New Year’s Products,Services newsletter

 Circle of Life’s products and services 2014 New Year’s newsletter

As we are about to welcome in the new year why not get started or restarted using our incredible Circle of Life’s product ranges. All are super special, super healing  and carry the wonderful ‘Universal Life force’ energy . We hope we can excite you to try or retry an array of them, so in this special new year’s edition of our newsletter we share some of the many testimonials we receive. We have captured only a small cross section but this still should give you some ideas of these wonderful product’s far reaching benefits.

We would like to specially feature Ocean Ormus Life Force Essence firstly. We don’t give this incredible product enough focus .It has unique benefits for the body and soul of humanity  during these times of great is truly a Blessed product too like Miracle II. It  carries the Golden Healing energy of the Sun in a liquid form and much more  and although we do not mention the other four wonderful Ocean Ormus formula based products in the testimonials they too are getting their great measure of support from satisfied users .

 Ocean Ormus testimonies

* Chronic Fatigue (CFS)  I have been struggling with Chronic Fatigue (CFS) for several months   A couple of months ago it was suggested to me to take a form of Ormus so I did but not yours .I found that I had a lot of dream activity at night and while the immense pain that I had in my body from the CFS has decreased considerably, I was left with a feeling that something was not quite right. I have now taken your Ocean Ormus for just 2 days and it is a whole new experience.

*Depression My mind over these months has been like cotton wool – difficult to focus (impossible to read), get clarity, even to put words together a lot of the time, and without the capacity to do anything else. I have been suffering from depression in and on many levels – and a profound sense of being totally alone and abandoned  Since taking Ocean Ormus.  I feel a sense of clarity, positivity and aliveness I have not felt for a long time.  I feel like I have come out of a quagmire.

*Ocean Ormus is special I* have been taking only your ormus since finding out that I must treat some of the others as they are way too salty for me. I have also felt compelled to hold your ormus close to my heart so I found an appropriately sized bottle and filled it with 18mls of ormus. I actually keep it in the front of my chest, right next to my heart. I find this to be very comforting, calming and empowering. I feel very serene and in control with my ormus nearby.

*Stress It has only been a few days but I am noticing very subtle but remarkable changes in my outlook and stress levels. I noticed in your information that Ocean Ormus has been shown to increase the synchronization  between the hemispheres of the brain. There are many who report a beautiful feeling of Peace by taking Ocean Ormus regularly.

*Sleeping patterns I am sleeping much better but I am still feeling tired due to an ongoing recovery from an extreme-gastro I suffered recently, and an the initial “healing crisis” from taking Ocean Ormus, By the way, I would like to commence trying out your other products Miracle II and Love Without End.”..Thank you

*Joy What I noticed initially was a sense of heightened joy immediately after taking your Ocean Ormus .It, may have simply been due to having finally tried some after anticipating doing so for quite a while. About an hour later I noticed as I was cutting some wood, that I had more of a sweat up than usual, as well as a tiredness such as happens when energy is being redirected internally. I take this as an indicator of positive healing change.

*Ocean Ormus is having an effect already in bringing me into a state where already I’ve sampled more beauty, joy, inner clarity and peace as well as a sense of quiet optimism, and everything seems just perfect – even the struggles feel like they have their place.

*Bringing up stuff. I have had relationship, financial, friendship and business issues that need resolving, all come up since I started the Ocean Ormus. It’s a bit overwhelming at times. I am down to taking 1 ml per day with an orange juice Great stuff! But it will be worth it. This is one good way for, people to move out of their confines in massive shifts Thanks Greg, I now need 4 more bottles of Ocean Ormus for my friends and family

*You will probably get a few calls from people in the West after the meeting yesterday.  It was a case of “We want what she’s got!!!”, but they were all people who truly ‘got it’, so there was lots of excitement.  One woman, who doesn’t have a computer (whom I am printing off your website and posting to her) has had another bottle of Ormes for some time for her husband, but something had stopped her from opening it. Yours is different ! Many blessings to you for your wonderful work and contribution.

