Mother Mary’s powerful Love essence).   +


So stay the course won’t you. Don’t lose Faith and never, never give up. Be the Love that you are in every moment…we are nearly HOME !!!.


                                                                ‘Breathe in the Adamantine Particles of God and breathe out Love’


Please ring or call in to enquire about any/all of our incredible products. Call or write to us if you are interested in us giving a talk or a seminar in your area. If you have not understood what we have please feel free to  call or email and we will endeavour to help you out.


Again as we said at the beginning do review our writings with discernment and Love .We are here to Serve . Till next time, please pass on as you see fit..Visit us at     ph 041 721 4936


                                                                           Our time is at hand.. You are needed .God bless


              FOOTNOTE If you desire please ask for a copy of Jeshua’s testimony about these times.