The Sacred Heart

Circle of Life’s  May  2014 Newsletter

  ”The Sacred Heart”


Welcome to our May Mother’s day, Mother’s month newsletter. As this could be called a LOVE month we make a special feature re The Sacred Heart and make it be known that that is our number one priority for all our Circle of Life work- for people to now reconnect with the seat of their soul, their Sacred Heart I AM Presence or God within..

But first humanity must know it exists and the Centre of ALL Life on our planet  It is the Centre of  ALL Beings like you have a centre  for a wheel  to turn it around. Why is that so important Because once ALL of humanity lives from that place, there will be PEACE on Earth, none will seek to be at war at home  or against our fellow man. There will be no corruption, no evil of any kind on our Beloved Planet and we will be fully able create our new world on her.

All the Earthquaking, the Tornadoes, Twisters, Volcanic eruptions, wild weather patterns, droughts  and floods, Sink holes that have happened particularly in the U.S this past month will also cease when we are ONE with Mother Earth’s body. Mass consciousness’  thoughts, their way of living  create the ‘storms’ whether they know it now or not.

So let us describe and take you briefly  into your I AM Presence ..Within this Sacred Centre/ Presence is a three fold flame of Love, Wisdom and Power.-. Love is depicted by the colour  Pink, Wisdom by Yellow and Power by Blue. It is within your Sacred Centre that you are always connected to God , without it you would not be even be taking the next breath !

You are the Power, Love and Wisdom of God in action when you are ONE with God.

                                                       Prayer and Meditation and more

The only  true way to know and live from this sacred centre, your Sacred Heart is –Commitment , Discipline and Dedication to changing your Life through PRAYER, MEDITATION,. Study the sacred books we have from Jeshua and Archangel Michael who have some awesome teachings and tools for your Life to share with us all

Practice  a healing modality like our Sacred Heart Reiki to help you Self heal and then helps to open up the DOOR to the Sacred Heart (but then you must do the rest) and then help others. Practice Yoga and good breathing techniques to slow down the Bata waves of the brain.

Ask Jeshua, Michael, Mother Mary or whoever you have a closeness to, to help you get moving. Archangel Michael has made it clear there are literally billions of Angels ‘waiting in the Wings’ so to speak to support humanity  We only have to ASK.. In this respect we have been asked to share His and Jeshua’s powerful teachings and messages which we do with our program “The Golden Promise.”

We have much to share about the Angelic Realm and the Elohim, our friends the Elemental kingdoms too without whom we would not have a physical body who  we will need to call on to  help create our new world, our food supply all with Gift of God’s Adamantine Particles.

Archangel Michael has said He will not rest until every many woman and child is at One with and working with the  Angels and Elemental kingdoms

Jeshua has TOLD us if we wish – Call on Him and ask Him to help us reconnect fully with our God Presence .He will befriend you  in a Way you have never experienced before .He is the Personal Christ He is the great master of God’s Infinite Love in the Universe and He will be waiting in your Sacred Heart to meet with Him.

We have been given much to share and teach humanity particularly about the Sacred Heart and if we can be of Service to you let us know .We only touch on key points in our monthly newsletters as we are endeavoring to reach such a wide audience and everyone on our beautiful planet   is at their own unique level of understanding  and belief system.

IT IS YOUR TIME FOR SERVICE but you can only teach what you know and experience .You cannot teach from  a book unless you know and Live that work We ask you now to take the next step  … 

We have been assured that this time is going to be a big wake up call for humanity from here on in and you are needed to help your family and friends go through their changes .They simply won’t know what is happening nor will they understand how or why the Spiritualization of matter is starting to take place”.

But this has caused some  pain and heartache…We know what you have been experiencing – the physical changes, the emotional highs and lows, mental body issues this past while It is hard to  believe our bodies are and will eventually become more Crystalline, Lighter in density and weight and Lighter in Light (Crystallization is another way of saying Christ Realization) as Mother Earth is also becoming…That is also  the reason for more Prayer, Meditation, practicing a healing modality .Light exercises  spending time in Nature etc.

