Compassion and Forgiveness




                                       Circle of Life’s February Newsletter


Welcome to second newsletter for 2015 ..We have labelled this month’s overriding theme “Compassion and Forgiveness” as you will see when you read through and which our commitment too will be much needed in the upcoming times . . ….


                                 ” Love on another as I have Loved you.”                                     


We mentioned last month we may see some incredible things happen this year ‘Miracles’ if you wish, despite what is happening or may happen 3rd dimensionally in the months ahead . God is calling the tune  now. We will share there has just been a ‘battle ‘ of Light versus the dark in the Heavens led by Archangel Michael to make the way clear for our future, but now we may see an aftermath on the Earth plane and it may be big stuff as the last of the dark ones leave the planet and try and do as much damage as they can before they go .


We make note here that many of them have decided to  ‘Face the Light ‘ and  we may see that in the Carbal/ Cartel’s younger generation deciding not to follow the path their families have trod of total control of the masses, our minds and our emotions through owning governments, banksters, media’s ‘news’, the entertainment industry activities and they will need our Compassion and Forgiveness . ……


Everytime  something comes to the surface now through the media re  war, mass murders, corrupt businesses, child molestation, or drugs etc. there will be disclosure to all  ‘shortly’ and even minor, major issues among your families and communities look at them from a beholders view and don’t get emotionally involved .


Have Faith and Trust in God .


All in this moment of time will soon be revealed and then we must show Compassion not sympathy, Pray for all concerned, Forgive and move on.. Everything now serves the Oneness . 


For any/all of these ‘happenings’ which will be revealed these two qualities of Compassion and Forgiveness we all came back to this Earth plane to Master and demonstrate.



We should now know our thoughts create our reality, our collective thoughts if in unison are very powerful and so as we grow spiritually they are quite powerful tools for change not only for ourselves but to all those around us .. 


We ask again this newsletter if you would reaffirm and restate your Intentions for your world and the world at large… 


Do so in a state whilst our Hearts are filled with Love for all, breathing out the Adamantine Particles…                                                                                  

We intend Peace on Earth  and what that  means in your part of the world .

We intend all to be divinely guided within Families and in Family life generally as this is the foundation of Earthly Life. 

We intend the Truth to be revealed in every facet of Life, arrests where necessary of the few wanting to control the many.

We intend the installation of Divine Government in our own country and on Earth.

We now intend changes happening smoothly for the Highest Good of All That Is.

Divine Government                                                           


Keep up your prayers for Divine Guidance in Governments, Politics and world events. God knows we NEED it and in every country right now, particularly in the U.S.. Everything we mean EVERYTHING is coming to the surface to  be cleansed, including  some shells of discontent even within ourselves that we may have thought were cleared.


Use the Violet flame several or many times a day on your self and everything that you see in your Path or in the world that needs cleansing .Our collective efforts can help make everything new as we co create with God our new world . Heaven will support our efforts but they cannot intervene unless we  do the ground work first and still not enough of us are doing that.


Your Discipline and Commitment


So nothing has changed in our urging you that we must be prepared, be fine tuned, be committed be disciplined -Prayer and Meditation are the Key as well as  dedication to being of Service and do good works..Be the Love that we are and..Be ready for anything, everything !!!


The Adamantine Particles   


We will keep  referring back  to the Adamantine Particles every month till we understand how powerful  this Gift is from God . They are the Body of God in physical matter and carry the Christ Light , The Love, the Violet Flame and the Healing energy required to make everything NEW in you and everything around you. Breathe them in consciously twice a day for at least 5 minutes and breathe them back out to wherever you are guided to  do so….  


Much, much more information is in our Jeshua and Michael books and be aware all our Miracle II, Ocean Ormus, Sacred Oils and new Sacred Oil /Lotions are full of the Adamantine Particles                                                           


Please share this newsletter with as many as you believe should read . Try it on for size with those you know and Love. Everyone is being readied for these new times now. If you need to discuss please email or contact us …Our next major newsletter will be just before Easter.


                                         We are here in Service as you  are !


“Breathe in the Adamantine Particles of God, Breathe out Love

                                              Blessings from the Circle of Life



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