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Body changes -Miracle II and Ocean Ormus

We are, every human being on this planet like our Mother Earth going through a physical metamorphosis the likes of which have never happened before, that is effecting every part of the body from the head to the feet and every major organ and gland.

Detoxing is an essential ingredient in neutralizing some of the effects of these changes and Miracle II is a great natural detoxifier, that is safe and ever so gentle at the same time.

Summer is nearly over so its time we took to the bath tub again. Miracle II has the power to pull out many toxins, flu viruses, metals and other nasties that shouldn’t be in the body and at the same time the bath will help energize, de-stress, relax and refresh you.

Recently we were shown how powerful Miracle II can be to release emotional and mental ‘toxins simply by having a bath through the Power of the Violet flame.

Have a weekly Miracle II bath (2 capfuls of soap). If that is not possible at least a weekly foot bath and you might just be amazed what even a footbath can do and either/or for at least a solid half an hour. Have two or three baths a week if you can in these special times .

Showering does not have the same effect although you know you are using the purest soap. For your showers try then to always spray the Neutralizer Liquid on or don’t wash off the Miracle II soap and/or rub in some Neutralizer Gel and /or Skin Moisturizer where needed …Pamper yourself.

Ocean Ormus Life Force Essence

And do take a ‘shot’ of 2-3 mls of Ocean Ormus Life Force Essence liquid daily. This “Sun’s magic vitamin pill’, this White Powder Gold, this Gift will help increase your Wellness and stamina during the changes going on within .Take ‘your shot’ morning or night what ever suits..It works at cellular level, on your DNA and is the perfect complement to Miracle

Miracle II for our flooded and sunburnt country.”Don’t leave home without it.”

With the extremes in weather that we are experiencing and will continue to have at least till the end of March we thought we would remind you how essential our products are for our Australian climate .

All Miracle II products are” Emergency kits in a bottle” The soaps are 80 % Neutralizer Liquid and even the Skin Moisturizer is 70 % Neutralizer Gel.

The floods are breeding grounds for increasing the insect population particularly mozzies. Miracle II will work on all your insect,mozzie, fly, bee, spider and even snake bites and even the soaps will do a similar job as the Neutralizers and they all heal, sanitize and disinfect as well as a sprayer obliterate the bugs.

Read the how to use instructions pages on our website if you are unsure of how to use. Drinking Neutralizer Liquid daily also helps to build up your resistance to all types of stingers.

Miracle II has had amazing effects on every type of burn known to man and that includes third degree burns. If you have suffered or a friend or family member we strongly recommend you suggest a Miracle II treatment as follows.

Burns and Sunburn

Miracle II is powerful for burns. Spray or submerge areas in the Miracle II Neutralizer Liquid or Gel until the pain stops. For widespread burns or cuts wrap area in clean towel and keep this soaked with Miracle II Neutralizer Gel for several hours. Users report healing happens with no scars or blisters.

Miracle II for Animals and pets

You could not be kinder to your animals and pets then to look after them with an assortment of Miracle II products Whatever works for humans also works for our animal kingdom. If your animals or pets are suffering in the heat waves or get burnt then try some Miracle II out. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Miracle II so many testimonials plus you can save a fortune on vet fees. Here are few ideas for our pets and animals:

  • Add Neutralizer Liquid in their drinking water every day. Pets and Animals know what is good for them. Say if you were to put 2 bowls of water out one with and one without Miracle II – the animals will always go to the one with the Miracle II in it
  • Don’t put the Neutralizer liquid in the bird bath unless you want every bird in the neighbourhood visiting your place!
  • Spray your animals with the Neutralizer Liquid the same way you would treat yourself -wonderful healing stories. People have even said using the Liquid, Gel and the soaps has even extended the life of their animals Great for tick bites and other nasties

Re-read our How to use for Animals pages for many more applications

Miracle II for our Gardens and Farms

We all want pure nutritious fruit and vegetables . Miracle II is a NATURAL SOLUTION to purify and bring the plants, the trees, the grass, the gardens and the Earth’s soil back into ph balance naturally and act as a natural insecticide as well.

Miracle II can really help during the extremes of our hot summer and autumn weather to fertilize the soil, gardens, trees and crops with nutrients plus help restore the PH balance of the soil and even help the soil retain its moisture.

Do revisit our Miracle II “How to use for gardens and farms” section in the Miracle II section on our website.

Green substituing for violet soap

A final note on Miracle II – we will no longer have the violet soaps and are substituting the Green Moisturizing for the Moisturizing violet. We were one of the only Miracle II distributors with it. Clayton Tedeton, Miracle II’s founder gave it to us a gift but around the world it was not really known or sold .99% of overseas distributors only have ever sold the Green. For most you will not notice any real difference and both the Green and Violet heal the same. So now we are back to two soaps and the Moistruring you will love as we have added some Skin Moisturizer.

Dont forget about our free soap dispenser offer for all the soaps (not the foaming dispensers)..they make for ease of use and you will find will save you heaps as they deliver more measured amounts.

Don’t forget about our other New Ocean Ormus products These four new products are also so SPECIAL like Ocean Ormus Life Force Essence…

  • Reform Muscle, Joint and Pain Ease is going exceptionally well
  • Femme Face and Body Cream is as good as any of the expensive creams sold in the leading department stores and we are getting great reports
  • Alpha M (male) Essential Face and Body Cream As men are starting to take better care of their skin,why not trial this as a wonderful alternative to the department store brands
  • Eye Reform Skin Serum. ‘WOW’ was the comment of one excited lady about this product

Please share our newsletter and thank you for your support of our wonderful products and do read up on our website our Circle of Life newsletters as we relate to these special and changing times.

“Know you are helping our Earth and our Waterways when you choose Miracle II and Ocean Ormus”

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