Some notes re our body changes which we originally issued some years ago                                                                                                  Many of us are not sleeping well. We wake up several times a night hot, very hot  People are experiencing all sorts of pain from head to feet.. This all part of the fit for the new Light body which we will all eventually become.. Every molecule,atom,gland and organ is being adjusted or being ‘tweaked’..Use the Violet flame daily on yourself morning and night at least but there’s more

Crown and third eye charkas Starting from the head, many are suffering headaches, migraines and pressure behind the eyes- the Pituitary and Pineal glands are being opened up. This will make us more Aware, give us more Insights, more Knowing …Simply massage your head  or get someone else to  do  it for you to relieve the pressure ..A shower is a good time to give your head a good massage and going over .Don’t take pills unless it is the last straw

Throat chakra
Many are suffering throat problems and under active or over active thyroids For so many life times we have never been able to Live and Speak our TRUTH When we do   this gland will adjust Ask your angels to send Blue and Violet energy to this area of the body  daily and think about what we need to Be in our lives Now, what is our truth and are we living it1.

Heart chakra and Sacred Heart We sent out a special note recently about the Sacred Heart opening and the physical pressure building up here. .Many have symptoms of having heart attacks We mentioned at another time my own twin sister thought she was having a heart attack  .She panicked then collapsed and was taken by ambulance to hospital  They found nothing !

A dear friend of mine a very spiritual young man, a good A grade tennis player and a fit athlete experienced so  much chest pain he went and had heart stress tests done., nothing wrong either

When these things happen just take time out, don’t panic –“Breathe in Light , Breathe out Love” often throughout the day and be truly conscious of the Sacred Breath carrying the Adamantine particles of God and know ALL is well

Try this as an alternative-sometimes bathe your Sacred Heart area in a beautiful emerald green light for healing Open the Door of the Heart to let this lovely healing Light in and when you have finished leave the Door open to send it to your Loved ones to help them

Solar plexus Some are experiencing stomach problems in the solar plexus and the second charka area    Our   liver, spleen, kidneys etc are being adjusted. Taking Miracle II Neutralizer liquid will help keep our systems pure so we can better absorb the new energies coming in and of course plenty of good water and good food.  Immerse  or surround your stomach organs in yellow golden light

Lower limbs And lastly to the lower spine, hips, knees, joints and aching feet …some Light exercising is good here and for that matter the whole body .Reiki daily or what ever healing modality you know or practice ,Yoga, water aerobics.

Take a Miracle II bath/ foot bath..Add the Laundry ball stimulates the  nerves  under the feet. It really is soothing and removes toxins in the body at the same time. Take a walk in bare feet on Mother Earth or on soft sand near the shore ,It’s like having a reflexology treatment .

Of course if we feel we need reassurance go to the doctors   The older we get the more likely we are to feel the aches and pains of these adjustments but do go now more than ever with the flow in the ‘River of Life ‘ in your daily lives and DON’T overdo it .When you feel tired or exhausted take time out to allow all the incredible changes settle in.

Know that ALL is well .Don’t worry as worry never added one moment to your life just depletes your Life force energy….All the darkness is coming to a head on our planet at the moment only so it can be cleansed 

God will not allow another world war ..Again use the magic of the Violet flame in your prayers for specific trouble spots in our world.

There is no turning back for mankind nor Mother Earth  Humanity is to move  into the 4th dimension. Mother Earth is already there and those who stay in their comfort zones of 3rd dimensional thinking and way of life are in for a shock in the coming times.

If people do not change they will not be able to withstand what is ahead and will leave this world only to come back and have to do it all again but of course that is their choice but it won’t be here.

Send them the Violet Flame, Be compassionate but don’t get caught up in the effluvia of the third dimensional happenings that will try to drag humanity down in the coming times.

Create your own new world ..  Stay positive despite the changes within and without Think when one door closes it just means look elsewhere and you all have GIFTS you came with to share to  build your Field of dreams and they will come

Circle of Life’s Miracle II

For those of you who have not experienced Miracle II, it comes from the same source as Reiki  It is full of the Violet flame, the Universal Life force energy and is a GIFT from God for these times It can  help  you no end personally through these body changes  from a 3rd to  a 4th dimensional density and you will be doing something wonderful for the earth and the waterways. .

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Thank you for   your  interest …. Till next time…… Please pass on as you see fit

Blessings from the Circle of Life
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