Love is the Key

     “Love is the Key ” 

Welcome to our slightly late September news. We nearly did not write this month as we originally thought it might sound repetitive what we had to say but no there is a sound purpose to this newsletter as there has always been so please read on…

Despite all the setbacks that many of us are experiencing from  ‘health’  to emotional and even mental issues (and we know it has been TOUGH) that all is still in Divine order. Have you thought your presence on Earth right now is God’s Will.  And, because we are all One, it is also your Will.

Know this you do have the courage, the tenacity, and the faith to help bring God’s plan for our Earth and all Life on her to a stunningly wonderful stage of completion, which is why we are on earth right now. 

We MUST take time out in quiet solitude daily – it is an essential aspect of our highly individual life paths. Ask Jeshua , Michael, Mary or any other of the great Angels and Masters whoever you feel a connection to for help to access your own Sacred Heart, your own I AM Presence  if you are having difficulty; they are with us in every moment in these awesome times just waiting for your call.

Ask for help to release all your doubts, fears, and anxieties about your role in life and how it can impact all you come in contact with .All your doubts and fears  are a distraction, a diversionary tactic of your egos which have become so accustomed to struggling for safety and survival in the illusory environment in which it seems we sometimes feel trapped, and imprisoned. 

You  should know as soon as we enter that quiet inner space it becomes readily apparent that we are indeed beings of Light, of Love, created by God, the infinitely loving Source of all that exists. However, our egos then often rush in with doubts, guilt, even shame, suggesting that we have no right to even think that you might be One with God. 

Disregard them, they are fear-filled aspects of yourselves that you incorporated into your human bodies that have made themselves at home within you, and which will be reintegrated into the One when we awaken. They are very useful tools that can assist you in the mundane day to day activities of Earth life, but do not let them overrule your true knowing, your heavenly intuitive guidance which is always Loving and accepting of you.

As you read the doom and gloom news around the world it can be very tempting for us all to say “What’s the point, I am an ineffectual and basically powerless individual in a vast and extremely threatening world?”  And we know some of us have even been drawn towards leaving this world. 

The illusion does have a very convincing sense of reality about it. It can appear that we are powerless within it, and the stories we hear about the disenfranchised, the tortured, and the abused tend to confirm that horrific impression. Stop reading the newspapers and main stream news unless you need to keep up to date to send Light, Love and the magical Violet Flame.

As an example of the false news stories -whatever happened to the Syrian rebel situation against their government. Now this was top news for ages but now it has been usurped by the isis mania and nothing more is being reported about the original Syrian situation .The same with Ukraine another last throw of the dice by the dark ones to start a world war.

Our prayers and Light work seemed to have brought the Israel Gaza Strip situation to a peaceful end ….Heaven  TOLD us just last week  ‘God was now back in control there’ but not yet in other parts of the Middle East.  

ALL THIS WORLD  IS AN ILLUSION! We came here to Master Life and then help others do likewise. When we go within, to our personal individual sanctuary we can connect with our God Self, our divine I AM. We know that God loves us dearly, He wants us to stop playing at torturing one another (personal as well as world situations) and awaken from the nightmare in which we have been ensconced for so long.

LOVE is the key and the only KEY to release from this nightmare for Humanity and it only found in and through our Sacred Heart. Within the illusion, where pain and suffering as a result of attacks by others are endemic, that seems like nonsense but as we often have said we are going to have our work cut out as Way showers to show this world there is a better Way and it is through LOVE.

We know most practice something everyday but  some extra suggestions for your Wellbeing

We MUST find time for OURSELF everyday .Find something that makes us smile, laugh, find things that make us Joyous..good music, a good book (we have beautiful books in our range) and DO spend sometime in Nature and exercise ‘Lightly’. 

 Our Sacred oils are special and are a Gift for these times to get us back into the mode of

Forgiveness, Love, Compassion, Joy, Abundance, Innocence, Peace…..

Meditate using the OM or Holy Ground essences. 


To help remove Fear anoint the soles of your feet with Mary Magdalene’s sacred oil .


Feel the Divine Mother’s Blessing in Mother Mary’s Blessing oil.


Heal a wounded Heart with Jeshua’s own Christ Scent.


Miracle II


Do you know a Miracle II bath helps to Heal in many ways -detoxing emotionally, mentally as well as physically through the Gift of the Violet Flame .And a Miracle II bath is a great place to find inner peace some meditation in it…. And do add one of our Sacred Oils.


And more simple tools to help us ‘connect’  ….here are a couple of affirmations to  say daily if not two or three times a day….(place hand on heart as you say them)

‘I AM The Secret Heart of God; I enter into The Secret Heart of God; I live in The Secret Heart of God; I AM the Secret Heart of God’.

J-E-S-H-U-A-  His name means ‘YES TO LIFE’ …Put your hand on your Heart as you say out loud three times…We need to  remind ourselves we are SAYING YES TO LIFE by simply being here.    You also are invoking His Presence.

Learn our Sacred Heart truly opens up the  windows of the Soul.


Practise good breathing techniques, breathing in the Adamantine Particles. The Adamantine Particles are truly a wonderful Gift for these times. 


In order to be of best service we have to be very clear channels of the Light -totally clear the decks of all mistakes and past life effluvia ,forgive ourselves and forgive others. ….Make Peace with all your family and friends, loved ones, our community, our world and do what Jeshua would ask of you . Love one another as I have Loved you.”


We know our work and ‘time is truly at hand’ to spread the message of LOVE, the message of the Sacred Heart and the God Presence Within.”


Call or write to us if you are interested in us giving a talk or a seminar in your area about any of our work, seminars or Sacred Heart Reiki..If you have not understood what we have written in this bulletin please feel free to  call or email and we will endeavour to help you out.


We have moved our centre  just up  from where we were to a bigger unit in the Park Plaza building to Unit 3 / ‘Park Plaza’ 39-41 Princes Highway, Engadine so we can run our courses, programs and healing and counselling from there rather then go outside and hire different places. 


Please ring or call in to enquire about any/all of your incredible Circle of Life products.

We have thought about a donations section to keep our work going. Other than that we depend on your loyalty to purchasing our awesome range to keep our work going as this is the only source of  income we derive, but just as importantly we know they can help  tremendously so thanking you in advance . …


Till next time, please pass on as you see fit..



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                           Know  “In the Circle of Life we are ALL One”