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Circle of Life’s December Newsletter

New Teachings for an Awakening Humanity

We were guided to remind you of a special book in our Circle of Life range New Teachings for an Awakening Humanity. This book is from Jeshua and like “Love Without End…Jesus Speaks”, “The Keys of Jeshua” and “A Course in Miracles” it has a special place in Jeshua’s messages and teachings for humanity

The times ahead are challenging enough and Jeshua gives quite specific teachings in this book for…..

  • Prayer and Meditation
  • Parents,Guardians and those in charge of children
  • Governments,Politicians and Business people
  • Religions of all denominations and Faiths
  • Teachers and Educators
  • Military and Scientific fields
  • The future roles they all have to play

He also explains in depth what is happening in the Cosmos and how we are each affected and how to use the Gold and Silver Ray energies of God. But like all His books they tell of the need to be in the Sacred Heart space so we can guide and help  TEACH HUMANITY THE WAY. This book is $38 including postage and handling, read more & buy here.

Gift ideas and vouchers

Why not give a Gift idea from our Circle of Life range this Christmas. We will pack it nicely and even Gift wrap it for you.

You are welcome to ask for Gift vouchers too for any of the Books, Sacred Oils Art, CD sets  and Miracle11 Gift packs. There are 3  gift packs in the Miracle II range  – a Retail pack ; a Trial Offer pack  and a Beauty Kit pack   We will Gift wrap these too

Free CD offer

We will extend our free CD offer from Love Without End Jesus Speaks  of one of two  CDS  from the book  namely “Eternal Truths’ and “Bridges ”  to any purchase of our Archangel Michael ,White Eagle or Sanctus Germanus books, art or oils range over $50 fort his Christmas period till the end of January 2009

Simply request with your order…

Many thanks and Blessings from the Circle of Life


Circle of Life’s November Newsletter

“There is Light within an enlightened person, and it shines on the whole world.”

Welcome to our November newsletter. Things are really changing now on this planet at the speed of Light as we accelerate even faster now into the Golden Age of Aquarius. Time is speeding up until there will be no time, except the NOW time…

In this issue with Christmas fast approaching we would like to focus on the children, all God’s children, but first please remember who we truly are and know…

  • *Spirit is the Essence of the Creator within.
  • *It is that part of you that is immortal, incorruptible and eternal.
  • Balanced and harmonious living is found by focusing on the sacred heart/mind
  • If you filter all your thoughts and actions through the Sacred Heart, you will never be led astray
  • Love is the Language of Spirit.
  • Your purpose in Life will not be handed to you as a Gift, you must seek it.
  • To find your life’s purpose you must have a burning desire, and be willing to release and transmute that which does not bring you joy and  satisfaction.
  • You must be dedicated to your life’s mission
  • You must endeavour to seek  your latent abilities, perfect your talents and be flexible.
  • You are responsible for every action you take.
  • Actions reactions filtered through the Heart are God- inspired and create a sense of  well-being  and joy
  • Ego -inspired action brings discontent  and chaos.
  • When you seek power outside yourself there is never enough
  • Tapping into your source of inner power gives you a never ending supply of God-inspired energy
  • Grow up * Grow wise* *Forget about growing old..
  • Celebrate maturity and the wisdom you have gained.
  • Strive to maintain an ‘Attitude of Gratitude” and live in the moment.

The Crystal children

Most of the children being born today are the’ Crystal’ children. There are other names too -the’ Indigo’, the’ Star’ children,  the’ Rainbow’ children. These are beautiful Beings of Light are they not. You can see it in their eyes. But that is all they are at the moment -They need HELP to learn and grow. They need Teachers and if they do not have parents who are conscious of that fact, they can be led astray and that is happening.

These ‘kid’s, and we are talking teenagers and young adults here as well, do not like our world and rebel often with terrible consequences. Sometimes we might think they are a whole lost generation, who have no connection to their SOUL and this will be so IF do not do anything to assist them. “You are the One they have been waiting for”

Put them in your thoughts and prayers every day. Where you can be of service put your hand up! Often they might need to hear from someone just like YOU or just to be LISTENED to MANY of them you could really speak of Spirit and heavenly things as you understand them and you might just be surprised at the conversation that unfolds. “You are the One they have been waiting for”

Here is something else to ponder. The older people get the more they get stuck in their comfort zone and simply do not or will not change. Think about it – if we can  reach the children, we can reach the adult as well. Many parents today are more affected by what their children do then the other way around.” You are the One they have been waiting for”


A word her about AUTISM which is a growing “Dis-Ease” on our planet Earth. These beautiful children are really Gifted, but they live in two worlds, one they don’t want to leave or want to go back to which is Heaven. We need them here for their Gifts to be shared. ” You are the One they have been waiting for”.


