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Our mission is to guide you in these  challenging but exciting times to rediscover  the Love that you are!         

We offer a unique Gift for these times- Jeshua’s Inspirational Teachings  He gave to the world in the 1st century, simply called “The WAY.” 

We guide you through God’s wonderful Healing Gifts of the Violet Flame,Reiki Love and how to work with all God’s Kingdoms.

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  Jeshua’s (Jesus) thoughts for the week 


“Meditation is a powerful complement to prayer, for it takes you to a secret place where you may cleanse your mind, prepare your heart, and relax your body for the purpose of listening. It is the silent practice of waiting upon God. But what you are waiting upon in truth is the Holy Spirit. Meditation connects you with the Holy Spirit as prayer connects you with the Creator.
There is little mention of meditation in The Bible, because until my life, there was little understood or revealed about The Holy Spirit as a knowable Power in the life of man. Before that, Spirit was seen as the breath of life, the voice of inspiration, and the energy that moves the stars. The actions of Spirit were recognizable, but not fully accessible to human consciousness. 
Within each soul is a deep longing, a desire that worldly attainment cannot satisfy. That yearning is to be in complete reunion with the spiritual presence of God dwelling in the temple of your soul.”  
                                                                                                  The Keys of Jeshua
Meditation and Prayer go hand in glove, practise them both everyday                                              

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                  “Breathe in the Breath of God (the Adamantine particles) and Breathe out Love”

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