Christmas Gift giving ideas

     Christmas 2013 edition Gift giving ideas  from Circle of Life

Welcome to our Special Christmas 2013 Circle of Life products edition .We have included all our Circle of Life range in this newsletter as this is the special time of the year you might want to think of giving one or a mixture of our wonderful range to your family or friends as this time our products help with a more gentle raising of consciousness and vibration’ side effects.

Do request full range pages and prices (on these lists without postage) so you can check out any/all your requirements. If you are ordering  suggest you do so soon so we can allow enough stock for all orders to go through before Christmas.

We also offer in this issue some handy hints for the summer months including recommending for doing a gentle detox using both Miracle II and Ocean Ormus.

Miracle II… “Don’t leave home without it” this summer

Never was a product so necessary for our Australian climate. With the extremes in weather happening and the effects it has on people, animals and the land at this time of year we should remind on how you can rely on Miracle II to assist you through. We have added segments for our animals, pets and our land, but first for Personal use…

All Miracle II products are “Emergency kits in a bottle” and remember they are antiseptic, antifungal and they sanitize and disinfect. If conditions get very hot where you keep your Neutralizer Gel and Skin Moisturizer either put them in a cool part of the house ..bathroom or even in lower part of the fridge. The products never ever go off but they may become a little runny

General tips ..Insect infestation, bites and more

Droughts and floods alike insects abound and multiply in this country like no other. Miracle II will work on all your insect, mozzie, fly, bee, spider and even snake bites and even the soaps which are 80% Neutralizer liquid will do a similar job to the Neutralizers even in watered down strengths .Read the “how to use” instructions pages if you are unsure pasted on our website. Drinking Neutralizer Liquid daily also helps to build up your immunity/ resistance to all types of stingers.

If someone or your pet was severly bitten (and we hope this would not happen) and you could not get the Neutralizer Gel on bite or stinger in time drink at up to 15-20mls of Neutralizer Liquid straight away

General tips…Burns/Sunburn

Miracle II has had amazing effects on every type of burn known to man and that includes third degree burns. If you or your family get burnt or sunburn, we suggest the following treatment: Spray or submerge area(s) in the Miracle II Neutralizer Liquid or Gel until the pain stops. For large burns or cuts wrap area in clean towel and keep this soaked with Miracle II Neutralizer Liquid or a watered down Miracle II soap for several hours. Users report healing happens with no scars or blisters even third

General tips…Animals and Pets

Always think of your animals and pets too won’t you with Miracle II. So many testimonials plus you can save a fortune on vet fees. Miracle II soaps and Neutralizer liquid when used to wash your pets and animals regularly keep all bugs away, kill fleas, your animals coats will shine like never before. Everything that Miracle II can do for us humans can work even better for animals and add some Neutralizer liquid to their water supplies

If your animals legs get sprained, hooves/feet get torn or injured you can always do a simple soaking of a bandage of a soapy Miracle II solution, wrap it around their injury and spray some Neutralizer Liquid on the bandage. Leave overnight and many animals get a healing overnight This certainly applies to horses as well as we have had verified from race horse trainers.

General tips for  Summer gardening, fertilising

We would be remiss not to remind you how awesome Miracle II can be for your gardens, plants, lawn or farm and agriculture generally in summer .Did you know that just 40mls of green soap and 40mls of neutralizer liquid mixed in with 80 litres of water or 1% CONCENTRATION in all is enough to fertilize a whole acre of land and even at this concentration will help hold the moisture in the soil for longer periods .Plus MII will raise the ph level of the soil for healthy growth and keeps the insects away as the vibration of Miracle II is too high for insects).

Ocean Ormus Life Force Essence and new range

Total life effect of Ocean Ormus Life Force Essence…The most amazing thing about this Liquid Gold, this “Manna from Heaven” is its overall subtle ‘effect’ on us . We know it will help us through some of the internal changes ALL humanity is going through at present.

Ocean Ormus Life Force Essence is going from strength and it is so SAFE even children and babies and pregnant women take it In these cases they require only a small amount but you cannot overdose on it, nor will it interfere with any other medical or naturopathic treatment. If you have not trialed ,why not trial our Ocean Ormus now during these awesome times of great change and recommend toyour family and friends try it

If they are doubting thomas’s tell them to google ormus and they will find hundreds and hundreds of pages of info about it .And if they like what they read they should want to try ours as it is simply the purest natural ‘liquid powder gold’ and ocean sea minerals on the planet . “There is no other ormus quite like Ocean Ormus”

And if you think your animals or pets can benefit from it try it on them too One 250ml Ocean Ormus Life Force product can last for months as you can take as little as 1ml -5mls to do what 5-10mls of other ormus’s do.

Gentle detox effects..with both Miracle II and Ocean Ormus

This Summer if you haven’t done one make the effort to do a detox – You can do it so effortlessly and well with Miracle II and Ocean Ormus whether you may want to do an intestinal cleanse or parasite cleanse or Candida cleanse. Get that out of the way before the holiday season really takes effect.

Follow the guidelines in our “Personal Care How to use” Instructions posted on our website .If you need more detail, email us and we will on forward .We are getting great testimonials in regards to the Healing effectiveness of both Miracle II and Ocean Ormus and in this issue we thought it a good time to reiterate their benefits .Both ranges are highly Alkaline .Miracle II and Ocean Ormus products with regular usage can bring your ph back into balance within 2-3 months.

Both our Miracle II and Ocean Ormus carry the Adamantine Particles and will not only assist in doing a detox physically but they work on the emotional and mental bodies and we all need to be doing a gentle Mind, Body and Soul detox in these special times

Don’t forget Ocean Ormus’s other great products – Reform Muscle and Joint Pain Ease; Femme Face and Body Cream; Alpha M(male) Essential Face and Body Cream and Eye Reform Skin Serum they are truly awesome .

Christmas Gift giving ideas

We don’t often highlight what great Gift giving ideas some /all of our products might be for those now looking for a better way of life, safer consumer products to use and as you all know our entire range meets that bill

Why not from Miracle II a Gift retail pack of assorted Miracle II range and accessories still offering for $160, a Beauty trial pack offer of the same $50 or Travel pack offer $44 great as a summer holidays emergency pack.

You could offer an Ocean Ormus Life Force with a Neutralizer Liquid or Neutralizer Gel .. Use the two in tandem the Miracle II to gently detox and the Ocean Ormus as the Spiritual ‘food/vitamin your body needs

We offer fourteen Sacred essential oils from our Love Without End range that are all Healing. The Christ Scent is Jeshua’s own and is very special but then again they all are !

Our range of books and CDS including “Love Without End..Jesus Speaks” and “The Keys of Jeshua” make for ideal Christmas Gifts.They are manuscripts for Living in the 21st century .Our 14 CD set offerConversations with Jesus” is super special at $50 + cheaper than US prices and an incredible Learning experience. In 11 years of doing this work  we can still go back and listen and get new Insights into Life. .Jeshua’s Teachings are timeless

We will enclose all updated how to use instructions and general information you require on anything you purchase…

In summary If you like what we are about spread the good news re Circle of Life won’t you   Check out all  the how to use data our past newsletters listed on our web for more helpful hints and insights into our products. Give us a call or email if you would like to know more And do look at our other inspirational books, sacred essential oils and courses on our website.

If you are not already on our email list for our other monthly general Circle of Life newsletter and you would like to be, just let us know and we will add you to that list. December’s issue is posted on our website now


Hope these newsletters have been of service to you throughout 2013. We will continue to bring them to you throughout 2014. Thanks for all your ongoing support and have a wonderful Christmas

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