‘Our mission is Love. God’s Will is Love’





Circle of Life’s mission is to guide humanity on their ‘Way Home back to God’ by opening up their Heart to the Love that they are.    

We guide you through God’s wonderful Healing Gifts of the Violet Flame,Reiki Love, use of the Adamantine Particles  and how to work with your Angels  and all God’s Kingdoms.

We are Blessed with sharing with you some of the most profound and beautiful teachings from Jeshua'(Jesus) and Archangel Michael to truly Inspire you in these special times


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  Jeshua’s (Jesus) thoughts for the week 


“I AM the Lion who came as a Lamb and the Lamb who roared as a Lion. I AM the living paradox of Love unleashed upon the earth … a force to end its duality.” 




                                  As a smile spread across His face He focused upon me with burning, yet peaceful, eyes and spoke these last words.                                                            These were not for me alone, but for you and all mankind… 




“And you are My Beloved.”






                                                                             “The Beloved…Love Without End …Jesus Speaks”










                  “Breathe in the the Adamantine particles,the Breath of God and Breathe out Love”


To enquire about gaining a better Spiritual Understanding of Life  in today’s world, Reiki Love, Healing generally ,use of the Violet Flame, the Adamantine particles and much, much  more …call or email us at Circle of Life. 
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                                                         ” We are here in Service, how may we help you today.”