Circle Of Life news, Feb 2012

February 2012 Newsletter

The Wayshower

“I showed you your true self–The Christ Self–the I AM
I showed you what your Christ-Self is capable of doing
I will show you the Way out of this cycle
And I will show you the Way into a New Age where your Christ Self will flourish
This, I promise you. You need only ask”.
~ Jeshua

Welcome to our February newsletter in this issue we focus on this year 2012 and the ‘body temple’. This is a time of tremendous change and a most exciting time to be here .”As we get more into the new times it will be the end of the world as we have known it” Jeshua has said ..” and the beginning of a new experience of the world in more ways than we can imagine”.

We have been TOLD there are many ‘events’ that may happen this year but whatever form they take,they will lead us into “The Year of Love” .This is a time when the Heart will be taking command of our lives and everything else for that matter on this beautiful planet.We are being born into the Christ Consciousness of the Soul ..We will know that we are the very Force of Love and this is just the beginning.

So to the physical..we wanted to revisit some of the advice we have given in our past newsletters re issues in the physical body.As we move into our newly forming ‘Crystalline’ bodies over time to enable us to house the new Christ energies ,there are many body issues that may this major ‘makeover’.

Bodily issues

Firstly the new energies are creating an expansion in the Heart area. This may start as pressure. Energy will ripple through this part of our body.We may feel tightness or even some pains here. Make sure to breathe deeply and apply breathing tools that hopefully you have learnt over the years to work with this opening.

Breathing: Chest and Lung issues. This is where all those doing special breathing, meditation and yoga etc have an advantage. We all have to learn how to breathe properly again. 80% of our population does not breathe correctly. We must start to consciously take in the prana, chi, universal life force energy, adamantine particles to help balance our new founding crystalline body structure that will also help decrease the pressure on our physical hearts .

More of our family and friends will report they are experiencing chest pains. By all means tell them if they ask to see their doctor but in many cases it is simply adjustments being made. I was TOLD “Your Heart is being adjusted” when i was experiencing similiar problems a few years ago.So for the sake of the physical heart in particular, proper good breathing habits are now a MUST.

To explain further for most of us have had an etheric web of Protection around our Hearts for eons of time, as we were not able to live out or express our Truths and just be “The Love that we are”. This web, this net is disolving so we can learn to Live from the Sacred Heart once again. Ask Jeshua for help here. He is the great Master of the Sacred Heart, the great Master of Love in God’s infinite universes.

Head: Dizziness, migranes, headaches and we mean here a feeling of expansion inside the head are happening for all as our Pituitary and Pineal glands open up… Head massages help as well as meditation. We have successfully used a simple process of stretching both lobes of the brain apart with the fingers of both hands . . We have treated many people with this simple method and find this works and no need for headache tablets…Do it as often as pain persists ..You can do it to yourself in the shower

Organs: Liver, Spleen, Stomach generally Others are telling us that they have had stomach tests – liver and spleen etc but doctors have found nothing wrong.. Good nutrition, eating sensibly, right foods, good water will become essential as our new bodies will simply not digest any longer a lot of the processed foods and now meat we eat. Miracle II and Ocean Ormus will help and some Light exercise. Whatever it takes to prepare your Body temple to be be able to house the new Christ energies coming through

Hips, joints, feet: Many will experience more pain in their hips and their feet. Give your self Reiki or whatever healing modality you do. Apply the Neutralizer Gel or Ocean Ormus Reform Pain Relief, they are great for pain. Soak in a Miracle II bath for an all over detox and pain relief. Even a Miracle II footbath removes toxins and pain generally plus it works like Reflexology on the feet and helps to ground you and we all need grounding in this special year.Walk on the soft sand on the waters edge, it too acts like a “reflexologist.”

Miracle II and Ocean Ormus products were designed with the times we are living to assist us clean out all the toxins in our body and prepare our Temples of Light to come through. Drinking Neutralizer Liquid everyday helps do a ‘de coke and valve grind’ internally with its Violet Flame properties and Ocean Ormus will help you build your body of Light, and plug any Etheric holes in it.

Lastly some of God’s greatest remedies that have always been with us will aid us tremendously in these times ..”Be in Joy, Sing and Dance some, listen to good music, Laugh a little, Laugh a lot. Get back into Nature, Pray, Meditate ,Give Thanks everyday for your Life. All these Gifts gently open the Heart, the breathing and lungs naturally.

We highlight again for those who are not doing the work, there may be an increase in heart and body issues. No one will be untouched by these acceleratiing Christ energies coming through this year, which on a very positive note will encourage more of the population to respond and grow spiritually and they will need teachers-Are you ready!


The Sanctus Germanus Prophecies

Because of the needs of the times and the events that are unfolding in our world, we have been ASKED to redistribute the Sanctus Germanus Prophecies. These come as a set – Volume 1 (up to 2012), volume 2 (2012 and beyond) and volume 3 a NEW addition “Seeding the Mass Consciousness’. This new book is a most powerful book on how to master and empower changes for the Highest good in the new times particulaly with our THOUGHTS. Each book is written in a clear matter of fact style which makes for good reading and clear understanding of the times we chose to be here . And all complement each other.

The first book was written early in 2002/3, the second 206/7 and the third book just recently but you really need to read all three as a set, unless you have alredy read the first two. Many of the things that Sanctus Germanus mentions in book 1-2 have come true or are happening now We encourage you to consider purchasing and reading as he shows to WAY forward in these new times. The books will be available on our website very shortly but we do have them now and you can purchase the three as one and save.

archangel michaelBut also do check out all our Inspirational books range from “Love Without End…Jesus Speaks” “The Keys of Jeshua” and Archangel Michael ..These books are truly Inspirational and designed for NOW.

In these times Archangel Michael and Gabriel have both said that “we will see a greater manifestation of the planet dividing into thirds. One third will fight as hard as they can to hold on to the survival paradigm. The second third will be those who are committed to creating their soul-connection.The last third will be leaving the planet over time. They are typically ‘younger souls’ who don’t know how to deal with the heat in the kitchen or who do not have the right living environment (ie. the very poor countries) to learn and grow.They will come back again as things on the planet become more settled and they will be the first prepared to continue their evolution in this way”.

We are ALL needed more than ever before to lend support to all groups as all still carry the Christ seed and particularly as Spirit revealed to us recently that only 4% of all the Lightworkers on our planet are actually in their right space and /or doing their job There is and will be much to be done and the “labourers are still too few.”

To conclude a final thought from from Jeshua ….

“Beloved one, you are a great ray of Light.You are energy in form,living a Reality .Your purpose is to allow that Light to Shine , to Live Life so that others may see your Light, and by seeing your Light to know that they are the Light also.”

“Change your heart, change your life”

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