Be the Love that you are February March newsletter

                                  ” Be the Love that you are”

Beloved one, each and every one of you is more valuable than ever you have contemplated, and each and every one of you is so needed at this time and so Loved at this time that God has given you to this world. For God so Loves this world that he gives you to know your value and to be the Light. Go forth now as the Light, the sunshine of everyone’s life”…..Jeshua

Circle of Life February March newsletter

Welcome to our February/March newsletter.. So much has been happening in our world already this year that we decided to write just a little bit later this month to  get a better ‘fix’ on current events and the Spirit of God within developing in humanity We ask you more than ever before to be more of the LOVE THAT YOU ARE then you have ever been before.

We know and understand things may seem tough at present…Many structures, institutions and organisations that do not serve the Light or humanity have to go. All of those that are not of the Light are coming to fore presently to be addressed, scrubbed  clean  or removed before we can move on into the New Age properly. The world has become enslaved and manipulated by the Dark Forces for so long on their quest to own all wealth and force mankind to follow their own agenda..

Slowly but surely sleeping humanity is starting to question, challenge situations and demand answers. But the on-going conflicts and wars, the earth changes, the extreme weather phenomena, and the financial crisis are not fiction; they are happening before our eyes and will continue for some time. Holy Spirit TOLD us just the other night “There are still many shocks in store for humanity.”

If you haven’t noticed Mother Earth has moved more intently into a cleansing mode, and the more people open their eyes and mind to this, the faster this cleansing will finish. Hopefully, we will reach a “critical mass” of awakened Light workers that will outshine the Darkness very soon.

So this is the challenge for the Light workers  .. There are millions of us well meaning but sleeping Light workers who are still STUCK and cannot “see” the next step in their soul mission at the moment. As  Jeshua has said many times ‘the labourers are still too few’. All  are needed now!

Health issues, Comfort zone- lifestyle , relationship problems, psychological problems, addictions, sheer exhaustion, loss of jobs, some are in despair etc are more of the obstacles that are keeping Light workers from assuming their mission and creating the world they want to see.

For many the new times ‘TOYS’ of  the age – I Pads, I Phones, Computer games, TV and other electronic devices are a great temptation and distraction and if too much time is spent on them,they will actually have a negative effect on our Soul Path. We MUST not allow our children or teenagers to much time on them either.

There is such an increase of Love/ Light/Adamantine Particles coming through from the God Source during the Cleansing that it can nearly knock you sideways some days but this must be used by US firstly to Light the WAY for others. “We are the ones we have been waiting for”. Magnify the Violet Flame into  your own life, onto local and world situations to help with the Cleansing whilst you are at it.

No one is going to save us no Christ, no Archangels or Angels, no Extra terrestrials as we are ‘Gods’ Becoming ..This God bit is still a hard concept to grasp we know for many of you but it true. We are each a Spark of the Divine, a Ray of Light from the Father/Mother God  We are all connected to  Source through the Sacred Heart, the seat of our I AM Presence.

God and the God team are certainly helping and I believe with the messages I have received recently with every bone in my body I know Jeshua and/or the Christ Energy is going to make His/their Presence felt The date I do not know but “soon” although soon can be anytime in heaven as they don’t use clocks   It will be a feeling of a great LOVE even if people do not identify with Him now They will know there is more to Life than what they are experiencing now.

It will be ‘their Awakener’ but they have to do something about it .Jeshua ,Michael nor any member of the God team will do it for them ….     .I will share an experience with you “8 years ago Jeshua walked with me to the bottom of a steep mountain and I asked him what we were doing there. He said He had guided me this far in my life  now it is up  to me. You  must now climb that mountain without Me” He was telling me this is the same for all of Humanity.

Every single man woman and child came to this Earth at this time more than any other lifetime to wake up and be a true expression of the Divine, to make known and live from the Presence of God I AM (LOVE) within.

We repeat what we have said it so many times too many Light workers keep going back  to sleep. Discipline, Commitment Prayer Meditation are needed more than ever before We MUST stay on top of all the Effluvia coming forth on the planet and see  a more harmonious, peaceful and loving world before us even if it is not that way presently. Be non judgemental,be compassionate but not sympathetic in all external affairs ..Know there is a Higher Purpose….. “Love one another” despite everything and anyone’s fall from Grace.

Our thoughts can and WILL create our Reality eventually. Through the Sacred Heart, our God within, collectively we will turn the Light switch on so  brightly soon that the darkness will disappear on this beautiful planet and bring all life dwelling upon her with us

And keep  in the rhythm of Life, show people the Spiritual Path is a wonderful journey .. Get out of the office, factory, shop or whatever is your normal  routine – Sing and Dance, Exercise Lightly ,get massages ,Breathe, yoga , meditation, get some Healing, go walking country or bush or alongside rivers and waterways all these will keep  you grounded centred in your Sacred Heart space .

Our Way to assist you ……

We have  a great Gift to offer you in our “Sacred Heart I AM Seichim Reiki” . God has given us a new dimension to our Reiki Healing and Attunements that will open up  the Sacred Heart to more Love, more healing for yourself and others but then it is always up  to  you what you do  with it…

We also offer some wonderful “Jeshua/ Archangel Michael” programs to do likewise and of course all our “Miracle II Ocean Ormus  Inspirational books art and Sacred oils” to help you to Self heal (this is a main factor in all our work -to teach you to Self heal)

Plus we will get round the country to give lectures, healing and attunements when and wherever we can. We are participating at Brisbane’s Mind Body and Spirit expo 28th of this month till 2nd March giving two lectures there plus displaying all our products and services  then a lecture evening in Caloundra, Sunshine Coast  at the Native Heart Healing Centre on the 4th March ..Check out the Facebook page of “Native Heart Healing Centre” for more details

Call or email us re any talk or lecture you might like us to  do in your town or state and we will see how we can accommodate .We are here to Serve….

Our next newsletter will be our Easter edition  The times are exciting but challenging .Stay firm on the path, the Light has won in Heaven. It is just not quite there on this plane YET……So till next time please share as you see fit.

“Breathe in the Light of God (the Adamantine Particles of God),
Breathe out the Love of God”

and share them around

Circle of Life

                                    “We Are Here To Serve, how may we help you today”