A brief comment here about DNA and what scientists are doing re Cloning and experimenting with as part of their so called quest of scientific development of the human species, despite their good intentions. We also mention here along the same guidelines Stem Cell research as it also fits in the same category for comment. Spirit revealed to me…
“DNA is the Holy Spirit working in and activating the River of Life within you .It was never meant to be tampered with. God (I AM) will increase only as the human (ego, personality) decreases.

“You are the One they have been waiting for here too”

A beautiful quote from “The Keys of Jeshua” to finish our newsletter.

“I behold you in your Peace  and in your Love .I behold the Light of your being ,the Love that you are . I behold the beauty of your Soul .I behold your Presence and indwelling Peace.

Be filled with the Love and wonder of the cosmos. Be filled with the Love of all   existence. Be filled with the  Love  and wonder of God. Be filled with the majesty  of your own Being and the Love that you are.

And the voice of Jeshua speaks from the Heart : “I give you Peace that in its Presence you may know your own being. Come to  me in your Peace  and I will give abundantly to  you .Come to  me in your Joy and I will rejoice with you .Come to  me with your illusions and I will give you Truth. Come to me with your pain and I will give you Healing.

Come to me with your fears and I will give you Hope .Come to me   with all   l that you say you are and I will give you who you really are .I AM is the Light and the Truth, I AM is the Power, I AM is the WAY .In this sacred space know yourself. I call you by your name and I simply say BEHOLD!

You are beautiful, you are glorious ,and  you are the majesty of creation. And none of  this is by your doing, but by your Being .In the image of God you were created .As you consider yourself to  be ,so  to will your life  unfold .Know yourself within the Peace of God. The Peace of God is beyond all  illusion , and it knows no limitation ,no death, and no end. This is your home .I welcome you with Love”.

We have a very inspiring new book/ work from Archangel Michael called “Revealed Truths for the New Age ” in which He goes into great detail about the Adamantine Particles plus much more. Now available in manuscript form, Enquiries refer below.

Remember in these incredible times to take time out each and every day to “Breathe in Light and Breathe out Love” and stay in touch with Spirit more than ever before.

Till next time…… Please pass on as you see fit.
Blessings from the Circle of Life


Circle of Life’s October Newsletter

“Its time to play our part”
“There is Light within an enlightened person, and it shines on the whole world.”

From: The Gospels of St Thomas:
The secret sayings of Jesus-saying 24.

Welcome to our October newsletter .We hope you find it full of thought provoking  and inspirational ideas as things really start to’ hot’ up on this beautiful planet as we accelerate even faster now into the Golden Age of Aquarius.

There is no more fence sitting for Lightbearers  Our time is at hand -It’s time to play our part .What plans have we been making for our world to be a better place for ourselves and our ‘family’

For what is needed   is not only those   pure of Heart but Hearts AFLAME for our Gift to come forward, our ‘Service’ to  the Divine Plan to manifest. What is needed  most is for each of us is  to give permission to allow the Spirit of God  within us to now take total  command  of our life

That is difficult  when the personality or ego has been  in command for so many lifetimes and isn’t about to give up easily,even for Spirit.

We are in the times of the greatest change this planet has ever seen as we have often expressed and now we are even  being bombarded with a new form of terrorism  ‘ financial  terrorism.’ What will they think of next and there will be a next and a next until the LIGHT has won !!!

‘In the next three months we are being ASKED to  prepare so we can receive and project the greatest amount of Light into the world in 2009 .We are TOLD that 2009 is going to be the biggest year ever for  people’s Awakening ,searching for new  WAYS and they will  need much guidance and support.” 

Now we thought this appropriate to add here, something very special from
Archangel Michael: A New Age Creed to live by.











This is something you can say everyday, review this 10 point creed often.

Call on Michael also for Protection  for yourselves, your loved ones and family. Call on Him to cut the chords of everything that is holding you back in your life, to release you from others and your own self inflicted bondage so that   you can  Love Unconditionally. –
As well use the Violet Flame daily to cleanse your ‘inner world’ and the world around you

A brief note re the Sacred Oils given by Jeshua …We all know essential oils have been used in healing for millenniums and these special essential oils are no exception .They are from the purest sources on the planet and are highly concentrated They are alchemically charged like no other and so have a very high vibration.

