Miracle II and Ocean Ormus for winter chills and ills



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             Miracle II and Ocean Ormus…for winter ills and chills


Welcome to our first winter newsletter for 2014. We know our products are awesome and such  a Gift for these  incredible times so in this issue we wanted to remind you how powerful Miracle II and Ocean Ormus can help strengthen our immune systems and be used to protect us all from the colds and flus season. Plus we feature some great testimonials for both Miracle II and Ocean Ormus.


Miracle 11 to ward off winter ills and chills…
Nothing beats a good old hot Miracle II Violet Flame bath to ward off winter chills, coughs, colds and flu. If we couldn’t get you into a Miracle II bath during the warmer months, then suggest give it a go now. It is great way to detox, energize yourself  and cleanse the mental and emotional bodies too . Just add 3-4 capfuls of any of our soaps in a bath and soak for a good half hour. Apply Neutralizer Gel, Neutralizer Liquid or some Skin Moisturizer afterwards.


We have always strongly recommended that bathing is a MUST part of a total Miracle II Health and Wellness routine and do drink plenty of Neutralizer Liquid to help build up your alkalinity and immune system.


Plus drinking Neutralizer liquid is great for all your Reflux, stomach bugs, candida, thrush and digestive problems – You can never overdose on it.

Miracle II’s Natural Health & Personal care products are for ALL winter issues


Chest Infections, sore throats, ear aches,infections – Rub Neutralizer Gel onto back and front of chest, Spray Neutralizer liquid into mouth, ears and dab some Neutralizer Gel up the nasal passages


All Miracle II products are Antifungal and Antibacterial so wash the hands often with any one of the three natural and organic soaps


Rub the Neutralizer Gel or Skin Moisturizer into all aches & pains, joints.Mix with some Ocean Ormus Pain Ease if really severe.


For All Skin care problems that always seem to increase in winter months – Eczema, Acne, etc, have regular Miracle II baths


If you didn’t have any Neutralizer Gel, Skin Moisturizer handy you can still use any one of the soaps to do a similiar job so leave on the skin after a bath even.


Teeth& Sensitive Gums and oral hygiene – Brush the teeth with Neutralizer Gel plus two/ three drops soap twice a day. NEVER EVER have we seen or heard of gum or tooth decay afterwards from those who use everyday.
And don’t forget ALL Miracle II products are great for babies – teething, gums and napi rash too as well as their runny noses and general winter blues.


There is a Miracle II product for your every health and personal care need this winter! And don’t forget your animals and pets same application just vary dosages according to their size and weight.


Don’t forget also to get maximum nutrition from your fruit and vegies, you can safely wash your vegetables in 7/8 drops of one of the pure and natural Miracle II concentrated soaps and/or spray Neutralizer liquid onto your fruits, veges you eat with skin left on.


Spray your meats, fish and chicken to neutralize Steroids, Mercury, Hormones and it marinate them.


Miracle II can actually save you money…


A customer  did an exercise with Miracle II versus her previous household budget spending on cleaning, personal care and basic health needs and she discovered after her 3 month survey Miracle II was actually saving her about $200 per quarter. What she was just as excited about though was that Miracle II did the same job if not better than all the home products she used to use. She literally uses the products for EVERY single personal care and cleaning/washing/insecticide need.


Now this covers soaps, shampoos, conditioners, skin care products, hair gels, toothpaste, antiseptics, disinfectants, as well as general cleaning and washing products, insecticides and fertilizers!


Well anyway this customer  even made up 3 different strengths of cleaning products from Miracle II –she used pure water to mix with as this saved the Miracle II having to clean up the water before it cleaned up the home. Her lowest strength formula following our guidelines was a mix of only 1 % Miracle soap to 99% pure water and even this killed insects .Her top strength is 20% soap which she uses as a prewash stain remover like Preen, a heavy duty oven cleaner and a carpet stain remover.


She has several foaming dispensers placed in her home -these soaps sanitize and disinfect the hands no matter what strength .They are a very cost effective way to use the soaps in the shower, bathroom, kitchen, toilet, laundry, office, shed or caravan.


