Easter Message

                                       Easter message …Resurrection time

I showed you your true self–The Christ Self–the I AM I showed you what your Christ-Self is capable of doing
I will show you the way out of this  cycle
And I will show you the way into a New Age where your Christ Self will flourish
This, I promise you. You need only ask
.  Jeshua

The planet and humanity have now reached the end of a major cosmic cycle. The Earth and those choosing it are now moving into a new cycle of enlightened evolution. As souls evolving on Her body, we are faced with the most important choices we will ever make. . We must choose whether or not we want to accompany the Earth into a brand new reality of Love and Light or stay behind for another long round of incarnations in the third dimension….Take no notice of the news of the day ..it is end times stuff to scare us and keep us in the dark  away from our true Path.

It is up to us to decide whether we want to experience the new world here or move on to another third dimensional planet in another universe and continue to experience life with the limitations and challenges that third dimensional life offers. Heaven is shaking us up no end ,imploding all the light workers and in fact all Life on our planet with so  much new energy filled with Adamantine Particles that we have no choice . For the Light workers we have already made that decision to go forward …  at Soul level at least…

We know it has been tough lately real tough . to plough through the new vibrations affecting us all but as our Earth resurrects/ascends so must we and she is already behind in her evolution and is playing catch up with  our solar system, galaxy and universe which are also moving upwards and onwards .The question now is, do we choose to move along to the next level, or do we stay behind? What reality are we really choosing to create and embrace for ourselves in the next few remaining years? …There is no turning back or standing still  for those who wish to stay on the planet !.

All of Heaven is telling us is that right NOW there is nothing, absolutely nothing, more important than our personal spiritual and healing work. Everything else is a distraction to keep us away from the real goal of our incarnation here. That is why we are offering a very special way of learning and doing Reiki -the Sacred Heart Way, full of God’s Adamantine Particles….Humanity is going to  need your Love and Healing in the times ahead  !

The positive changes we so long for, will only become a reality in our personal lives as a result of that work. Bottom line, there is no other way around it. Nothing will change in our lives unless we change it ourselves; this is our individual responsibility. This is what we came here to do in this life and if we do not want to do it, no one else can do it for us.

Yes, we do have to attend to the many obligations of our daily lives, but ultimately what will really count and make the difference for us in the next few years is not so much what we have done, but what we have become!…

Contemplate this over the Easter time : What we do comes and goes in the passage of time, but what we become, as divine beings, embracing our divinity from the perspective of a human experience, remains with us for eternity.

                                                    The Resurrection

Jeshua reminded  us just last week of what He showed and told us at this same time last year -For those who  take in the sacraments this Easter ….”Take the nails out of the communion bread” ..Focus on the Resurrection, His and yours (in the not to distant future) .He did the work  for us so we don’t have to….That was His Gift!  He showed us a new WAY to  move forward whilst still in the physical vehicle… Remember He said The things I do you shall also do and more”  


This Easter time  the Divine energies are intensifying even further for the benefit of humanity i.e.  Solar and Lunar eclipses and a Cardinal Cross on Easter Sunday and for a few days after. The Flame of Resurrection itself will intensify. This Flame of activity, also embodies the energies of Selfless Service and Ministration. That is what Jeshua embodied and demonstrated by His life and His selfless service to humanity. He remains in this holy calling for the whole dispensation of the Aquarian Age…As He TOLD us  recently He will not rest until all of humanity brings Him Home”.


When we desire healing in your body, use the energy of the Resurrection Flame. Say to  your self and daily from this Easter period onwards something like the following words He used and add to what you think is appropriate……

“I AM the Resurrection and the Life in all my earthly endeavours bringing much Love, Joy, Peace, Perfection, Perfect Health, Abundance and Prosperity into my Life and all those around me (x 3)..And so it is” Put your hands over your Sacred Heart as you say it .


Remember the seat of your Sacred Heart is the I AM Presence!.Say the affirmation morning and night (out loud if you wish).Feel God’s Presence within and watch the miracles start to happen in your Life from now .This is the time of Miracles, your full reconnection to God …And remember these words “I AM” are the greatest words you will ever use as you are invoking God’s Presence. Never use these word negatively from now on like I am sick I am tired I am miserable and so on ..Use only with a positive Intent ..


Have a lovely Easter everyone Use the time wisely to  reinvigorate yourself to get Inspiration. Pray, Meditate take time out in Nature. Relax find something that brings you Joy and a Smile .Read one of our Inspiring books.. There’s never been a better time to get Guidance.


Please share as you see fit to  do so and don’t forget we are open to Serve you right through out Easter.

                                                      “I AM is the Resurrection and the Life.”