They carry a remembrance of the essential attributes and/or virtues we need in our lives like Joy, Peace, Love, Compassion, Forgiveness ,Wisdom, Innocence etc . Magdalene’s Blessing is specially anointed to help remove Fear in our body.. OHM and Holy Ground are very special  for prayer and meditation purposes and of course there is Jeshua’s own Essence ‘Christ Scent’ which is very, very special

Sacred Oils application

Vaporising is the most common method of using these sacred oils. Vaporising is easy and affordable.
“Candle Vaporiser: Fill the bowl with water add a few drops (maximum) of any essential oil/s of your choice. Light a quality tea light candle and place in the space provided. Do not leave room unattended whilst candle is lit.
“Electric Vaporiser: fill the bowl with water add up to 10 drops (maximum) of any essential oil/s of your choice. Turn on the power.
SAFETY:  . Avoid tea lights which smell like kerosene or contain paraffin.

Massage …Use with Miracle II Gel /Skin Moisturizer for a wonderful healing effect
Bath and spa. . Add your favourite Oil to your Miracle II bath or spa water.. an awesome experience

Place 2 drops on your handkerchief or tissue and place near your nose and inhale. The tissue may also be placed in a shirt pocket near to your face throughout the day. These Sacred oils are ideal for this application

Skin… .. safe to use on skin in small dosages- a drop on the Sacred Heart area, crown or third eye or the soles of your feet can do wonders -no perfumes nor after shave is required either

You know you can even add a couple of drops of your favourite sacred oil  in your bed linen, ironing, cleaning and even your paint tins during  this Spring clean up period…the essence will last in your painting for months

Call or email us or visit our website for more information about any aspect of our work, including the “Gift range from Heaven’ Miracle II which carries the beautiful Violet flame

Keep  well, keep whole ,take time out each day ,Nurture yourself in these times “Breathe in Light and Breathe out Love” and stay in touch with Spirit more than ever before.

‘Till next time! Please pass on as you see fit.

Blessings from the Circle of Life

P.O. Box 700 Engadine N.S.W.2233
02 9520 1873 or 041 72 14936

If you would change your Life,change your Heart


Life is Love in action and Love is who you are ”

Welcome to our first Spring newsletter…Love and Life are our focus and Spring is a symbol of new life or Love in heightened action , of sewing the seeds for our future and planning the year(s) ahead .Even in our ‘past life’ in the  corporate world, we knew all good plans for the future were started in Spring.

Why not  have a crack  at it NOW.Think  or rethink out  your own plans for your future for your” Life”, your own ‘ Love in action’  with Spirit and your angels  as your guide at this opportune time Even if you have never done this type of exercise before you may be surprised what it generates in your thinking for your Life.

You can make  it as  real as you like,  provided you place LOVE as your director and commander in chief. And that means ,even if you are locked into a thrid dimensional  world and don’t have the funds, the space or time presently, the wherewithal on paper to  make the plans for your Life they way you would like them to  be  ..  still  DO the exercise!

If you are already doing something towards this goal still review it, as the only thing constant and certain thing in the Universe is Motion  which brings Change and if we do not F’low with the Rive of Life’  we will  become frustrated  and disapponted eventually that we did not have
a closer look at where we were going in our lives

What is your GIFT~!-We all  have  one not just some .Even if we have not YET discovered it Jesus says from Love Without End that ” Everyone has a  GIFT and if  you don’t discover it no one else will”.

Bring into  your plans all the players ,the people you would like to  have around you in your life to  make IT happen and even if it means moving out of your comfort zone or even your home. Sanctus Germanus says many of us will be moving in the challenging and exciting years ahead.

Make this a  fun  but real exercise Put your Passion into it. Isn’t it time we all did this instead of putting up with the status quo. And do review it often.

Now a beautiful Invocation to Mother Mary to use every day .Mary the Queeen of  the Angelic kingdom represents the feminine aspect of God ,the LOVE aspect of God

Ask for her help and guidance too!


Minister unto me, O healing
One of Pure Love, that I
Might  find my eternal way
Back  into wholeness,
Balance  and harmony. Let
The  Waters of Life that you
Carry  wash over me
Cleansing  and clearing my
road to our Father/Mother
God.  Help me to hold an
Immaculate Concept of
myself  as a Risen One, in my
higher   ascended body holding enough
light  and love to vibrate out of third
and   fourth dimensions into
the  higher dimensions of
deep  love awaiting me.

Help me to forgive and move
on, step by step, into the
brightness of this
Transformative Hour. When I
need a mother,
let my head rest upon your gown of light.
Help me to feel and recall
pure acceptance and the
light of passionate
encouragement.  Overlight
me with the feminine aspect
of Total Love that you embody.

Picture is   of ” Flame of Love- Mary and baby Jesus”  by Glenda Green

And this  beautiful quote from” The Keys of Jeshua”  might also prompt something in your thought process

And the voice of Jeshua  speaks from the Heart to  your Heart :” I give you Peace that in its Presence you may know your own being. Come to  me in your Peace  and I will give abundantly to  you .Come to  me in your Joy and I will rejoice with you .Come to  me with your illusions and I will give you Truth. Come to me with your pain and I will give you Healing.

