Spring clean up tips from Miracle II

                      Spring clean tips and more


                                                 Here are some handy hints for Spring from our great Miracle II products range.Enjoy

Miracle11 Concentrated Soaps – 101 USES for the home, office, shed,   workshop, factory or business premises from thousands of testimonies   

Mix Concentrated Miracle   II cleaning soap with water as recommended below.
Make up foaming   soap dispensers – your hands will be hygienically soft and clean
place them   in the bathrooms, toilets laundry, garage or shed (use 1/4 soap to water).

LIGHT CLEANING – Use 5 -10 mls of Miracle II Soap in 500ml spray bottle of water.   Use on glass, mirrors, countertops, stainless steel, refrigerators,   fiberglass, leathers and plastic … inside your car too. Note 10mls could even   be too much .

MEDIUM CLEANING – Add 30mls of Miracle II Soap in 500ml spray bottle of water to   clean bathrooms, toilets, tiles, cabinets, panelling, refrigerator, skin,   carpet, spot remover, upholstery, stainless steel, fiberglass, car, mildew,   soot on brick and stone.

HEAVY CLEANING – Add 60mls of Miracle II Soap and 60mls of   Neutralizer to 500ml spray bottle of water          to clean baked on stains on floors,   pots, pans, dishes hands, skins, ovens, glass fireplace doors, tyres, bad   carpet stains, holding tanks on campers, wax stripper, steam cleaning, crazy   glue, oil on carports.

BATH WATER – will give similar results as a cleaner in many of the above   examples of use – Use to wash down paths and driveways. All residues will   help to clean drains, grease traps and positively effect even septic tank   systems.

STRONG HOUSEHOLD ODOURS, SHOE ODOURS – Put spray nozzle on bottle of   Neutralizer liquid and spray on strong odours such as foot skin, fish,   seafood, onion, garlic, dog/cat, refrigerators, bathrooms, holding tanks on   bass boats and campers, odors in carpets — and leave it on. The name says it   all Neutralizer… it neutralizes everything It is not an odour cover-up.

UNBLOCKING   PIPES & DRAINS – When Miracle 11 Soap is used regularly   for cleaning, washing it will assist greatly in unblocking drains and pipes   –no more plumbing ..it just happens to EVERY regular M II user ‘s home,   office or workshop.

WASHING CLOTHES – Prewash – add 30ml soap, 30ml neutralizer liquid in 500water spray   bottle to pre-treat bad stains or soak Miracle II Soap straight into the   worst stains and let stand up to 2 hours before you put into washing machine.   If the spot is on something you are wearing, spray the spot and towel off. It   will not burn the skin. Then throw  the   Miracle11 Laundry therapeutic ball   into  the washing machine to do the   wash

INSECTICIDE – Wasps, Cockroaches, Spiders, Water Bugs, Flies, Bees, Ants Fire   Ants) – Put 30mls Miracle II Soap in a 500ml trigger sprayer – add water.   Spray insects.on surfaces – great results reported. Everyone who uses Miracle   11 in a total clean up said they stopped having bug problems in 30 days. Can   also use bath or shower water to kill all insects in their house, yard and   garden.

REPELLENT – Spray your body or clothes with a mix of 95% Neutralizer Liquid and   5% Soap – great repellent.

SNAKE & INSECT BITES – No matter what  type of snake, spider, mozzie, bee or flea   bite, M11 can work wonders – nasty bites apply Neutralizer gel immediately   and drink at least 15mls ( tablespoon) of    Neutralizer Liquid. For lesser bites spray Neutralizer liquid or apply   any Miracle 11soap (even on nastier bites) to affected areas and then apply   some gel. Repeat as often as required. Note the soaps are 80% Neutralizer   liquid

CARS & TRUCKS – Use up to 30ml Miracle II Soap   (dependant on size of vehicle) to a 20 litre bucket  of water to wash in. After applying   don’t   wash off,  just wipe clean ,saving valuable water .Your vehicle will be clean and the paint   will shine  There is no polishing required.! You will get   a ‘skin’ treatment with Miracle11.                                                                                        Cleans upholstery and carpets inside the vehicle just as well                                                                                                                                                           

As a Lubricant and /or to remove   battery acid Neutralizing Liquid or Neutralizer Gel is fantastic.                                                     

PETROL TANKS…Add a cap of Concentrated Soap & a cap  of Neutralizer Liquid to a full tank of   petrol for              a) better fuel   economy b) a cleaner engine and c) less fuel    emissions .