One last great part of the story was that a tradesman who was renovating their kitchen at the time asked after inspecting all the pipes why was she replacing them- They were like new inside (12 yeas old though).He looked at her grease trap (they were on septic) and no grease nor did she ever have it cleaned and no grey water nor smell came out of her septic tanks. Her neighbours were amazed as they all had septic systems she only used the Laundry ball to wash the clothes)


A 1% strength Miracle II formula is even marketed by two of our distributors as a glass cleaner and their customers have commented that it is the best glass cleaner they have ever used .What’s more it is antifungal and antifungal.


 “And know you are helping our Earth and our Waterways when you choose Miracle II “

                                         Ocean Ormus


A great way  to introduce our Ocean Ormus section is to  write about  some of the testimonials we have received   These are separate to what Miracle II is doing, however we do suggest like ourselves you take both. Miracle II works faster on releasing toxins and other nasties in the body, raises then maintains your ph balance. That then allows the Ocean Ormus to go to work faster.

We have mentioned our energy level has increased substantially since taking Ocean Ormus and we have always had a high energy level and work long hours but tiredness seems to have gone. We are sleeping less yet are more mentally alert and this is coming in from so many others now.

Testimonials come through for alleviating Depression, Chronic Fatigue, Fibromyalgia and people are getting quick results …

Here is one Ocean Ormus customer’s general comments after 9mths+approx 9 bottles of OCEAN ORMUS (but most do not need anywhere near this amount)

1 silver+ white hair now dark+ grey with some regrowth

2 1 bent and arthritic finger now straight but with some swelling

3 1 tooth loose, painless pull out no blood

4 Bad tinnitus, now not so loud godsend

5 My face aches from smiling

6 My back has no discs between vertebrae so I must take glucosamine daily I can now go 4days without one

7 Intuition, decisiveness, competitiveness and feeling of wellbeing greatly enhanced

SAFE for all

There is no harm in getting anyone to trial this amazing product as it cannot harm nor can you overdose on it, nor will it interfere with other treatments. It is simply the purest natural ‘liquid powder gold’ blended with ocean sea minerals and much more.

We would reiterate it is SAFE for children and babies and pregnant women to take In fact some ladies have already been guided to take for their ‘unborn’ child’s sake .In these cases they require only a small amount. Use your inner knowing as to the requirements needed.

Emotional, mental bodies

It definitely seems to work on the emotional and mental bodies such as we have commented on previously. We believe it would ideal for many children and teenagers suffering from stress and other ‘world’ related issues.

Total life effect

The most amazing thing about this Liquid Gold, this “Manna from Heaven” is its “effect” on us overall. We have had some great insights about Ocean Ormus – we know it will help us through the changes ALL humanity is going through at present as we move from carbon based to a crystalline bodies.

Why not trial this Ocean Ormus for yourself, your family and friends and even in small doses on your animals and pets and see what it can do for you We do have a trial size pack available as we now offer a special dispensing unit for those who purchase the 250 ml bottle.

You can order over the web or email or a phone call. Please feel free to discuss further if you wish. Check out our website for more links/ information re ormus and Ocean Ormus.

Disclaimer: we make no claims only what we and our customers have seen and stated and this seems to verify what has been written about by Barry Carter and others on the U.S websites .Remember our Ocean Ormus is the M-3 that is referred to on the U.S sites, but it also more. Refer to Barry Carter’s site: http://www.subtleenergies.com/ormus/health/another.htm for more general information re: ormus.

 Do check out our other four Inspirational Ocean Ormus products too…We know….              “There is no other ormus quite like Ocean Ormus”

Spread the good news re Miracle II and Ocean Ormus! Check out all the how to use data our past newsletters listed on our web for more helpful hints and insights into both products. Give us a call or email if you would like to know more And do look at our other inspirational Love Without End products, books and courses on our website.

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There is nothing like our Miracle II, Ocean Ormus and Sacred Oils anywhere as they all carry the Adamantine particles, an incredible Gift from God for these awesome times.


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