Miracle II November newsletter

Circle of Life Miracle II November newsletter  part 1                                             

Welcome to our November  Circle of Life products newsletter part 1. We have decided to send this out in two parts so  as not to take too long for you to read or grasp all the great uses of our wonderful products.We  dedicate this issue to Health and Wellness for we know so many are going through many issues in these extraordinary times that are manifesting in the physical  and certainly Miracle II can assist . And especially this month with summer nearly here you need to be on top of things

Whether you are a new or old user of Miracle II we thought it important to remind you that all Miracle II products have  Magnesium, Potassium and Calcium plus two sea minerals and two herbs – all 7 ingredients are fused together under a laser light technology at 440 volts of electricity to form a magnificent Energy cluster of Power and Healing (Miracle II uses a Nikola Tesla technology in its making) Plus it has the Universal Life force energy and the Adamantine Particles.. ..

Why would you start with  anything else in your daily routine of good health practices but Miracle II for Health of Body, Mind, Soul and home !!!!

Also reminding you all Miracle11 products are highly alkaline ( 8- 8.4%) and we now know diseases find it hard to survive in an alkaline state. We have available two Alkaline Foods chart for your perusal .Just email us your request .We are sure you will find them more than useful.
Now for some really special uses/successes that we have received from our customers .and some past history …..

Congestion, persistent coughs  chest and lung conditions caused by pollutants in city and major township living and smoking.

Suggest taking Neutralizer Liquid and rubbing the Neutralizer Gel on the chest areas when needed will help with any congestion and breathing issues. Asthmatics can be helped with their breathing as is the report from two concerned  grandparents who gave Miracle11 to their grandchildren and the kids have not had a need for a puffer since

Smokers Taking Neutralizer liquid can help stop the urge to smoke-.Just spray the mouth  every time there is an urge, It gets NEUTRALIZED but we stress the person must want to stop  One smoker said she did not have a persistent, permanent cough any longer .In another two separate reports suggest taking Neutralizer Liquid regularly has seen these smokers actually cough up black gunk  and in one case vomited up  the black  gunk  out of their system.

With so many into  fitness these days a  mixture of Neutralizer Gel or Skin Moisturizer with Neutralizer Liquid  makes for a wonderful massage oil/cream and is further enhanced by using one of our very special  sacred oils .. Plus Miracle 11 is non sticky, non oily, non toxic and has no odour . This is not the case with most massage oils andcreams.

And for the Masseurs one of our distributors who is a naturopath has commented that he has a regular cliental of Masseurs with skin  and associated problems caused by using toxic products in their work and he strongly recommends using Miracle 11 to them.

Therapeutic  Laundryball
This product used with the Neutralizer Gel  is great for tired, aching feet and carpal tunnel and any other aches and pains  Just rub the gel in and then rub the ball  over the area that needs healing  You see the Ball is full of ‘Life of  Life force energy’ that never actually gets used up, that is why they are guaranteed three years.

Healing bath
Even in the warmer months it is still a great time to  rediscover the magic of a Miracle 11 energizing  healing bath You know regular bathing in Miracle11 helps to strengthen the immune system, removes toxins (physical, emotional and mental) , soothes skin problems as well is highly invigorating. Many of you tell us how sore  your joints are feeling during these changing times Miracle II can certainly help  here.

Don’t forget you can throw the Therapeutic Laundry  ball in the bath to stimulate the performance of the other Miracle11 products  too. And all our  soaps  -are antifungal and antibacterial  and pretty powerful in their own right -Washing hands in any one of the soaps is healing, let your hands soak in it rather than wipe dry as it  is still working on your skin. and that applies when using  the soap dispensers which you should only be mixing 20-25% soap to  water.

Domestic Radiation effects Neutralized
A customer with MS rang to tell us that he had been spraying his whole body with the Neutralizer Liquid and then tested himself on an ESmog Analyzer machine and it significantly reduced the effects of radiation around him .

Let us explain further – he is a scientist who believes his MS was greatly increased by electromagnetic radiation caused by the large overhead power wires next to  his home and all the internal electrical appliances he has ….Needless to say he was ecstatic at the results.

Flying And if you are taking long overseas flights have a Miracle11 bath before flying, spray and/or use Neutralizer Gel or Skin Moisturizer over the body and do the same when you get to your destination – It hits the gamma radiation received at high altitudes of planes and jet lag for six and also helps to quickly reseal your Auric field which also gets a hammering from the gamma radiation of long flights.

Radiation Effects generally In the U.S. several  years ago  an independent scientific study showed Miracle11 was tested to actually Neutralize nuclear radiation effects of people who were exposed to nuclear radiation in power plants. Spray your ears often if you are a regular user of  microwaved  mobile phones. Miracle II Neutralizer Liquid Neutralizes Microwave energy

And yet this product range is so safe you can use the Neutralizer Liquid , Neutralizer Gel, Skin Moisturizer and any one of the Soaps on a baby’s bum -great results on nappy rash too and teething.  .

Anthrax, Cholera, Typhoid, Hepatitis B  A further bit of history for our new users, Miracle11 was independently clinically tested in the U.S  against all these diseases and it NEUTRALIZED them .

Well we hope you gain some extra confidence from reading some of the extraordinary benefits from testimonies of Miracle11 users . Miracle 11 will actually save you money when you can use one or two products that do the jobs of so many ‘specialist’ body soaps, liquids, gels and creams just as effectively and you know you can do it safely.

These products are also totally non toxic, biodegradable, natural and are good for our Earth and just as good for taking care of our animals and pets.

Up to date Instructions for ALL uses Personal, Household, Animal and Pet Care, Gardening and Agricultural are attached

*Scientific and Clinical study report re Miracle II is available on request.*Scores of people’s personal testimonials can be obtained by writing to or emailing Circle of Life.

“Miracle II ..Don’t leave home without it” .Know you are helping our Earth and our Waterways when you choose it”                        Circle of Life Visit us at www.circleoflife.com.au