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        Circle of Life’s Miracle II September news


 Welcome to our special Miracle II September news bulletin. We thought we would present this report in a way hopefully for you to better understand how to use all our products and so know you can use each product better, more confidently, cost  effectively and safely.


 Miracle 11  is one of the  most amazing  products  that has ever been presented to  mankind.

          Miracle11 is a divinely inspired product. Most of it is from the dust of the Earth and the Ocean      

                                      Miracle 11  … is a Gift for the world for these times …                                            

        Possibly the finest, purest, natural and organic products on the planet  today, there is a Miracle II product for your every need….                                                

  • for all  your personal care, bathing, showering and body treatments.
  • for cleaning and sanitizing the home, office or  workshop.
  • for your pets and animals wellbeing.
  • for your lawns, gardens and farms
  • concentrated formulas, saving you heaps.  
  • hundreds and thousands of testimonies.

Concentrated   Green Soap “Nature’s Miracle for personal and general use


Description: One of the most amazing products that has ever   been presented to mankind! Most of this spiritual product is from the dust of   the earth Revealed to Clayton Tedeton more than 30 years ago, new uses are   discovered all the time!
Dilute it to   create solutions for light, medium, or heavy cleaning… It’s so concentrated   that one bottle will make up to hundreds of applications as a glass cleaner,   dishwashing soap, car or truck wash clothes detergent, carpet cleaner oven   cleaner, spot cleaner, and even acts as an garden spray and insecticide.
  It virtually can replace most other cleaning products in and around the home,   office, shop or factory! Naturally super concentrated, non toxic and   decontaminating Miracle II soap benefits our Earth and our   waterways…..Trigger Sprays and foaming dispensers are available to make the   soaps go even further.  Can safely and effectively use on animals and   pets too .Available    in 110ml,275ml, 525ml and 2.2 litre    sizes.
Ingredients: Electrically Engineered / Oxygenated Water,   Calcium, Potassium, Magnesium, Ash of Coconut Shell Solution, Vegetable Gum and Life force energy beyond measure


A note here :ALL Miracle 11 have no alcohol, no detergents, no animal fats, no petroleum chemicals in any of their formulations, are totally  biodegradable, gluten free  and have not been tested on animals and are safe to  take internally.


     Clayton Tedeton testimony-History of Miracle 11


   Testimony Divine     inspiration led Clayton Tedeton directly to the formula for his original     Miracle II Soap. They say it works wonders! Then came a host of     products emerged from that same inspiration; each very special  in its own way and hundreds of thousands     of satisfied users all over the world have discovered a multitude of uses     from the whole range of Miracle 11 products…..




Miracle II Concentrated and    Moisturizer Violet Soaps for Personal use

“Nature’s Miracle for the Body, Face Skin & Hair Concentrated form   for normal and oily skin’, Moisturizing version for dry skin.

Description: These new   Miracle11 soaps are basically the same as the original but perhaps a little   silkier on the skin and hair .They are available in normal and moisturizer   varieties – the moisturizing soap is perfect for people with dry to extra dry   skin and both are naturally ph balanced
Both soaps are so concentrated you only have to   use the smallest amount in the bath or shower or to shampoo and   condition your hair. When you wash in them you will feel energized, recharged   and detoxified at the same time.. These smooth soap are just great for every   personal need, great for every skin problem too.


Foaming dispensers are available to make the   soaps go even further.-place in bathrooms toilets, kitchen, laundry and   workshops. Safe for animals and pets use too.    Available in 110ml, 275ml,525 ml and 2.2 litre sizes.

Ingredients: Concentrated soap Electrically Engineered / Oxygenated Water,   Calcium, Potassium, Magnesium, Ash of Coconut Shell Solution, Vegetable Gum and Life force energy beyond measure .            Moisturizing soap same ingredients plus fabulous oils and   emollients from cold-pressed avocado-S-almond, coconut oils, vitamin E will   leave your skin and hair soft and silky as can be! Both are naturally ph balanced




Neutralizer Liquid…Nature’s Miracle for the total   body      Preserving the balance of nature!  
Description: It is a colourless and tasteless liquid that is human safe. The   Neutralizer has the ability to cleanse & detoxify . It is so safe ( it   has no known irritants) you can use it to clean your contact lens and use it   as an eyewash!
  This Nature’s Miracle for the total body has a pH balancing formula is a mix   of the purest, natural and organic minerals and super charge with   eloptically-energized water.

Did you know that as you grow older, your body   tends to become more acidic? Use Miracle II Neutralizer liquid daily in your   fridge water to help balance the acidity in your diet and the effects of   sugars, caffeine, and processed foods.

