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      Welcome to our March/April newsletter .We have much to write so do enjoy.

We have made this a handy hints issue again this month so do enjoy 
Miracle II 
1 The unique benefits of a Miracle II Violet Flame bath
Autumn is coming so time to back into a weekly Miracle II bath. Miracle II has the power to pull out many toxins, flu viruses, metals and other nasties that shouldn’t be in the body…this is almost unique to Miracle II. Using a Laundry/Therapeutic ball empowers the water even more. 
Plus  a Miracle II bath will help energize, de-stress, refresh and invigorate you emotionally, mentally as well as physically with the power of the Violet flame (part of its heavenly Gift for these awesome times) 
Don’t wash off the Miracle II soap if you can.. let it absorb into your skin-it keeps on healing . One chap treated his operated on shoulder (a major operation) with the Violet soap -he used no ointments, creams or medicines at all after his op, just let the soap sink in and he healed quickly.
If this is not possible to bathe (no bathtub) at least a weekly foot bath .You might just be amazed what even a Miracle II footbath can do..Toxins in the body are drawn out  from under your feet.Use a Miracle II Therapeutic/Laundry ball in the water-it works like a reflexologist.
Whatever  you choose to do- a full bath or footbath, do so for at least a solid half an hour. Have two or three baths a week for best results if you can in these times of great change . Pamper yourself….
You know you are using the purest natural and organic soap when you shower but it does not have quite the same effect so after your shower leave excess soap on, spray some  Neutralizer Liquid on and/or rub in some Neutralizer Gel and/or Skin Moisturizer where needed ….
2 Children and Babies and a Miracle Bath
Have had many wonderful testimonials of children and babies experiencing great benefits from regular Miracle II baths-  Eczema  and skin irritations disappear with regular bathing and then applying the Neutralizer Gel/Skin Moisturizer or simply spraying Neutralizer Liquid on.  For nappy rash and teething apply Neutralizer Gel after their baths It’s completely safe and very effective.
3 Stomach and Gastric issues and Miracle II
Most of us today are not able to eat the same foods, Reflux, Candida, Heartburn can result .Our bodies maybe quite acidic too. Do use the 8.4% strength Neutralizer Liquid to neutralize acid, reflux  attacks when needed. You can never overdose and keep taking 5-10 mls morning and night as well. Cleaning teeth daily with Neutralizer Gel and one of our concentrated soaps also helps alkalize and cleanse the system.
4. Teeth and Gum Hygiene with Miracle II
We know many of our Miracle II users still have not experiment with cleaning their teeth with a tooth brush full of Neutralizer Gel and 2/3 drops of green or violet concentrated  soap twice daily. No more  gum disease nor tooth decay from this regular application and you will have the cleanest teeth. As we have said above what you swallow has great healing effects internally.
One testimony of a young child with huge ulcers on her tongue and in her mouth. She could not sleep, eat or swallow for over a week and was losing quite a bit of weight so sick was she .Her doctor  did not have a  satisfactory treatment for her.Squirting her mouth regularly with Neutralizer liquid and applying the Neutralizer Gel on the tongue, within 36 hours she was well again…As we mentioned earlier Miracle II is generally a great aid for babies teething too.
5. Preparing your fruit and vegetables with Miracle II before cooking/ eating
Miracle II neutralizes the effects of all chemicals, pesticides and fertilizers used  in the production of fresh fruit and veges . Rest assured Miracle II WORKS on these nasties. For  fruits and veges that we eat the skin of i.e tomatoes, apples, pears strawberries etc, spray them with Neutralizer Liquid before eating and/or when you get them home from the fruit shop. They will actually last longer too.
For Lettuces, Cauliflowers, Broccoli, Zucchinis and similar veges  wash in the kitchen sink adding 7 or 8 drops of green concentrated  soap (not the moisturizing soap) to the water to remove the chemicals pesticides etc. Miracle II magnetizes these nasties out of these foods  and  you don’t need to rewash. The soaps are organic and natural and cannot harm you. Besides you can safely swallow  as you would when you clean your teeth with Miracle II Gel and 2/3 drops of soap.
6 Miracle II super concentrated formulas for all cleaning situations
Miracle II works just as effectively as other cleaning products with as little as using 1% concentrated green soap with water This mix can clean your kitchen bathroom toilets, floors, clean your car, kill insects and even fertilize your gardens and lawns with the leftovers with great results Now that works out about 0.25 cents for a 500 ml product.
