‘Our mission is Love. God’s Will is Love’



Our mission and life’s purpose is to guide you in these  challenging but exciting times to rediscover yourself…             to open your Heart to  ”The Love that you are”        

To expand upon the original Teachings of Jeshua (Jesus the Christ )that He gave to the world simply called “The Way”to live by…LOVE!.

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  Jeshua’s (Jesus) thoughts for the week 


“I will always be with you, sharing your hopes and anxieties. I will be in your Heart to guide you in your choices.

But remember … I am a servant to Love, and often a rebel to story.


Therefore, I will never hold any story above the Truth or Love needing to emerge from it.  Nor will I conform to the promises          of any story over and beyond the opportunity of elevating you or all of humanity to a higher level.


I am delighted to surprise you with revelations of Truth and Love that lift you to freedom.

Through the guidance of the Holy Spirit, it could be no other way.” 








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                  “Breathe in the Breath of God (the Adamantine particles) and Breathe out Love”


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“ We are here in Service .”