Circle of Life’s August 8th newsletter


“Our time is at hand”


The Lamb and Lion

archangel michael

We would ask you as always to read this newsletter with discernment and Love as we focus on our/ your Love Without End work relating to your fellow ‘man.’ These times ahead are now truly calling for all of us to be In more active Service as we all have a part to play to create a new world and that will only be done through the Power of Love –

Only Love has the Power to save us; only Love is powerful enough to take this world from the brink of its craziness and to Hearts awakening to the truth that only Love is Real.

So welcome to our August 8th newsletter. Yes we mention this date of this issue as this has a powerful undertone of Archangel Michael’s calling us all (His number 88) to more Active Service now ……“Our time is at hand’

It is the end of several weeks of mercury retrograde ,hard work for most of us simply going through extraordinary changes of stress, exhaustion, depression(for some), body aches and pains, things electrical (and people) going haywire. We saw Melbourne airport closed and of course all of India .But there is now a feeling of Lightness coming back and an inner Knowing to assist us get back on track. Even  the Olympics are helping .Can you feel it .it is Real. . .


                           Our Contracts are up ..its time to write new ones

Holy Spirit has shown us something so simple yet awesome …..our ‘contracts are up’ Everything that we came to do in this lifetime is now complete It is time to write a new script, our own new  contract of Service for the coming times and Yes it is up to us individually  to do .We have the Power .

Lately I have had Archangel Michael’s Presence and at the same time the words to a song “Our Time is at hand “. Michael is now calling all  Lightworkers into Action to use the Power of Love, God’s First Ray energy, His Energy to create our new world .

This song I keep hearing “Our time is at hand”  rang in my ears for weeks some 10 years or so ago At that time I was told  it was encoded with a divine awakening call, a call for more Active Service for me then and now for all as that song and message has come back and for the past two weeks so much so I have not been able to turn it off  ..

 I know I have to pass onto you all and hope it resonates something within inside of you as it relates to what Archangel Michael is guiding us to. Here are parts to that song or as close as I can get them (even on google it is not recorded) so here goes..

“Long ago a promise was made by you, a promise that is now to come through . We need volunteers We have come to save the Earth and our time is at hand Our course of action is now clear Your inner voice is calling you Home and bring as many as you can with you …..Our time is at hand


We can change the course of humanity from destruction to Victory We have the opportunity to Love this planet free …It’s your time now to honour that sacred vow, you made a promise to honour that sacred vow (repeat)….If you believe you can change the world you can. In your Heart you know you are here to play your part for humanities reverse will make a stand ..






Spiritual Business Plan… Your new contract


A Jeshua quote from our  “Love Without End.books is befitting here as it  pertains  to your new plans, new contracts Everyone has a Covenant and a Purpose on this planet which is special and If you do not  fulfill  it no one else will.”


Some months ago  we  requested that you write out a Spiritual business plan for your future Add your family and children to  the plan  This was a call from Michael and now that request is made again as our time is truly at hand

IF you have not for your sake and that of your children and family do so You will get all the Heavenly support you need Heaven is just waiting for your call to help make it happen and You’ll enjoy doing it that we are sure


Here is what to do again -Write your Spiritual, we’ll call it a business plan for your Life your future and do so in your own handwriting. Pray and Meditate before doing, then write down everyone and everything you would like to be involved with in your Life that you need to have, to make it happen ,what Heavenly and/or Earthly team of people you need to assist you…


 If it is in your domain include your work on behalf of Mother Earth and all her kingdoms


SIGN YOUR LETTER OF INTENT AND DATE IT and leave on the table open overnight. Now, it doesn’t matter whether you have ever done one previously as .these need to be updated anyway often …


Write on a separate piece of paper all the things that you feel are STOPPING you like your work, the mortgage, your family, your lifestyle ,your current living environment whatever then burn that list


Please do not think you are not worthy enough to create your new world  Everyone is. Everyone is equal Everyone is a child of God This exercise can help your spiritual life enormously to grow and Be-Come more empowered human beings and will form part of your new contract and just as importantly the times ahead will be challenging for many and you are needed.

We have ALL got it the Power of God within to create a new world more than at any other time in human history Believe and have Faith in God, your  AM Presence, Jeshua,  Michael. ,Mother Mary


Mother Earth

Mother Earth at this time needs every bit of help she can get. We still may be in for quite a rocky ride in the coming period I am told  Add your energy to the Heavenly God team infusing all this Loving changing energy into our Mother everyday to help reduce ALL the negativity on our planet,


Focus on specific areas like Syria..Work it through you and our beloved planet to negate the nuclear leakages, chemical poisoning and the poisoned and fear filled THOUGHTS still running rampant through humanity


Walk on her with Loving Intent. Align yourself with her and agree to help her Shift to lesson her burden. Do so with the utmost Love and Gratitude Imagine holding her in your embrace, invoking the Sacred Fire Energy of God which holds the Violet Flame, Christ Light,  Adamantine Particles  

Jeshua and Michael books and more

We have been given  Jeshua’s Love Without End and The keys of Jeshua , Archangel Michaels books , Do consider taking on these books “To Teach Humanity the Way” Our books are like no other They are unlike other ‘channelled” books and will become manuscripts for Living in this century

Do consider also our other awesome Gifts Miracle II, Ocean Ormus and Jeshua’s sacred oils They carry the Violet flame of redemption , Adamantine particles .Plus Ocean Ormus  we were given among other things to further enhance the Miracle II process by giving us the Spiritual food to help us plug and rebuild the ‘body form at DNA and cellular structure

If you would like us to give a talk about any of our work, our teachings, healing or what has been revealed to us and you can organize a sufficient number for a talk or seminar we would be happy to oblige.

Please share this newsletter as you see fit

“Breathe in the Adamantine Particles of God, Breathe out Love”

Blessings from the Circle of Life

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