For external use add to your bath with any of the   Miracle11 soaps. After showering spray your face, your                                        eyes   and inside your ears, your bodies to refresh. Neutralizer Liquid is great for   sunburn too There are a                                 hundred and   one magical uses for this product….Safe for   animals and pets too available in 110   ml,275ml ,525ml and 2.2 litre sizes
Ingredients: Electrically Engineered / oxygenated Water, Calcium, Potassium, Magnesium,   Ash of Coconut Shell Solution              and Life force energy beyond   measure


Neutralizer Gel…Nature’s gift for the whole body, it’s an emergency   kit in a bottle”  
Description: Neutralizer Gel is a colourless and tasteless gel and is human safe to   use internally It is an incredibly effective skin-repair lotion. Cuts, burns,   sunburn and wounds HEAL with AMAZING speed, Formulated for those areas where   you would like to maintain a high level of concentrated neutralizer over an   extended period of time. It dries quickly and is non-sticky. Compare this gel   with aloe-vera, you will be astounded.
  It is three – four times more concentrated than the Neutralizer Liquid form   so you can use sparingly and still get excellent results This very practical   form is for external use and energizing for the body and skin. It helps to   smooth wrinkles, cellulite by relaxing the skin and giving it more   elasticity. It quickly heals cuts and burns.
It’s compact and portable, and has a hundred and one uses you can even   brush your teeth with it! Add a little on your brush with 1/2 drops of any   Miracle 11 Feel the cleanliness and shine in your teeth, what you swallow can   help cleanse the throat and stomach of many nasties.
  You will find hundreds of reasons to use this fabulous product…use it on   every ache and pain in the body. You will feel it doing you good! It is great   on Insect bites and is great aid to massage and this wonderful gel and is   totally non sticky and non greasy. Use it on wrinkles and cellulite and /or   mix with the Skin Moisturizer 

Safe to use on animals and pets…available in 120gm, 300gm and 600 gm sizes

Ingredients: Electrically Engineered / Oxygenated Water, Calcium, Potassium,   Magnesium, Ash of Coconut Shell Solution in a base of Biodegradable G and Life force energy beyond measure



Skin Moisturizer…the future of natural, healthy skin  Fabulous oils and emollients  
Description: The Skin Moisturizer   can be used as a replacement for skin creams and dry skin areas. Formulated   with the same basic ingredients as Neutralizer Gel  it has detoxifying benefits too. You’ll   love the feel of it on your skin… and the way it makes your skin feel.
  The Skin Moisturizer is non sticky and non greasy and has a very pleasant   aroma. Use it as a replacement for greasy and synthetic skin creams. Pamper   your skin and make it healthier. You will feel refreshed!
  The Skin Moisturizer is great for wrinkles, cellulite and sunburn too… try   it out  as your new beauty   treatment   Available in 120gm,300gm   and 600gm sizes


Ingredients: The Moisturizer contains fabulous oils and emollients M-11 Eloptic   Energy, cold press Avocado–S-Almond, B-Almond, Coconut oils & Vitamin E. and Life force energy beyond measure



Laundry, Bath & Therapeutic Ball…a three in one product  
You need no other washing products when you use   Miracle II Soap and the MII Laundry Ball. You can do all your laundry for   about $2.50 per month – for the next 3 years. Its guaranteed for three years   and after that, it’s free! 
  We don’t know how long it will last, maybe the rest of your life. Now that’s   a bargain!
No, this is not one of those ceramic laundry discs that doesn’t work.   This is a rubber ball impregnated with Miracle II Soap and Neutralizer and   energized electronically that works and keeps on working, leaving your   clothes, linens clean, fresh, energized and free of chemical residuals and   there is no  need for fabric softeners.

Therapeutic and Bath ball .Its uses do no end there-it’s also a great   massage ball-with 209 rounded spokes .Massage the 8,000 nerve endings in your   feet and similarly your hands and any part of the body with loving care at   any time of day – Roll it over any place that hurt – over your skin and scalp,   you’ll be amazed
  The ball’s rounded spokes gently yet masterfully massage the blood vessels,   nerves and pores in each square centimetre of your skin for a wondrous   feeling! Trial it too in the bath It will stimulate the activity of the   Miracle II concentrated or moisturizing soap and Neutralizer and can even be   used without these products. Great for babies and adults that are allergic to   all chemicals.
  Each ball is filled with Miracle 11 Neutralizer   and Concentrated soap sealed in. The ball actually works magnetically /   energetically (on life force energy) and    the Miracle products never actually get used up. .Available  in    five colours        Try it out   you will be amazed

“Know you are helping our Earth and our Waterways  when you choose Miracle II ”


There is nothing like our Miracle II  or our Sacred Oils or our Ocean Ormus. All products have been carefully selected to be part of the Circle of Life range as they work synergistically together plus all carry the Adamantine particles, an incredible Gift from God for these awesome times.



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