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Circle of Life’s mission is to help guide humanity on their ‘Way Home, back to God’ by opening up their Heart to the “Love that they are”. 

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 Jeshua’s (Jesus)  thoughts for the week …    


                                                            The Adamantine particles and the Sacred Heart


He proceeded to explain, “You must first learn about the Sacred Heart and learn about how to centre your life around it more completely. This is your true heart and your Sacred Chamber. Most people have closed its doors by the end of childhood. After that, one’s perception of life-creating particles diminishes, and what is left appears to be a fixed supply. Then, literally, a person uses up his life, consuming his life resources for structural investments as well as contradictory patterns of living. The result is depletion and old age.


Only the true heart can sense the vital flow and exchange of particle energy. This is why you are more intuitive in the areas of your greater devotion. When the Sacred Heart comes to life again and its fire glows within, you will begin to magnetize a fresh supply of Adamantine particles from an infinitely abundant universe. There is no limit to the Adamantine particles that can be drawn to you. These can be used for empowering your life, healing it, and lifting it to a much higher state of performance.


The Sacred Heart is a Holy Chamber. This is the place where true prayer takes place. It is a place of Peace and solitude, a place so powerfully connected with your Source, that all you have to do is enter for prayer to occur. It doesn’t matter what you say, or even if you say anything. Being there with your Father is the prayer, and entering the Holy Chamber is a sacred act.


This is why I suggested to my apostles that they go into a closet, because an external place of silence and seclusion helps to promote an entry to the Holy Chamber. I was reluctant to give words to pray, because the moment a person substitutes words for prayer, the point is lost. The only value of words is for the focusing of thoughts to a higher realm and the preparing of one’s soul for surrender into sacred silence.


As you are joined in the Holy Chamber with the Source of all that is, a Power will be activated which will attract to you whatever is needed. This is a very special place within your Beingness, and you can know when you have entered it by the complete stillness therein. Within it, there is sacredness and purity like a blanket of new fallen snow.”




                            “Breathe in the breath of God (the Adamantine particles) and breathe out Love “




“If you would change your life change your Heart” Taken from Love Without End “A Course in Life (like no other)



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