*Ocean Ormus on our website I just had a read of the new Ormus page on your site and it feels good. Nice, well-rounded descriptions of ormus  – some history, where it comes from, what it is, and what some of the benefits have been for some people.

I can attest to the veracity of some of the claims too, having been on it for almost a month now. For me it centres on making available more life-energy, which in turn, gives my being a much stronger impulse for healing at every level – physical, emotional and mental.

*Ormus evens out energetic distortions at the interface between the physical and the non-physical as I see it, enabling a clearer two-way flow of information and energy between both realms.

It is appropriate that ormus is extracted and concentrated from the ocean, the primal birthplace of life on this planet, as well as having the same physical makeup as the amniotic fluid of the womb, where we prepare to be born.The ocean is the womb of the planet, when viewed in these terms should be treated as such .It all fits and harmonizes and goes some way to explaining Ocean Ormus’s benefits, in my mind

*Balanced sea minerals in Ocean Ormus I ‘m very glad that Ocean Ormus came your way and that you decided to take it on board. The minerals are really what I was wanting, they have a wonderful presence. Have also muscle tested and it shapes up extremely well.

After chemo Ocean Ormus has been wonderful. The mental clarity I am experiencing is great. I seem to be able to pronounce words properly these days. After the chemotherapy I went through, speech became garbled at times.

Restless leg syndrome On the subject of chemo, as you may know I was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2006 and went through chemo, mastectomy and radiation therapy. They gave me Phenergan as a sedative One of the side effects of that is “restless leg syndrome”. The legs move all the time and there was nothing I could do to stop them. Even at night. So sleep for me was very restless. This has lasted three years. On taking the Ormus, this has all stopped. Magic!!!!

Pain Relief I have even put a few drops of the Ormus on the outside of a painful knee that I have. It takes the pain away. I have spoken to a number of people about the product, so hopefully you will get a few more orders. Thank you very much

Autism We know from our own inner knowing that our Ocean Ormus can impact the effects of some Autism conditions without the need for drugs of any description and we know Ocean Ormus can never harm anyone. Children would need only a small dose to start with 1-2 mls a day such is the concentration and purity of the product.

How much do I use We recommend for all general use applications to take just 2.5 to 3 mls per day morning or night with water but if needs be you can take as little as 1 ml  or up  to 5 and even 10 mls morning and night dependent on your general state of health.

Miracle II Personal Care usage …Skin treatments testimonials

Treating cellulite and wrinkles with Miracle II is like “having a Botox treatment” one lay customer wrote. The people in her office thought she had had a Botox treatment using both the Skin Moisturizer and Neutralizer Gel She said it was also great on the chest areas for wrinkles and sagging skin! We have had some wonderful testimonials re the Neutralizer Gel and the Skin Moisturizer like how fantastic they are on wrinkles and cellulite.

Surgical Scars, Open Heart surgery and more One chap showed us how the Neutralizer Gel had helped heal the huge scar (the scar was the whole front of his body) he had from open heart surgery. He came to see us just after his operation, bought some Neutralizer Gel and came back in a couple of weeks and it had literally been zapped. Two ladies who both had caesareans both were extremely impressed how the Neutralizer gel zapped their caesarean scars in no time.

Third degree burns A lady customer in country Victoria had her hand burnt so badly from a red hot plastic handle of a saucepan on the stove, it welded onto the palm of her hand. She could not even remove it. She decided not to go hospital but tried Miracle II Neutralizer Liquid and Gel around the area. Eventually after long hours and several attempts she could remove the welded plastic and within 48 hours of regular treatment the skin on her hand started to close up and heal.

