Jeshua’s 21st century teachings for Humanity

          “Love Without End …Conversations with Jesus Teachings”   


Welcome to this special update from Circle of Life re our Conversations with Jesus teachings from Love Without End .These times are critical  and not without disturbances for all .We know we need to return to LOVE and to stay above all that is going on in the world from personal, family to global issues.


For us there has never been a better way to do that than through Jeshua , the great master of Love in this beautiful universe. Jeshua, through His Life and Teachings have never been presented in a more clear, personal and Loving Way then through ‘His Conversations’ with Glenda. So we remind you we have  them available and at a very special price till Christmas. We know they can help each one of us to find the secrets of the universe ‘within’ and open up our Hearts to the Love that we are.


Apart from His general wonderful teachings that we are familiar with, the lecture series even give us great Insights into every facet of Life and how it is to  be lived. Then  He talks about  the Adamantine Particles (the body of God and how to use them), the One Spirit,  The Pathway to Success, Leadership, Taking command of our own Life  and a very practical way to understand science (who is the greatest scientist in the world why God is of course).Once scientists become more Heart focused they will understand and relate better to practical ways to improve Life  …


His Teachings are a  Masterpiece in every way ….I still get Insights and messages from the CDS and the two books to this day and I have studied them for over 12 years now. The CDS are great for listening to in your private time , in the car  and on long trips So available…


The Message is Love…Love Without End ..Conversations with Jesus…A Course in Life like no other

  • Special Master CD set price available to      everyone this next few months till Christmas for  $115  a   $ 65 + savings on U.S.  


Each C.D. is a full 90 minutes of power packed information about the impact  of Divinity in direct communion with a thoughtful and well educated woman of our generation. Even though the book “Love Without End Jesus Speaks” is a close transcription of these CDs, the recorded lectures provide an invaluable expression of human warmth, candour, and vulnerability which cannot be conveyed through the written word.


They communicate to the heart with authenticity and immediacy.

This truly is a Manuscript for Living in the 21st century ..a course in life like no other!


 The complete lecture series are recorded in 14 x 90 minute CDS by Glenda Green’s Conversations  with Jesus and these were intended for the whole world.

It was some while back that  Jeshua said “These Teachings would be like a new times bible  a ‘MANUSCRIPT FOR LIVING FOR THE 21ST CENTURY’

so to give you an idea if you haven’t read the books or heard the CDS before here are a list of subjects from the book/CD set..


CD 1: The Lamb and The Lion… The story of the painting, the miracles which surround it, and the messages within it.

CD 2: Eternal Truths… Love versus structure, how to establish your priorities for more powerful living.

CD 3: The Love That You Are… Basic to His message was “remember, Glenda, `Love´ is who you are.” Knowing this is the secret to unconditional Love in a conditional world.

CD 4: The Adamantine Particles… There is a mystical connection. This CD addresses the particulars of these universal building blocks.

CD 5: The One Spirit… our closest connection to God, to each other, and all that is. Powerful insights.

CD 6: The Heart Is Your Higher Intelligence… What the Heart really is! This was perhaps Jesus´ core teaching to Glenda. It contains the most important understanding anyone can have … critical for our times.

CD 7: The Ten Commandments of Love… Love is the basis of all law. Wonderful new insights about the laws of Moses.


CD 8: Bridges… Direct application to the issues and truths that concern you on a daily basis in your personal life.

CD 9: Living the Blessed Life… A wonderful explanation of “The Beatitudes” messages that are clear, contemporary, and practical. Jesus said, “No man has a covenant to suffer.” Reach for the blessings.

CD 10: Your Rights and Freedoms… Know and assume your rights. If you don’t, someone else may.

CD 11: God and Reality… The amazing story of creation and God´s continuing presence with you.

CD 12: The Beloved… An exquisite message about your preciousness to God and Jesus´ gift to the world.

CD 13: The Path to Success… principles of success, importance of intent, and what we create.

CD 14: Jesus on Science… Go beyond the theory of relativity and quantum physics to understand the Universe.


The “Conversations with Jesus” CD set, “Love Without End Jesus Speaks” and “The Keys of Jeshua” make up all the Teachings from Jeshua (Jesus) you will ever need for your Life to connect you to your Sacred Heart, your Divine I AM Presence  … You need no other !

As we said earlier this 14-CD Set  at a very special price of $115  …Individual CDs   $ 15 Aus… prices include postage 

Note U.S prices are now over $180 imported


if you wish to purchase / order then if you could pay  by cheque or direct to  bank or  via the Internet “Circle of Life Westpac bank …Email us your mailing details . …Our postal address is P.O. Box 700 Engadine NSW2233


  “Truly a course in Life like no other that  will change your Life forever”.


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