We are living in God’s time now

           “We are living in God’s time now”

       Circle of Life October newsletter 
Welcome everyone, we are a little behind with this month’s newsletter as we have been in transit back to Sydney as our home base the past two weeks. What a month September has been and into the first week of October. Changes within and changes in the world at large. And with the outside world, the Light is winning  but there is still one more major battle to go and this hopefully will prove the Big wake up  call for all… What  humanity does with that is still up to each individually.
We ask  you try and not take to Heart too much though of what has been happening to you. Stay in your Heart and all will be well. We know there have been times this past while, the load has felt so heavy – regrets, negative thoughts, depression have run rampant and we could not turn them off….Plus sheer exhaustion for many whilst others have gone to  doctors and nothing has been found wrong with them.
Some have even said they thought they were leaving the planet as we have felt ourselves on several occasions over the years .Just allow it to pass, allow it to flow through you and please do not feel any guilt or blame. When this happens, cleanse often with the Violet Flame and simply Be Still.
We ask due to the pressing times we are currently in to discern what we write in this newsletter .What registers only within your Heart and Soul is your Truth. Though there  is a sense of urgency in our messages this month, remembering of course everything at this time on our planet is happening eventually for the Highest good for Humanity, Mother Earth and all kingdoms on her.  …..
There may be challenges unlike what you are used to. It is a time when the powerful energies provided from On High will make you face  your old choices more directly, looking to learn from the limitations of the structures you have known and relied upon in so many ways.
Many of you are and will see the fears of your past coming up to be revisited. You will see how these fears have kept you stuck, unsure what to do to change or impact the world. Use the magic of God’s and St Germain’s  Gift of the Violet Flame to handle everything that comes up. 
Now we ask also you slow down, recharge yourself.. Be Still and know I AM God .You must now LISTEN, the answers will be there, all held within you and the only effective way to know what is right for you is to Pray and Meditate.

Holy Spirit has said to rewrite all our plans for our futures before Christmas  Pause and take a moment to reflect. What is your personal inner truth about whatever you are contemplating? What do you TRULY believe will make a difference or take you to better places in your lives?…Remember “Your Truth shall set you free.”
The whole world is entering vital stages of growth. And each stage is sacred. There will be a time of awakening for all  (if they haven’t been experiencing up till now) that  will shake up the comfort zones in a more experiential way. This is a vital stage… but one that has not been embraced by many and we are to  be their Way showers and teachers.
Healing with the Adamantine Particles
There are only two sources of information about the Adamantine particles circulating in the New Times….They are Jeshua’s teachings from our Love Without End and Archangel Michael’s teachings through Ronna Herman which we are also to integrate with Jeshua’s. Both channels interestingly enough began their work in 1992 and have stamped their on Humanity’ s Spiritual journey as pure TRUTH .
Re the Adamantine Particles,science has later (2002) attested to these particles existence  although they call them “Higgs Boson” particles in honour of the man who  “discovered” them.
We are now to  teach  the Power of using the Adamantine Particles to Heal.. They are much much, more than Reiki, Re-Connective, Theta healing etc  ..Knowledge of them will be essential  to Build our New world .You see they are the Body of God and your store of Light and LOVE that has gone with you and built up over Eons of time Now it is time for their Use for the betterment of All life on Earth.
We will add this subject to our lectures when we travel but if you need to know more now ring or email us re our movements 
We know many of you too will go to psychics from time to  time. Please ensure you feel you know this persons creditability is right. There are some wonderful people doing this work but others  who need to  raise their own bar higher before they can give accurate or truthful messages from the Highest sources.
There is a plethora of channelling on the Net and Facebook .Please discern what you read ..some so called highly thought of channels’ messages just don’t seem quite right to me lately and Spirit has TOLD us to include our comments  in this month’s bulletin. Remember the perfect channel  for all of us is  our Higher Self, our Christ Self, our Divine I AM ..that we MUST embrace before listening to outside sources .We are not going to be taken up into spaceships, nor start bi-locating tomorrow nor “ascend all at once.”
God IAM within will tell us where we/you need to be and supply every answer for our Life. But we must listen. We must practise Prayer and Meditation  and good breathing techniques EVERY DAY to Reconnect with God and Holy Spirit. Go within to find the God of your Being  for all the answers to your Life.. No one else has the knowledge or the rights to your Life except YOU and that is what is what all of Humanities greatest lesson for these times IS, including the wars, the stock market crashes the trials and tribulations in our daily lives –
In Holy Spirit’s words “We were ALL born to make known the Presence of God (I AM) within our Being.”  And from this point and only this point can we be the “Change that we want to see in the world” and teach others likewise. 
 Sing dance Be in Joy, Have Fun Lighten Up., Exercise Lightly .Nurture  yourself

 You cannot Serve effectively unless you take care of YOU firstly That was the part of Jeshua’s commandment we haven got quite  right yet…”Love God, Love your neighbour as  YOURSELF   ….

 Affirmations you might want to say daily for these special times (say each 3 times ..Hand over your heart while you say them)
“Be Still and know I AM God ” 
“I AM the Resurrection and the Life”   Jeshua’s very powerful affirmation is for ALL.
“I AM in the Sun and the Sun of God is in me”
“My Father and I are One, I AM in the Father and the Father is in me “
“I AM Divine Love, I AM Divine Wisdom, I AM Divine Strength 
“J-E-S-H-U-A“… You are saying Yes to Life
Remember He said “The things I do, you shall also  do and more” so the above are for all.
Jeshua and Michael are ASKING us to now take their teachings out into the public arena as this work will become a foundation for many, a manuscript for Living in the 21st century. The books “Love Without End ..Jesus Speaks”, “The Golden Promise” “Let there be Light” “The Keys of Jeshua” and the accompanying 14 CD set “Conversations with Jesus “ “are to be the new times ‘bibles’” Jeshua has said “they carry the Creator’s and His Blessing” to be ‘out there’ . Think about it and if you would like to share with us please email or call .
Think about our other Gifts too like our Sacred Oils and Ocean Ormus which has  a profound positive yet very subtle effect on the DNA as we move back from the Consciousness of a  2 strand  to  fully awakened 12 strand DNA ‘Being of Light.
Jeshua’s Christ Essence essential oil….
If you want a real treat,  Jeshua revealed to just last week that the Christ Scent is not only His Essence that He gave Glenda to  develop and formulate for these times but He said He actually used it in His time on Earth.
You know this sacred oil can help Heal a wounded Heart. You can do an Exorcism with it. We have sold to ministers and personally used in hospitals on patients who were terminal and they have cried when we applied just one drop on their Heart area.   
All our other Essential oils bring a remembrance of a virtue that we may require i.e  Peace ,Wisdom, Love, Compassion, Forgiveness Abundance ……OM and Holy Ground are perfect for prayer and meditation
If you would like to know more about our work, our lectures our programs, our awesome products like Miracle II, Ocean Ormus our Healing work with the Adamantine Particles or the whole Love Without End range please call or email us.

 Please share this special bulletin as you see fit…These are urgent times .It is time for all to know the Truth of their Being that they are LOVE and can change the world ..       Blessings from the Circle of Life  
“Breathe in the Adamantine Particles, the Breath of God  and Breathe out Love”

  “I AM the Resurrection and the Life “