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Our mission and life’s purpose is to guide you in these  challenging but exciting times to rediscover the Love that you are. 

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                                                                                                    Jeshua’s (Jesus)  thoughts for the week                                                                            

  Thoughts for this week…Courage

“Your worth is priceless and in that priceless vibration you need to embrace all the dreams within your heart.  Do not cut yourself short. Do not put on the brakes when you yearn so deeply in your heart to fulfil desires that are a but a tiny seed of creation waiting on being birthed. The time to address all your fears is now.
The time to move forward wearing a badge of courage is now. The time to dream as big as your possibly can is now. Do not be afraid of the predictions; do not be afraid of the prophecy whether it is true or not.  for the vibratory level that you live in a safe place that is beyond the reach of what makes others so fearful.
You must believe without a shadow of doubt; look at your shadow and embrace every party of her for you wear her because you have earned her.  Every valley of woe, of death and demise you have walked through now comes to a point of reflection and in this reflection there will be a collage of mirrors. 
Every angle you look at you will see yourself differently and that is your gift. You are every role that you have ever played and it comes together in this place and this time. Do not be embarrassed by what has happened to you in the past no matter what form that took in this life or others.
Fully clothe yourself in all the remnants of what once were for they make you the multi-dimensional person you are at this moment of time. These years bring you to a planetary situation that you have never experienced before. There were no humans on the earth in the last galactic conjunction and this is the first time a planet will go into stardom with inhabitants upon her. 
Every role you have played serves you well now. Every badge of courage, every fear, every power, every shame is wrapped up in a cocoon of  Love light.  Honour it and understand it. The physical body must move forward to these shifts. It will scream, it will kick and you will feel like you are dying.
This is all a game to keep you less than. You will move forward with the body. You will walk through the fears, the panic attacks, the angers, the sadness’, and come to a point of complete remembrance“.
You are the first to do this, you are the first
Indian Prophecy …White Buffalo Calf woman


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