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Circle of Life’s mission is to guide humanity on their ‘Way Home, back to God’ by opening up their Heart to the “Love that they are”.    

We are Blessed to share beautiful teachings from Jeshua'(Jesus) and Archangel Michael to guide and inspire you in these special times.


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  Jeshua’s (Jesus) thoughts for the week …Forgiveness


One of the miracles about forgiving is that you cut away anything from the past that did not work for you. Most people are stuck with the ‘dead and the dying’, because they won’t forgive. People hang onto grudges as if they were sacred treasures. The tragedy of a grudge, however, is that it keeps you connected to something that did not work for you, failed you, betrayed you, or let you down. Grudges weigh upon you, and distract you from focusing toward success. Resentments make life into a cluttered disarray that never makes sense.


The closer an offender is to your life, the more important it is to forgive. By this same measure of truth, I hope you realize that the most crucial person to forgive is yourself. If everyone forgave himself and those close to him, the world would take care of itself!!


When you forgive, it gives you a new lease on life, as well as those you have forgiven. Instinctively, you will then be drawn towards Life and the Living. In responding to that impulse, you will do the right thing instinctively. When you do the right thing, you become more and more the Love that you are.


Forgive those effects which did not constructively apply to your life, and then continue forgiving as an ongoing process of ‘keeping your temple clean’.


                                                                               The Pathway to success, Love Without End…Jesus Speaks
















                  “Breathe in the the Adamantine particles,the Breath of God and Breathe out Love”


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