Sunburn An English lady decided to get an Aussie suntan the day before going home to England. She was as white as a lily but wanted a tan badly enough to stay out in the sun all day. Needless to say she was so blistered and sore she could not even put a shirt on let alone sit or travel back to the U.K. the next day. Got a call and was asked us “do you think Miracle II can help?!”. Silly question, I said. We sprayed her skin with Neutralizer liquid, applied Neutralizer Gel on her body and some Skin Moisturizer on her face and on some other parts of her body. The results were amazing. By next morning no blisters, no soreness nor redness and she was right to travel in comfort

Miracle II some general testimonials /comments

*Pain Nerve Relief One lady swears by the Neutralizer Gel  for her pain and her shakes. She is in the initial stages of Parkinsons.  She applies our Neutralizer Gel to the back of her neck and the soles of her feet morning and night …The shakes have stopped .

*Thank you for getting these wonderful products out to us. It is so nice to have, I hate running out of it as I use it more than ever now

*Hi Greg ,thanks for your support. Mum is enjoying the products and healing many wounds for friends.

*Love your products, I use the Miracle II Neutralizer Gel for burns, bites

*Got bitten on the head by a funnel web spider   Immediately applied the Neutralizer Gel  It worked  (you must apply within 15-20 seconds  otherwise take at least 15-20 mls of Neutralizer Liquid  a.s.a.p.

*I appreciate the mini dispenser as I love sharing these wonderful products

*I have been using your products since 2005 and am still going strong..(this lady is 85).

*My body is a lot more alkalized due to drinking and using your Miracle Ii products Thank you

*We love Miracle 11. Glad to support you. and many thanks for your prompt and pleasant service

*Thanks so much! We all love your Miracle II and Ocean Ormus products!!! Wouldn’t like to be without them

Miracle II …Animals, pets testimonials..

Sprains If your animals legs get sprained hooves/feet get torn or injured you can always do a simple soaking of a bandage of a soapy Miracle II solution, wrap it around their injury and spray some Neutralizer Liquid on the bandage. Leave overnight and many animals get a healing overnight

This certainly applies to horses as well as we have had verified from race horse trainers.

 Tick bites A lady saved a dog’s life with Neutraliser Gel after finding a bit fat paralysis tick, Its brilliant, and .she was stung by a bee gardening and put the Neutralizer Gel straight on and sting immediately dissipated.

Another lady saved her dog from a tick bite by giving him a tablespoon of Neutralizer Liquid (couldn’t locate the actual spot on her long haired golden retriever The dog was nearly dead as he had been down for a no of days’ He got up after 10 minutes and wagged his tail

*I am using your products for more than a year now, a colleague at work introduced me and his sister was selling the products I started off by using the soap and the gel for one of my horses, who has skin issues and changed from what I had been using to wash all my horses with the Miracle II green soap.

The Neutralizer Gel is fantastic, when they have runny eyes, other skin problems. So I bought it originally for my animals. Then I started using the purple soap for myself and the skin moisturizer as well. I am really happy with the products

For more about our products testimonials you can revisit our archived newsletters posted on our website at .Most months we feature some testimonials In fact all our ‘how to use instructions’ are based on customers testimonials and comments  

                           “Know you are helping our Earth and our Waterways when you choose Miracle II and Ocean Ormus” 

 Reiki, general Healing and Counselling

We do not mention some of the other wonderful Services we have been given to  share which includes more Heart to Heart Counselling and Consultation sessions and our Sacred Heart Reiki and Seichim  courses .

We are available for Healing sessions  and Attunements to these incredible Gifts of Healing Love from the Sacred Heart .One of Circle of Life’s reasons for being is to help  all who would be drawn to our work to learn to Self Heal- Reiki does that as Ocean Ormus and Miracle II do as well as many of the lessons learnt in all our books and CDs.

 It is time for us to go more public  and so in 2014 we are planning to release our own U tube and CDs with guidelines for good living, lessons in life as well as updates on Life on our Earth planet.

 A very happy new year to all …note We are open and available right the Christmas New Year holiday period.!!!

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