‘Our mission is Love. God’s Will is Love’



Our mission and life’s purpose is to guide you in these  challenging but exciting times to rediscover yourself…             the Love that you are. 

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  Thoughts for this week from Jeshua (Jesus)

“When you go within, to your most holy inner sanctuary, your Sacred Heart where the Light of God’s Love for you burns constantly, and intend to open your Hearts to allow that Love to flow through you freely and abundantly, It will. 


 Being in human form, which is a state of limitation, you need to renew that intent at least once every day, but preferably many times daily as you remember that you are and always have been one with God. 


Each time you renew your intent you strengthen it, giving you the vital energy you need to assist in humanity’s awakening process, the task you set yourselves before you incarnated”.     





It is your task to be Love in action, and only that. 

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“ We are here in Service .”