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Spring Newsletter

‘This the year that Love takes command of our world” “I AM the Lion who came as a Lamb and the Lamb who roared as a Lion. I AM the living paradox of Love unleashed upon the earth … a force to end its duality.” As a smile spread across His face He focused upon me […]

Circle of Life’s August 8th newsletter

  “Our time is at hand”   We would ask you as always to read this newsletter with discernment and Love as we focus on our/ your Love Without End work relating to your fellow ‘man.’ These times ahead are now truly calling for all of us to be In more active Service as we […]

Circle of Life July newsletter

“We are the Power of the NOW” The Wayshower “I showed you your true self–The Christ Self–the I AM I showed you what your Christ-Self is capable of doing I will show you the way out of this cycle And I will show you the way into a New Age where your Christ Self will […]

Miracle II & Ocean Ormus July August newsletter

  Welcome to our July August newsletter We focus in this issue on “Detoxing  your body safely, effectively and gently  with Miracle II and Ocean Ormus” Many of us do DETOXS   and in these  special times there is a need to  change many of our dietary habits as well as gently and regularly detox   We […]

Miracle II & Ocean Ormus May June newsletter

    Welcome to our May/ June newsletter. With winter nearly upon us we wanted to focus on how powerful Miracle II and Ocean Ormus Life Force products can be used to protect us all from the colds and flu season. and help ward off winter ills and chills .We use many testimonials throughout to […]

Circle of Life May June newsletter

This is the year that Love takes command of our world     Welcome to our mid year May June newsletter In this issue we have much to discuss re what is happening in our world and our own insights and revelations but as always we ask that what we write you take on board […]

Miracle II Ocean Ormus Easter newsletter‏

  &   Easter Newsletter Welcome to our  Easter newsletter We have made this a handy hints one so do enjoy   1 The unique benefits of a Miracle II bath Winter is coming so time to back into  a  weekly Miracle II bath. Miracle II has the power to pull out many toxins, flu viruses, metals and other nasties that shouldn’t […]

Circle of Life’s Easter messages from Jeshua

  “Beloved one, each and every one of you is more valuable than ever you have contemplated, and each and every one of you is so needed at this time and so Loved at this time that God has given you to this world. For God so loves this world  that he gives you to know […]

Circle of Life’s March April newsletter

“Your Love Without End work…Planetary changes”   Jeshua;s thought from Love Without End ..Jesus Speaks                                     Welcome to our March April   newsletter. We would ask  you as always to read this newsletter with discernment and Love as we focus on  our /your Love Without End work relating to ‘planetary changes’. Take into your Heart only what you believe is […]

February News: Miracle II & Ocean Ormus

Welcome to our February newsletter for We have much to discuss, so do enjoy. Body changes -Miracle II and Ocean Ormus We are, every human being on this planet like our Mother Earth going through a physical metamorphosis the likes of which have never happened before, that is effecting every part of the body from […]