COMMERCIAL & INDUSTRIAL APPLICATIONS – Use Miracle II Soap with mop, steam foam   machine or sprayer for total cleaning and deodorizing. Use 10 to 100 mls per   4 litres of water, depending on application – All cleanups in fresh or salt   water. Use in steam cleaner or wash. For oil dispersal and cleanups, use 30   to 300mls per 4 litres of water.

RAIN WATER TANKS – add Neutralizer Liquid to ‘acid rained’   water (do a P.H balance test to assess ph levels) Add a few drops of soap as   required. Although Miracle II is homeopathic you may need larger dosages   dependent on the size of tanks.

For a really   healthy rain water tank, place 3 Laundry Therapeutic   balls in the Filter system (ensure they cannot   be cut by any protruding metal or plastic sharp pieces inside). The balls   will neutralize everything within the tank, plus your acid rain water tanks   will have healthier 8.4 alkalinity permanently in no time. And remember:   these balls keep on working for years!

Miracle 11 Laundry /Therapeutic ball …”Life force energy   at work that never gets used up”

An incredible product with so many uses – it works energetically,   filled with MII products that never actually get used up. No more washing powders   or fabric softeners.

In the wash use the Laundry /Therapeutic Ball in all   washing machine applications It is filled with Miracle II Soap and   Neutralizer It has a non-chemically reactive Zeta Potential colloid in it which will wash your clothes like   soap or detergent, yet without the presence of either and leave no residual.   Pop the ball in the washer and let it go to work To soften, whiten and   deodorize; add 30 mls of Neutralizer Liquid. Pre soak or wash as mentioned   above in washing clothes section.

It is great as a Therapeutic Ball – use it   in the bath. It will make the Soap and Neutralizer work even better. As a   massage tool too it is great for the feet and on all parts of the body. To   strengthen the hands/wrists use it as a squeeze ball.

The Miracle II ball also acts as a great therapeutic   aid as it is an ENERGY ball – Massage   the head, tired hands and feet, limbs (add some Neutralizer Gel beforehand). Squeeze it to strengthen   hands, helps carpel tunnel.

Use in the bath. It will empower the other Miracle II   products. Put it   under your pillow for a better nights sleep.

Guaranteed a minimum of three years the Miracle II laundry ball works out at   only $2.50 per   month to wash your clothes and that   is for the first three years, after that its free. These M2 Laundry balls can   last ‘forever’.

You need no product other than Miracle II for EVERY cleaning, washing,   disinfecting and insecticide job. It does the jobs just as well or better   than your well known brands… plus its cheaper per ml and you care for the   environment at the same time! Never before has a product range so much!

When next you order we have CDs  available telling  the whole Clayton  Tedeton  story and  how Miracle II came about..

Please don’t forget your animals and pets this Spring…..You treat them the same way you use personally only in ratio  of their size and weight and most need a good  clean up after the winter period….Read up our animal and pets guide  on our website

General tips for detoxifying food this Spring.

Try spraying your meats, fish and chickens with the Neutralizer liquid to remove chemicals, insecticides, mercury, steroids, hormones

….. .It also  marinates and  flavours them

Spray Neutralizer Liquid on  your apples, tomatoes pears  .fruits  veges that you eat with the skin on. 

Vegetables generally-wash them in water the kitchen sink adding  7or 8 drops of Miracle II soap into the water  .It is enough to remove chemicals and pesticides  related to  growing ,production of crops 

Spray your ears regularly if are a user of mobile phones  and who isn’t,  it neutralizes HARMFUL MICROWAVE radiation effects.

So there you have it  some economical  and easy  ways to spring clean with Miracle II .

   “Know you are helping our Earth and our Waterways when you choose Miracle II ”

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