Be in readiness

                                               “Be in readiness” 

 This is now the fourth time we have been shown that there is  to be a major ‘Awakening’ happening within  for ALL humanity and it now very, very soon when much more more  is to happen on our planet The last throw of the dice for all the dark ones is being displayed in every walk of life throughout the world. It truly  looking truly like the Armageddon has begun in earnest but the days of dark control are numbered.

Be the Beholder through this time we have said in this months newsletter and the only way there is through Prayer and Meditation. 

With every bone in my body though I feel a major event ‘within‘ is truly happening NOW..  Jeshua’s Presence is imminent so are other great masters and  Loving extra-terrestrials (called the Ashtar Command by many) .I have seen thousands of their space craft ships flying across the skies and seen some spacemen landing their ships and walking on our soil . The extra terrestrials to us are the Angelics lead by Archangel Michael and Jeshua.

(Note :This comment correlates with the Archangel Michael reference point that we suggested you read in this month’s newsletter from the Book of Daniel from the Old Testament).   

I have been shown President Obama will have a message from God (Yes he is a good (God) man).He is the ‘Disclosure President’ as President Clinton was supposed to be and President Kennedy before him .Obama’s family and he have been threatened to  ‘follow orders’ ever since he became President. He has at times  looked liked a fool and a very dark character to many, but he has had to play a ‘game of chess’ for so long with  the dark ones and it will be soon his  time to shine and to ‘check mate.’

 This strong messages came through again this week that God’s team and Jeshua’s ‘Presence’ is IMMINENT. What I believe His and Heaven’s intention is to lay the platform of LOVE firmly in the Hearts of all…and it may shake people to  the very core of their Being.

 Jeshua TOLD us to get our own house in order a couple of months ago -all is to be in Readiness(and was reminded again today)..In order to  be of best service we have to be very clear channels of the Light -totally clear the decks of all mistakes and past life effluvia ,forgive our selves truly and forgive others.Make Peace with all your family and friends, loved ones, our community, our world.. Love one another as I have Loved you.”

And for some of us I know we have almost set our selves ‘above’ our families and community ..we came here to be of Service not be above anyone ..I was TOLD the Protestants are actually being more effective in their work than the Light workers at present so we need to lift our game. Jeshua has said often “the great the Master, the greater the Servant” ..Remember in the Circle of Life we are all One!

We do stress do not wait for any ‘event’ to happen,, your work starts NOW ..Carry a smile and a warm Heart everywhere , Bless everyone you meet. Do some good deeds, volunteering or charitable work, do something constructive for our environment ..Mother Gaia needs you. And if it is your forte help our animal kingdoms, our sea life, our waterways and oceans ..the poisoning of their bodies by humanity has been horrendous.

All these things we will be doing in the new times so why not start now! And most of all learn to be at Peace , become the Beholder  by daily meditation and prayer

Jeshua’s and or the God’s team Presence will not be a feared based one but  I was shown many of the Christian clergy will not believe it is God or Him  and will walk away as it is not the message they want to hear. God’s and Jeshua’s  message was, is and Always will be LOVE! .This concerned me but everyone still has free will and that we cannot interfere with.  As I also have felt each time I got the vision and the message was this – many will see Him, others who are not clairvoyant will hear God within or Him and know it .

 I also felt for those of Buddhist beliefs.. they will get  similar vision, message from Lord Buddha and those devoted to our Lady Mother Mary will feel Her Presence and some feel or see St Germain as He is the Master of the new Aquarian Age and an incredible Being of Light .Those of the Jewish and Muslim Faiths as I understand it will respond to the Love of God or Jeshua .

In summary  Jeshua’s and the Heavenly team’s Energy and LOVE are now coming through very powerfully(and not before time you might say) so much so that this Love is encompassing the whole Earth and all of Humanity  We know our work and ‘time is truly at hand’ to spread the message  of LOVE ,the message of the Sacred Heart and God Within.”

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                             Know  “In the Circle of Life we are ALL One”