The Event(s) the Awakening update

                                                      Circle of Life June newsletter

                                                           The Event(s)…”The Awakening” Update


                                                             ” Love one another as I have Loved you”

Welcome everyone to this special June newsletter. So much is happening in the world at present it is mindboggling isn’t it and certainly much seems to be coming to a head to be Healed ! This is the real start of “the Armageddon” the  ‘events’ of  any/all descriptions that may happen on our planet ..We are in God’s time now  !

There are literally thousands of blogs on the internet adding their two bob’s worth to it as well… But the ‘Biggest Event’ that is the opening up of the Sacred Heart that is happening is on the Inner plane of Life – yours, mine, everyone’s and it is NOW! 

We are now being bombarded with the greatest influx of Light EVER on this planet  that is full of such Cosmic Energy of Love Light , Adamantine Particles that it stirring things up like never before . .

There will be several peaks to come again this year ! Humanity is  really starting to feel it Big time  in so many ways.  Many are nearly going crazy with it and cannot explain or understand what is going on…This is our collective Wake up call but it will be different for everyone as every  human is at a different level of spiritual growth so what one may experience will never be the same as the next  person.

Although many prophets are quoting from the bible this or that is going to happen, I don’t think anyone knows now except God and the God team.. We have to experience as part of humanities karma whatever is in store. But we want you to be prepared for whatever might come. And that preparation comes through our own control of our body, mind and soul. This is the time for thoughtful, pensive actions. This is a time that calls for us all to control our emotions, to control excessive desires for whatever that is offered on the earth plane.
This is also a time to retreat back into ourselves, to look inward and not out, for it is the inner strength that will pull us through what may come. Shock may be the outside reaction to many on the planet but with inner strength and inner knowing, a good connection with our Sacred Heart and Soul will bring us to the point where nothing can cause us shock. So suggest we retreat into ourselves for solace, for stability, for sanity in this insane world.

Prayer and Meditation are now more essential then ever before If we could actually see what the Power of Prayer does we would be absolutely amazed and I don’t mean just outside miracles .

This is not the time to indulge ourselves. But this is the time for each to again and again and again search and find our Sacred Heart  that God has made ready to guide us every step of the Way to a  Christed  life.

This is also a time also to hone in our skills, skills that were given to us way in advance of what we may about to experience. ASK! Do not think you are useless. Do not think that you are waiting for something to happen with nothing and no tools to work with. You have everything you need.. That’s what this lifetime has been about. We have all developed skills, and  developed ideas and knowledge although we may  not be quite conscious  of yet.

 Awaken them as you awaken your Sacred Heart and mind to the spiritual realities that are inside. You may also awaken those bits of knowledge that you have picked up during this incarnation, for this knowledge will hold in stability in this insane world and you will be needed

Humanity… need to change

Things have to change. .and very soon, to remind us of the Love that we ALL are !.  Society has gone too  far the wrong way and needs to shift it’s collective consciousness onwards and upwards in line with Mother Earth’s raising her vibration and plans to now ‘ascend’.

You know normally a planet ascends with no living Beings being on her but something unique is happening on our planet we are all going together not all  at once but over a period of time That’ s why it is even more important to care for Mother Earth and all life not just human life.

This time may be a lot closer now then we think with the many short, brief messages we receive lately although we are not given actual date(s).and everything in the ‘future’  lies in the probable and/or possible categories . So I ask you put my next comment to the Spirit of God within for your own answers What I saw may be symbolic but I was given a vision of Jeshua (Jesus) coming down from Heaven on a white horse ..the timing I felt was later this year or next.

Many of humanity do not even recognize God . Our ‘god’ is the good life with all  its trappings and diversions. Drugs, Alcohol and sexual abuse are rampant in affluent societies Our children (not yours I would expect) are not getting the right guidance. We have other problems too as a society and none of us are exempt from total Karma .

And I must make comment here we MUST get our children off  5 G mobile phones…they are an extreme health hazard as well as a major distraction to a Spiritual life as are ipads , facebook ,  instagrams  etc Do check out the attached re this concern. This is a website championed by Robert Kennedy Jnr. son of Robert Kennedy and nephew to the late and extraordinary President John Kennedy. There are many great topics re health hazards to kids and more in the message attached.

In many other parts of the world people live well below the poverty line, abused  and for millions ,perhaps billions their only thoughts about life are survival. Plus collectively we have not cared about our Mother (Earth) or the animal kingdoms and sea life and it goes on and on .   

We can make a difference though !  We cannot stop  any ‘Events’ coming but individually we can still make great change s that effect millions with our thoughts, prayers and affirmations…that is a fact !   Call on all your god Power to blaze God’s Violet Flame of Redemption, Neutralization and Transformation to every part of the world in trouble.

It WORKS. Add the Pink Flame of God’s LOVE to all who would enforce their male dominance of our planet as is the case in most war and troubled zones

                        We are being called into more active Service !                                                  

We offer many tools in our Circle of Life to assist us to learn and to grow in these times and help others so you may want to revisit our offer…. “Love Without End …Jesus Speaks “, “The Keys of Jeshua” and Archangel Michael’s “The Golden Promise” and “Let there be Light” books   are ‘Manuscripts for Right Living in the 21st century’ no matter what Humanities current Belief system is right now as


These are ‘BOOKS OF LIFE’ like no other and they are not about  religion but about Love and Life. The Jesus /(Jeshua)  books make a lot of  the Bible transcripts much more easily understood too and  a lot of the Old Testament relevant but as we said they are so much more .

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Open up your Hearts to what we have shared . Discern what registers as your Truth ..ask  your own inner guidance . More than ever before Pray and Meditate, Rest up, spend time often in nature, lie on Mother natures body, be by the trees, in your gardens, stroll along the water’s edge, BREATHE .

Be with our animals, bird and sea life – all help us heal, stay in balance above all the  ‘Events’ which Humanity is now being bombarded  with each day.So now is not the time to rush through life but go further within for the answers to your life for your highest good and most importantly we all need to be nurturing ourselves at this incredible time of massive energy changes happening upon our Earth .    


Do make changes in your life where you need to now. Use the magic of the Violet flame in your own daily life to clean up every  aspect of ourselves that needs cleansing


Our time is at hand   !   LOVE and only LOVE will survive the coming times and only LOVE can change this world !      


If you would like to know more about our work, our lectures our programs, our awesome products like Miracle II, Ocean Ormus our Healing work or the whole Love Without End range please call or email us.

                               Till next time please share as you see fit

                                ” In the Circle of Life we are all One”