Come to me   with your fears and I will give you Hope .Come to me   with all   l that you say you are and I will give you who   you really are .I AM is the Light and the Truth  ,I AM is the Power, I AM is the WAY .In this sacred space know yourself .I call you by your name  and I simply say BEHOLD1

You are beautiful, you are glorious ,and you are the majesty of creation. And none of  this is by your doing, but by your Being .In the image of God you were created .As you consider yourself to be ,so  to will your life  unfold .Know yourself within the Peace of God. The Peace of God is beyond all   illusion  ,and it knows no limitation ,no  death, and no  end. This is your home .I welcome you with Love.”

Inspirational books….White Eagle

Now some brief news about our books..They all do  have  very special messages , but we particularly would like to  mention this month the White Eagle books that are so  simple and
so full of Love. If you have ever  read  a White Eagle book  you will know what we mean …they hit you straight in the Heart.

A quote from a White Eagle meditation ” We would draw you a picture  of  Jesus,  warm in humanity, gentle understanding you and your every need, your disappointments and your fears. Yet He is afire with the Light of  the Christ  Spirit and comes to  you from the Heart of the  Sun with arms outstretched  in giving and surrendering to  God’s Will.

Dwell on the human form  of this Perfect Son of the Living God, clothed  in white and gold rays of the Sun; focus this picture in your Heart; dwell on it. Say in your Heart  ” Christ within me is the resurrection and the life”…and feel  that life rising in you; feel  the power  of the Light coursing  through your whole being.”

Archangel Michael books too  are coming into  their own of late   wih His messages and tools to use iyour Life ….You will not find iHis books  in any shops across Australia.

“Reiki  …a Healing Gift of Love from the Sacred Heart”
In the Spirit of Spring  and  ‘New Life’ we thought that we would mention our Reiki and Seichim courses and attunements . We teach about the I AM Presence, that the Reiki attunements are truly a Baptism of the Holy Spirit (like no other)  and a  ‘Gift of Healing Love from the Sacred Heart.’ .

We also teach  about the Adamantine Particles ,the body of God that creates Life ..these flow through all Reiki attunements  We  know we teach Reiki differently than most as we are guided to  do  but also  know  the benefits  from the attunements and the opening up of  individuals  own  Sacred Heart  space .

Call or email us re any  interest you might have  in learning Reiki and Seichim …they truly  are a gift, a wonderful  experience and  you have  this Gift the rest of your natural Life. .Even if you have done Reiki you might just Love  Seichim  – this is a balancing of the Divine Feminine energy of Reiki

Miracle11 For those of you who  have never trialled a Miracle11 product you truly are missing something…..these too are  a Gift form God  for these awesome times Thjey were given to our Earth to  help  clean up her body as well as humanities and our  animals and bird life

Check out our website for more information  about our books, sacred oils , Miralce11 and our courses and programs

Thank you for   your  interest …. Till next time…… Please pass on as you see fit

Blessings from the Circle of Life

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Last month we received quite a response to what was said about the Body changes that are happening to all of us during these times of  massive change in our world, we thought we would  give you some more insights and guidelines to be able to handle  what is happening on  the emotional, astral and mental  body changes in this months newsletter as  these can be even more daunting than the physical  changes.

A Prayer for Guidance (John  Michael Talbot)
Most High and Glorious God…
Bring Light to the darkness of my Heart
Give me Right Faith, Certain Hope   and Perfect Charity.
Lord give me Insight and Wisdom so that I might always discern
Your Holy and True Will

These times call for the committed , disciplined and dedicated Light workers to shine their Light into  the darkest places and support their fellow man like never before particularly when the world is going ‘insane’.

You have only to watch the news ,read the newspapers to  see some of the most horrible events taking place within families, within schools, universities and local communities  Several of you are telling us that this is even happening  in their own families., some have even mentioned  that suicide was not out of the question amid those they love.  .

For no apparent reason people are going ‘off  the planet’ -short bursts of emotions and hurt that you would not expect from some in our immediate families and friends- We too have experienced this ‘ Temporary insanity’ as Sanctus Germanus calls it.It is rife on the planet and  we can  expect it to  be with us at least until 2012 .

This is all part of the tribulation, the Armageddon we are going through …the Photon Energy coming through our Earth and solar system . It  is effecting deep into our psyche as well as our ‘carbon’ bodies and will  CREATE NEW LIFE , rebuilding ALL LIFE from the inside out.. At the moment though this new God force energy looks like
it could be working in reverse a sit goes to  work cleansing everything in its PATH.

