‘The Kingdom of Heaven is within you’



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Circle of Life’s mission is to help guide humanity on their ‘Way Home, back to God’ by opening up their Heart to the “Love that they are”. 

We are here in Service to humanity in the best Way we know how to, after a life time to date of incredible experiences . We offer Counselling, Healing and general guidance for your Life as well as some of  the most incredible products for your Health and Wellbeing (like no other).

In a world ‘gone mad’ our passion is to lead, to heal , to provide clarity in a world of seeming chaos and confusion. This is the path back to ‘Unity and Oneness for All’ (regardless of religions, skin color, wealth/educational backgrounds, language, geographical location, culture etc) ..This is the path back to LOVE !

“The Kingdom of Heaven is within you.” 

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                             Jeshua’s (Jesus)  thoughts for the week …  

                                                                                                Love and the Sacred Heart


“Love is a gift, a miracle, a mystery. You are led to its threshold by your affinities, by your inclinations, and by the yearnings of your Heart, although its power and presentation is by Grace, not by expectation, demand or requirement.


Love is the ultimate paradox, for it is the Lamb that is also the Lion. Love is the ultimate power, which resides in surrender.  


The power of Love is that it commands the zero point within where time and space become one, in the eternity of divine energy and divine awareness within your Sacred Heart .


At this holy zero point, God is both the bird and the breeze, the trees and the land, the boat and the river, the Lamb and the Lion. 


Whenever you live within the power of your own Love, you also experience that zero point, and resistance falls away.


There, in the Holy Now, all duality is resolved, all problems are solved  into the miracle of paradox.  By giving, you receive. By releasing, you attain.


By forgiving, you are forgiven. By doing nothing, all is done. By surrendering, all is conquered. This only happens in the presence of Love. 


That is why, if you give without Love, you have wasted the gift. The mystery and miracle of Love is that it can turn any set of opposites into a living dynamic paradox.


Those who return to their Sacred Home, the source of their Love leave a legacy of greater clarity and compassion to human consciousness.   


Love is your name. It is who you truly are. Go within, work and live from there and never leave this Sacred place.”

                                                            Chptr: The Beloved, Love Without End …Jesus Speaks 

                   “Breathe in the Light of God (the Adamantine particles) and breathe out Love.” 

                          Conversations with Jesus…www.circleoflife.com.au



                                                                           A happy  New Year  to all       




To enquire about gaining a better Spiritual Understanding of Life, the Event(s) of these incredible our times , Counselling , Reiki Love, Healing , use of the Violet Flame, the ‘Adamantine particles’ etc  contact… 
Greg Brown at Circle of Life Centre P.O. Box 700 Engadine   ph 041 721 4936 , or email  [email protected]
 Greg is a Visionary Christed Minister(D.D), Reiki Master/Teacher with a Passion to serve ..
                                                     “ Love one another as I have Loved you.”



                                   ” We are here in Service, how may we help you today.”