“The Magic of this Christ Mass “

                                “The Magic of this Christ Mass “

                                             Circle of Life December newsletter 
Welcome to our December Christmas newsletter… This Christmas just may be more magical then you have ever experienced, despite the possibility of more ‘events or changes’ beforehand. The Intensified Love Light of our Creator is pervading all Life now on our planet more than ever before which should make it an extra magical and special time for Sharing and Giving as the Christ Becoming in us would want to do .
Keep in your thoughts ….
God is Love, and because He created you, you too are Love.  Love is undiscriminating, utterly inclusive, accepting and embracing of all that exists, and separation from It is utterly impossible!  Nothing that God creates is ever separate from Him, and He is the only Creator  .
He has intensified  the rarefied Love/Light Essence from the Heart core of His Being (Adamantine Particles of Pure Divine Light substance). This Essence contains all the facets of Creation, which include the Seed thoughts, energy components, and grand designs for never-before-experienced new creations” …Archangel Michael .
Among other things this will help  humanity to remove the etheric shields of protection they have placed over their Heart/solar plexus centres so that they cannot be hurt or unduly influenced. Opening the golden seal portal of the Sacred Heart allows the Love/Light of the our Father/Mother God to flow freely from both the front and back portals of the Sacred Heart.
With these Gifts make this a Joyous Christmas by consciously  sharing these Adamantine Particles with family, friends and community. This special time of year make it a time you promise yourself to live and work from the Heart only.The Heart is your true Home. Make it a time to re-establish your connection to the ‘Christ child within’ and listen to the ‘Spirit of God’ ‘ more so then ever before. You may be quite surprised at what may happen for you in this particular Magical Christmas in this the first year of the new times.   
Your personal plans for your future
At this time of year endings and new beginnings please do your spiritual /physical business plans for 2014. Write out a  ‘Bucket List,’ yes a Bucket List as Holy Spirit TOLD us of things you know now you truly would like to do in this Lifetime ..It doesn’t mean you are planning  to pass over but it truly is a wonderful exercise If you haven’t done so and one you can do or revisit when you ‘take time out’ this Magical Christmas. Write it  out to God .Do in your own handwriting and sign and date. You might just be able to give up your ‘day job” who knows.
Body changes
We cannot tell you one Christmas present you will receive is that the body changes, aches and pains, exhaustion sometimes, flu symptoms despite the hot weather, will cease.. Take it easy these days you feel ‘out of whack’. But otherwise go with the flow, Do exercise lightly daily to help the flow of the new energies into your bodies and do look at Miracle II and Ocean Ormus to help provide support for many of these ‘symptoms’ of the times .

Congestion around the heart area and the throat seem to be on the increase for many in this period as the etheric Web/ Seals that we placed there (Heart) open, not being able to Live and Speak our Truth (Throat) and Emotional release(Solar Plexus) are finally broken and we allow the Spirit of God to take command of our lives
…Ask the God team ,use the magical Adamantine particles and the Violet Flame to help you undo these seals gently and with Grace. 

Accept and just let the Spirit of God takeover with all its aches, pains, bruises and exhaustion. During this Christmas break take real time to LISTEN and go within. All the secrets of the Universe are there waiting to  be re discovered.. Breathe in the Adamantine Particles to help you commune with your Soul, your Angels and  teachers  and allow yourself  to be reassured of  your Father’s Love for you .


And allow yourselves to feel His Love instead of doubting it, because then you most certainly will.  We are not alone, have never been alone, and we never will be alone, Oneness with our Father and one another is forever.  And you and I are now moving steadily into that awareness of this as we approach the moment of our full awakening. Say to your self daily as Jeshua did .”My Father and I are One, I am in the Father and the Father is in me.”
We never knew it would be so much ‘fun’ did we – Laugh and have some fun ,dance a little, nurture Yourself Eat sensibly. These simple things will help to ease the pain and definitely open the Sacred Heart quicker…..
                            Christmas Gifts …Inspirational books, Sacred Art and Oils
You couldn’t give more beautiful Gifts then what we offer  from Circle of Life apart from Being the Love that you are to one and all,as we have a great selection of wonderful books, sacred oils, art and books from Jeshua and Archangel Michael  The Art posters make for great Christmas Gift ideas – “Flame of Love” and “The Lamb and the Lion” “Mary Magdalene” are most popular at Christmas! And each of our Sacred oils from Jeshua are very special.  Jeshua’s Christ Scent is truly His oil which He actually wore whilst on Earth.
Do look at our lovely new Ocean Ormus products .Check them out on our website with the art, books and oils. These are beautifully packaged and make for great Gift idea too…. Ocean Ormus Life Force is such a special Gift for these special times
And you only have to ask for some of The “Lamb and the Lion” postcards that we have available and we have a free CD offer (choice of 3) from chapters from “Love Without End…Jesus Speaks”  for any purchase over $50  this Christmas.
We are looking forward to travelling and presenting our programs, lectures and products around Australia in 2014. Archangel Michael is saying the times ahead are exciting but challenging and critical for humanity and YOU are needed to help spread the ‘Good News’ firstly with your family, friends and if it is your Path to the greater public. Humanity is ready for a Great Shift in Consciousness and that time is NOW possibly by Christmas and you are NEEDED !
Look forward to meeting with many of you in these incredible times ahead. Call or email us re any interest in our work Check out our website or Facebook for more information and past newsletters.
Thank you for all your support throughout 2013
Have a very happy and peaceful Christmas and a Joy filled 2014!
Till next time always
“Breathe in the Light of God (the Adamantine Particles of God), Breathe out the Love of God”
and share them around
Please pass on as you see fit
Please share this special bulletin as you see fit…These are urgent times .It is time for all to know the Truth of their Being , that they are LOVE and only can and will change the world ..     


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