This energy  this  t he Adamantine Particles of God  flowing through the River of life ,this Christ Light, this Metatronic Light as it sometimes called is raising the Earth’s vibration until all Life on our planet will become more spiritualized, more crystalline in nature. Darkness will no  longer exist.In the meantime we have much work  to do

Suggestions  to  help  us through these times

1)Be compassionate and forgiving
with those in your families and friends who are troubled and even your self if it happens to  you  if  you are feeling  unbalanced  Do not get drawn in though to  the sympathetic  take a look from a higher view of what is really happening.. Any side tracking lowers your own vibration

2)Sacred Heart focus …Never were Jeshua’s teachings from Love Without End so  relevant for today’s world  …it is time for humanity to do their work from ‘home’ .Our home is where the Heart is. It is time to fully be the ‘Love that we are’ and work from the Sacred Heart within not the mind  and at all times. .and never leave this place.

3) This requires more discipline , commitment, meditation and TIME OUT   each and every day .Put your hand on your Heart to  remind you who is Boss as you do some ‘Light’ breathing exercises even if only for short bursts. Use the Archangel Michael suggestion  as a guide  ” Breathe in Light, Breathe out Love” whilst you are doing it-Light being the Adamantine Particles of God building up within your own Universe.

4) Take time out now more and more so particularly when you are feeling exhausted with this new ‘Light’ coming in and there are days when this happens.The Lightworkers are the ones being downloaded with what we could best compare to constantly receiving 240 volts of electricity and transforming this to 12 volts everywhere we go .

This  is enough for our  fellow men to handle at the moment during the ‘Shift of the Ages’ and even this is too much for some until the Light really starts to build through  them. If  those unawakened (as yet) were to receive the full download they could actually spontaneously combust

5) It is even recommended  we take at least two days off a month for ourselves-no one else. But do take more breaks during a day, short 10-15 minutes breaks will recharge you..

6)Turn off the television, read  as little of the newspapers and magazines as possible. Don’t watch too much news . The damage that TV does to the Psyche is so subtle and so brutal  Just about everything that we are fed or put in front of us is of a 3rd  dimensional lower astral  nature. It only feeds the lower astral, emotional body .It is not the REAL WORLD

7)Instead do some LIGHT reading each day and before retiring each night to ensure your rest is God rest and nor disturbed by lower astral  plane news and events. …(One day the lower Astral body/plane will be completely obliterated from this Earth plane, but not quite yet)

Here is something special to help you when you need extra help or Protection … from Archangel Michael.

Invocation to Archangel Michael

Dear Lord Archangel Michael,
I call to you and your legions of Light  this day
to wrap me  in the blue veil of your protection.
Let it descend upon me like a mantle
and be sealed and held by the grip of Mother Goddess Earth,
sourced by Her white-fire core,
protecting us from all but the highest levels of Light
of Mother-Father God,
from all non-Christed sources,
from all evil and darkness,
from all astral entities and energies,
and from all other negativities-
planetary, interplanetary, and universal,
on-planet and off-planet,
above and below me,
to my left and to my right,
in front and behind me,
on this and all planes of existence,
in this and all levels of consciousness,
in this and all dimensions of time,
known or unknown,
now and forever.

Louix Dor Dempriey

Call on Michael for Protection  for yourselves your loved ones and family. Call on Him to cut the chords of everything that is holding you back in your life,. to release you from others and your own self inflicted bondage so that  you can  Love Unconditionally. –
As well use the Violet Flame to cleanse  the ‘atmosphere’ around you

If you have the new “Love Without End…Jesus Speaks” book read P391 for some further insights here..Love Without End truly is one of the  most comprehensicve teachings manuals for the 21 st century…you can never finish reading it .More and more insights come to us everyday  even though we have read it umpteen times

Inspirational books ….
We have some OTHER wonderful books for these times given to us from guidance above  If you want to fully grasp and understand the teachings of the Bible better apart form studying “Love Without End…Jesus Speaks”  go  to ” The Living Word of St John” – White Eagle or “The Aquarain Gospel” – Levi on our website

These are truly awesome books…If you want some of the most powerful  tools and guidelines and messages of LOVE to assist in these changes  look no further than the four Archangel Michael teaching manuals   we have on offer at Circle of Life

We also are running a powerful one day Inspirational program/course called…
Have you done a  S.A.N.I.T.Y check on your Iife ” …check out our programs

This a compilation of all our work  with Jeshua, Archangel Michael , Sanctus Germanus, and  Reiki teachings and our own understanding and experiences of Life.
We have some great material to share and can promise an Inspirational day .

