The Shift of the Ages

Circle of Life  November 2013 newsletter

Welcome everyone to our November newsletter We are a little late this month but things seem to be going so fast -time is disappearing and so much happening on the inside as well as in the outside world .The energy shifts we have been experiencing this year have actually intensified this month and I am not sure we will even get any let off before Christmas Most months when we have been ‘downloaded’ Spirit has given us a reprieve but not now.

For those new to our newsletters and some who need reminding re our previous messages over the years let us explain in a little more detail To fit our whole bodies into the new times, the Aquarian age we are going through the most intense metamorphosis that has never happened not only on planet Earth but in God’s Universe. We are changing from a carbon based body to a Crystalline (or Christ  realized) Being whilst staying on Mother Earth and much is coming to  the surface to be cleansed in your Life (e.g the fears of your past coming up to be revisited) Use the powerful Violet Flame to  cleanse, release and let go

We are day by day, month by month, year by year moving into a body Lighter in Light and eventually in weight and that is causing some havoc within to everyone on our planet-some much more then others and it is bringing out the best and worst in people family members included. You see Mother Earth has moved to and is clearly in the 4th dimension as many of the Light workers are (and some in the 5th and 6th at least in their thinking and meditation times).

For many on this planet they will not be able to take the changes, so stuck are they  in the 3rd dimensional mindset, thinking and living but we must allow them that right.  So much too is being exposed or coming out in the world  re corruption in governments, businesses, banks, churches, phoney wars and people are asking  why !!!.. All these events are a catalyst for change. This to is a result of these massive energy shifts.

The days we feel  exhausted take time out , you may need to rest but then discipline yourself to be mobile again. At most times we are now being guided to EXERCISE lightly, BREATHE, “Breathe in the Adamantine Particles, the Breath of God  and Breathe out Loveyoga, walk, jog or swim. Dancing helps too to allow the new energies to be integrated into our bodies  (moving now in the River of Life you might say).Be with like minded people often. Find time to smile, laugh often.

Be in Mother Nature’s ‘garden’-the beach, the forests, the mountains -lie on her body often ..It is so important to ground yourselves …Ask Archangel Sandalphon to help you be grounded during these changing times every time you feel out of whack.

We know many are  thinking something ‘may be wrong with me’mentally emotionally or physically. Get a check up if you need to,but in most cases it is all about the greatest change that you and Humanity has ever experienced happening in these times NOW ! Lightening up and finding things you LOVE doing will help as much as any medical attention you may think you need ..Our thoughts create our Reality. As you think so you Be Come!

Our incredible Circle of Life ‘s product range can help you enormously through these changes too  And lastly we cannot stress enough the need for Prayer and Meditation time to be part of your everyday routine. This will bring Harmony, Balance into your life and ANSWERS you may need. Remember we are the ground crew and the Way showers for Humanity .Our work is ahead very soon!.

We have written twice before now about what all this current very intense energy shift may be leading to and we repeat again as we believe something will happen SOON to all on Earth that will remind them there is so much more to life than this physical world .Either through God, Christ or their own higher selves, their Divine I AM Presence that will be the biggest Catalyst for change in their lives EVER .

Everything within Humanity, our Soil, our Waterways, our Air must be cleansed to fit into the new times on Mother Earth or it simply won’t be here as this planet has been decreed a planet of LIGHT and LOVE, eventually it will be a Sun, one of the brightest stars in the Universe .

Our work is at hand

It is time for us all to now be in in more active Service. We all have individual Gifts  that not another Soul has.  Be the LOVE that you are in everything you do is  a first  requirement , perhaps do some volunteer work , be Kind, Compassionate to all you meet and add an ear or an encouraging thought even with those you do not know that you meet in the supermarket, your work place where ever.

And you decide when you may wish to  drop something Spiritual into a conversation. Many more than you think will Listen. They are waiting for that Spark, Your Divine Spark  to ignite something within them. Some of you of course have chosen to be a lot more active in your Service but all  of us are equal in whatever our roles are.

Our Circle of Life work  is truly just beginning. We have been ASKED by Jeshua to get the TRUTH of His Teachings out to our part of the world and have all His wonderful Loved filled books, CD sets, Sacred Oils  to do  so and the storage of knowledge to share via consultations, counselling or general lectures. We are now Gifted too with so much knowledge of the ‘Adamantine particles’ how  to use in our/  your healing work  no matter whether you do Reiki, Reconnective or Theta healing etc. (Much has been written about the Adamantine particles in our previous newsletters)

To assist you might want to put out the Good word about our Jeshua’s Teachings. Plus God has given us so  many more Insights into Life, where are all heading and all the Tools from Archangel Michael to help us all through the coming times. We are here to Serve and share with you. If you would like us to give a talk or lecture or run a program at your place or ours please call  or email us

“The whole world is entering vital stages of growth. And each stage is sacred. There will be a time of awakening for all  (if they haven’t been experiencing up till now) that  will shake up the comfort zones in a more experiential way. This is a vital stage… but one that has not been embraced by many and don’t forget YOU are to  be their Way showers and teachers“.

Check us out at Email [email protected], phone 041 721 4936..Till next time

Please share this special bulletin as you see fit…These are urgent times .It is time for all to know the Truth of their Being that they are LOVE and can change the world ..   Blessings from the Circle of Life  

           “We were ALL born to make known the Presence of God (I AM) within our Being.”