And Miracle II is antifungal and anti bacterial even at these lowered strengths and it sanitizes and disinfects at the same time If you mix this with the purest water source you have available you would get even a better result as Miracle II does not have to go to work on cleaning the tap water firstly.
Of course for heavy cleaning needs like ovens and barbecues use a stronger ratio of Miracle II to water as much as 10,15 or even up 20% strength if required but no more!
7. Savings on the purse strings
We are sure  using  all our Miracle II  products correctly can actually help you save on your grocery  and personal care bills  and handsomely at that .In fact Miracle II is perfectly SAFE to take internally and can be a very inexpensive total Personal Care system plus an economical and effective way to clean up the home or office or work place if you use according to the ‘how to use’ instructions.
Remember the lady who did an exercise and reckoned she saved up to $200 per quarter for her families  total personal care and cleaning needs.. She was a total Miracle II user for EVERYTHING including using the Laundry/ Therapeutic ball  for washing.
 White powder Gold, the “Manna from Heaven’
In every ‘new times’ white powder gold or ormus becomes more widely known and available to the masses and in these special times is a welcome Gift from above. It has been written about in the old testament and was used by Moses and Abraham in their time  for longevity among other things  and in Jeshua’s time  too…..They knew of its alchemical properties.
And now for these times we know we have the best ormus on the planet in Ocean Ormus and on top of that this one like Miracle II  is blessed.  It goes through an exacting Purification process and is so concentrated you need to take only the smallest amount (3/4 drops under the tongue) compared to others  and works powerfully to do its job of Healing .
Ocean Ormus  can work  at such a deep level not only on the physical but on the emotional and mental bodies  .It works on the DNA and can help us to move more smoothly  through the transition from our carbon based to our new silicone or crystalline body makeup
Ocean Ormus can bring up “stuff” in some cases. Expect this to go away after a while as expect in some cases a small healing crisis could occur while it is doing a specific job.
There are so many good reports of how people feel much more energized, are sleeping better or need actually less sleep and still have more energy by taking just a small dose of Ocean each day. Chronic fatigue and depression seem to be getting knocked for a six too.
And then it is so safe, pregnant women and babies are taking it as well as animals and pets, and try it out on plants and trees in 1 drop dosages with either Miracle II or separate.
We  suggest you take after you do the ‘inner cleansing’ with Miracle II. You can mix a small amount of Ocean with Miracle II Neutralizer Gel in rubbing into the skin or massage to empower the healing and performance of both. Do revisit our web pages for further information.
–  Many are really enjoying the benefits of the other products in the Ocean Ormus range offer. These four products are also so SPECIAL like Ocean Ormus Life Force Essence and contain its Essence plus some wonderful natural organic oils and lotions …
  • Reform Muscle, Joint and Pain Ease is great for Pain Relief and swelling . Mix a little with Neutralizer Gel and watch what happens
  • Femme Face and Body Cream is as good as any of the expensive creams sold in the leading department stores and we are getting great reports
  • Alpha M (male) Essential Face and Body Cream As men are starting to take better care of their skin, why not trial this as a wonderful alternative to the department store brands
  • Eye Reform Skin Serum. ‘WOW’ was the comment of one excited lady about this product 
Why not a Gift pack for your friends and family – Travel/ Trial pack for Ocean Ormus, a Miracle II Retail  or Beauty pack offer on Miracle II  with instructions and applicators plus an animal and pet care pack and do use the foaming dispensers, pump dispensers  and trigger sprayers to make your Miracle II last and last.
 We have  a tremendous range of Inspirational books, CDS, Art and Sacred Oils to share ..All our Sacred Oils  like our Miracle II and Ocean Ormus are truly Healing in every respect . Whatever their name they embrace and bring to your Awareness that quality within your Being….. Mix an oil in a Miracle II bath for a super empowering effect.
 Our books and CD range are like no other  and are truly  Teaching manuscripts for Living for the 21st century.”
There is nothing like our Sacred Oils, Miracle II and Ocean Ormus  as they all carry the Adamantine particles, an incredible Gift from God for these awesome times.
And check out  our other services …  Sacred Heart Reiki, general Healing, Counselling and Programs for your Life like no other 
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