Call or email us or visit our website for more information ..if you missed  our newsletters previously they are now archived on our website…simply click  on the front page where it says LWE newsletter

Thank you for  your attention  Till next time…… Please pass on as you see fit

Blessings from the Circle of Life
P.O. Box 700 Engadine N.S.W.2233
02 9520 1873 or 041 721 4936

JULY 2008

These times are very challenging for us all and we hope via these messages we post each month in our newsletters that we can be of real service to you all. In this issue we talk of body changes. A quote from Jeshua firstly.

“You seek to know love by your own efforts and the efforts of others in turn, so you have learned to think of love as a commodity. You have learned to think of love as an action or an external thing. Such ideas of viewing love externally have led you to judgment and separation. Most significantly, it has led to separation from yourself.

“The truest way to know your love is not by reflectance but by the joy you feel in its presence. That joy is the soul’s pleasure in the presence of love. Whatever you experience as joy is the cup of your love overflowing. By your joy you shall know your love, and the nature of your soul, as it casts your love upon the waters of life. ”
The Beloved …Love Without End…Jesus Speak”

So many are telling us how their ‘health ‘ is being affected of late and that includes the children and the grandchildren…of how exhausted they are, how they are not sleeping and much much more, that we thought we would dedicate this newsletter mainly to answering some of your questions and it seems the older you are, the more you will be feeling these changes

There has been a lot written about the Photon belt and the Divine Feminine energies coming in that we thought it time to give you our explanation of what is happening inside and outside the human body.

The Photon energy is the ‘ Light before the Light’ It is the ‘ Adamantine Particles’ of God now transforming our planet, our solar system and galaxy…Its nature is crystalline and it is affecting all Life not just humanity, but our animal, vegetable and mineral kingdoms as well as our Earth

The Divine Feminine energy is being sent forth from God to help balance the overpowering, over indulged masculine Energy on this planet.. These two energies are working in tandem as we in reality are now being drawn in by the Breath of God and going back HOME.

The Divine Feminine energy is Love manifest

We would point out here that the Divine Feminine energy coming through has nothing to do with gender. It is an aspect of the SOUL quality ..Many women in fact need to balance their masculine energy makeup as men need to balance their feminine energy within

Now how is this all affecting us … Jeshua mentions in The Keys of Jeshua that 70% of what is written in the Bible about the Tribulation , the Apocalypse is what will occur within the body and He was alluding to these two factors .The other 30% though is still happening through Earth changes which will magnify until the new Aquarius age officially begins in 2012 but may take a couple of hundred years to complete as the Piscean age did.

We are reversing what happened to us in Leumeria where our Etheric body over Eons of time became the dense physical body that we know today. We will become ‘Lighter’ both figuratively and literally and one day in the not to distant future ‘man will actually manifest more of an etheric than a physical body again.

Body changes …The Tribulation within

All that adds up to enormous physical, mental, emotional and astral bodily changes. The mental, emotional and astral bodies changes we will leave till the next issue but we feel many of you would like to know more about t what is happening physically at his time.

As the Photon energy comes in ,our bodies are being IMPLODED with this energy and we will change from a carbon to a silicone or crystalline based body .Every charka, organ and even our molecular structure is therefore changing within us ….Archangel Michael calls our flu symptoms ‘Molecular flu’

Now taking one group part of the body at a time that is being affected

Head – Many are complaining of sinus problems, lots of head colds, migraines they have never had before Our Pituitary and Pineal glands are being opened up also causing dizziness, pressure at the back of the eyes and in the middle of the head

These two glands when opened will give us more Clairvoyance, inner knowing, more insight , more Wisdom …but in the meantime to relieve the pain(s) a good head massage and meditation will help … take headache tablets if you must but only as a last resort.

Body clock-Sleep patterns are affected Our time is being condensed .. at the moment we a squeezing in a 24 hour day into about a 14 hour as our planet gets drawn back to ‘God Time’ ..This is causing undue stress particularly with sleep patterns

Many are waking up for hours during the night as a result., have hot flushes (nothing to do with menopause) .We feel as though we should up and at work. Suggest meditate during the night. Ask for guidance …The beta waves of the brain are still quiet enough to be receptive to Spirit..

Conversely in the middle of the day we would love to have a sleep .Do what the Highway road signs say and take a 15 minute ‘Power nap’ . It may just save a Life by not even driving then .

Breathing …Chest and Lung issues – This is where all those doing special breathing, meditation and yoga etc have an advantage….we all have to learn how to breathe properly again…80% of our population do not breathe correctly. We must take in the prana,, chi ,life force energy to help balance our new founding crystalline body structure

Organs…Heart, Sacred Heart Some have told us they are experiencing a lot of chest pains,.. by all means see your doctor if you will but in many cases it is simply “Your Heart is being adjusted” as I was being told one night in meditation.

