Special thoughts

33 ‘ Commandments’  to live by
1.     Learn to be in two places at once (do what you do but keep your vision)
2.     Always have faith in God.
3.     Do not look back.
4.     Pay attention to the breath (it will keep you awake and alert).
5.     Co-ordinate all thoughts, all feelings, all actions to harmonize.
6.     Align your body with all your thoughts, feeling and actions.
7.     Put all world news, external events and fears aside.
8.     Plant your ‘garden’ with the force of Love, Wisdom and Power.
9.     Time is going so quickly as you know it.
10.   Take up residence in the Heart and close the door.
11.    Do things from the perspective of the Sacred Heart of God.
12.    Know the power and consequence of every thought.
13.    Trust the God in you.
14.    Live Love and be free.
15.    Let the Christ be-Come in you.
16.    May my words and the meditations of my Heart be acceptable to God.
17.    Remember you are a “spark” a son or daughter of God.
18.    Do not wait any longer.
19.    Be prepared to see new things, hear new voices.
20.   Be open to visitation.
21.    Know that some things may not work; it is not necessary.
22.   Know that some things may now become more visible.
23.   Be open to miracles.
24.   Be open to God.
25.   Resolve to leave the past behind and live in the NOW.
26.   Create with all the gifts God gave you.
27.   Power, Faith, All is well, I am protected. Love can move. Have no fear.
28.   I am Love,  Be in Love. Enlighten and teach others to be so.
29.   Wisdom of activity, Love made visible,  Lay your foundations securely.
30.   Purity and Harmony for all and in all Life-Balance.
31.    Healing then takes place in you and those around you.
32.   Devotion to God, to Life, to Truth.
33.   Get up early in the morning- Come on, Come on, Come on.
This is Australia calling …
    “You are needed more than ever before