A friend, a very fit 40 year old who still plays A grade tennis said he went and had heart tests done after a lot of chest pain but doctors found nothing wrong ..For the heart proper good breathing habits will help

But what is happening to most of us is our hearts have had an etheric web of Protection around them for eons of time as we were not able to live out or express our truths and just be “The Love that we are” This web is breaking down so we can Live from the Sacred Heart once again…. Ask Jesus for help here. He is the great Master of the Sacred Heart the great Master of Love in God’s universe .

Organs..,, Liver, Spleen, Stomach generally
Others tell us that they had liver and spleen tests done but again doctors found nothing… Good nutrition , eating sensibly, right foods, good water will become essential as our new bodies will simply not digest any longer a lot of the processed foods we used to eat …Miracle11 will help and some Light exercise

Hips, joints, feet

Many are experiencing pain in their hips and their feet .Give your self Reiki or whatever healing modality you do.. Apply the Neutralizer Gel, it is great for pain Soak in a Miracle11 bath for an all over detox and pain relief .Even a footbath removes toxins and pain generally plus it works like Reflexology on the feet.

Miracle11 products were designed with the times we are living to assist us clean out all the toxins in our body Drinking Neutralizer Liquid everyday helps do a ‘de coke and valve grind’ internally with its Violet Flame properties.

Sacred Oils and Miracle II

The Sacred Oils and Miracle11 make for a powerful combination in the bath or footbath…and the Sacred oils work also on the Psyche of the body as well. .but more next month on their effects on the emotional astral and mental bodies.

Field of Dreams .. Despite all the changes which we are going through which are ALL for the Highest Good start to create your own “Field of Dreams in your Life. and people will come” That is if you live and work from the Sacred Heart not your mind

Put your hand on your Heart often throughout the day and remind yourself who is the real Boss in your Life.. Ask for guidance, you will be given it …Now is your time to expand God’s’ world with your Gifts.

Lastly we wanted to again mention The Sanctus Germanus Prophecies vo1ume 1  (up to 2012) and volume 2 (2012 and beyond) and the events that are unfolding within you and in our world.

Many of the things that Sanctus Germanus mentions in book 1- Prophecies (up to 2012) are starting to come true This first book was written three/four years ago and the second book just recently We encourage you to consider purchasing and reading as he shows to WAY forward in these new times..

Finally we would like to restate from our website pages our mission, our goals, our purpose is to be of Service and that is to help those drawn to our work to …..

“Find true Peace in the Heart, that only comes from within ‘not without.’
*For all to awaken to the ‘Spirit of God’ within and know their name as LOVE”
*To give Hope, Inspiration and Healing through our unique products and programs that will help
Empower and Enrich our lives;
*To help all truly discover the Beauty and Wonder of all Life for
“In the Circle of Life we are all ONE”

We are here to serve and are running some amazing courses given us from Spirit to help in these times. Call or email us or visit our website for more information Thank you for your attention Till next time……

“I am the lion who came as a lamb and the lamb who roared as a lion. I am the living paradox of love unleashed upon the earth … A force to end its duality . “And you are My Beloved.”

The Beloved .. “Love Without End…Jesus Speaks”

Please pass on as you see fit

Blessings from the Circle of Life

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02 9520 1873 or 041 72 14936

JUNE 2008

We have been ASKED to put out a monthly Love Without End   newsletter. We have been six years now on this work  of Love and have lots of  ‘stories’ and things to  share with you all, so here is our first .Oh and our theme for our newsletters is   ‘The Awakening of Humanity …that time is NOW” and will be for the whole of  2008 and beyond.

We hope each month to give you updates on new items of interest and messages of hope and inspiration for these incredible times plus we will always run  features on some of our wonderful  inspirational  books, CDS, Sacred Oils, Art and more. And as the books, art, oils   etc are unique to Circle of Life (you cannot buy most items in retail shops) we will  review a lot of our current work in this first issue.

Jeshua’s VOICE is becoming so much stronger and clearer now than ever before .He is ASKING us all  to come out   of our ‘spiritual closets’, speak  our truths at whatever level  we feel  comfortable. Time is short ,earthquakes and much much  more are coming  but the major ‘quaking’ is going to be in the Heart and the Soul and the’ labourers are few  ‘To Teach Humanity The Way’ so if you feel good about our work then please do what you can and spread the WORD.

And we do urge you to read up on Archangel Michael and  His ‘new logo’  for Circle of Life.

Love Without End and Keys of Jeshua  as Gift  items…why not!
If you haven’t read the second revised edition of ‘Love Without End …Jesus Speaks’ then you are missing something that has 88 more pages, is written from a higher consciousness than the first edition,  has less of Glenda’s story and more of Jeshua’s,  plus He reveals some of story of  Mary Magdalene’s life. It is like reading a new book.

The “Keys of Jeshua”   is a wonderful, special inspirational totally different book than Love Without End that really talks to your Soul and a MUST read for those seriously on the Path.  .Jeshua leads you into the Flow of all  existence, the River of Life through the Adamantine Particles… You will read over and over again and still get new messages. We are surprised more of the Keys have not been sold. Perhaps now is its time to be read!

CD sets Conversations with Jesus We cannot recommend enough either purchasing an individual cd  or  volume 1 or 2 (7 cds each ) or a full set (14 cds).. Each CD is 80 -90  minutes in duration .It makes you understand His teachings  so much more, feel His energy  and there are things on the CDS that are not in the books.

New Teachings for an Awakening Humanity
This is a new book to our range of  Jeshua’s teachings which He outlines specific guidelines for the times ahead for parents, children, teachers and educators, scientists, governments and religions to follow. A powerful book.

The Aquarian Gospel of Jesus the Christ …by Levi
One of the most powerful Gospels of  Jesus’ s Life ever written from cradle to Ascension including His mission and teachings in the ‘lost years’ in Egypt, Greece, Persia, India and Tibet. Levi spent 40 years preparing for this major event in his life. He was shown the full  Akashia  records of Jesus ‘s whole life This happened to  Levi  in the 1890s   So powerful was its impact it has had 19 revisions since and is still  in print and is recommended by Glenda Green.

Sacred Oils
The Sacred Oils from Jeshua all 15 of them are such a Gift .They talk to your SOUL. They each have a remembrance of a virtue(s) we need in our Life, the quality and fragrance of which you will not find in any retail shop anywhere in Australia or New Zealand. They open your Consciousness and Awareness to your higher Self, to the Heavenly  realms .

CLick hereto check out each sacred oil’s benefits or ask for a copy which we will forward. We have reduced the prices because of the current value of the Aussie v  US dollar as you will see on the price list.

Archangel Michael’s teachings

Less than 18 months ago we were ASKED to bring in Archangel Michael’s work from  Ronna Herman into Australia and integrate with Love Without End ..we did not know why then but later, it would become apparent  that  Michael was bringing in aligned messages and vibration to Jeshua’ s and even mentioning Love Without End in His writings.

Michael’s work  however differs from Jeshua’s in that He gives us some very specific tools to use in our lives to help us on the Path .There are 4  wonderful  instructional  books “On Wings of  Light,  ‘The Golden Promise” , “Your Sacred Quest” and  “Let there Be Light”  plus a  teaching manuscript “Scripting your Destiny” All  are awesome. You will feel the vibration of His Love in every word   Check our range on our website.

“Write a letter to Michael”
The’ God team’ are waiting for us to come forward and ‘apply for work’ in our new world. Archangel Michael put out  a request some two weeks ago that we write Him a letter detailing what we see as our Gift, what we see as our Vision for our future and from that what would we like to achieve in this lifetime and what help we need.

We said it right WRITE HIM A LETTER  and SIGN it…….You may be blown away by the response.If you need to know more please email us give us a call.

Now something special  about the picture above of our Circle of Life logo which includes Archangel Michael….W e never did it just happened yesterday .The word LOVE was in the middle of our Circle of has been moved to the left to  acomodate His energy.

Sanctus Germanus Prophecies vo1ume 1  (up to 2012) and volume 2 (2012 and beyond)
These  two  books are also  new and may confront many on the Path…to me they are ‘Mother Mary’s messages to the world’ of the 90s  revisited but with more specific details of the times we have lived  and the times ahead. Many may  think they know it all  now  of what is to  happen and what St Germaine is saying but after reading the books through thoroughly three times, they are  still registering as new concepts, new thoughts  His incredible messages.

A last point  a thought for the week…..

Love is my shepherd
– 23rd psalm
Love is my shepherd, I shall not want.
Love makes to lie down in green pastures .
Love leads me beside still waters
Love restores my soul
Though I walk through the shadow of death,
I will feel no evil.
For my rod and my staff is Love.
Love prepares a table before me in the presence of my enemies,
And fills my cup to overflowing.
Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life
And I will dwell in the house of Love forever.”Bridges .. “Love Without End…Jesus Speaks”We will be a lot more specific in messages and information in future newsletters.
Please pass on as you see fit.Blessings from the Circle of Life


P.O. Box 700 Engadine N.S.W.2233
041 72 14936