God’s still doing Miracles

  Circle of Life’s Miracle II story update…a Special report …..” God’s still doing Miracles”…. 




Welcome to this special newsletter for March re our Miracle II product range. For many of you are new users and do not know some of the background as to the Why and How this product range came about so I thought I would fill you in and have added some more great insights along the way from our handling of them for some 10 + years plus why you should use them and often and particularly with the colder months coming on! .     


Miracle II is a Gift from Heaven It was given to Clayton Tedeton to give to the world to clean up the body, the animal kingdom and take care of Mother Nature all at the same time. Miracle II products are pure , natural and organic and so safe you can take internally. They actually work like homeopathy, so a little goes a long way. ..They are totally NON toxic but antifungal and antibacterial at the same time.


Why Miracle II and not Miracle I ?..Miracle I was Clayton’s miracle of being saved and able to walk again after a horrific car accident which should have kept him bedridden or in a wheelchair all his days. He had been a multi millionaire who asked God If He helped him, he would do anything (this was one year after being totally bedridden).He woke up that very next morning totally cured and Clayton said he would honour what he told God. BUT he had to give his life totally to Serving God and that meant Everything -what he owned previously, all his wealth, his homes and possessions and start anew . .


How I came on board


I was ASKED to  take this product to the Australian market place. My background is sales and marketing and was doing consulting work with the natural and organics industry .Having always had a great love for cleaning up the Earth as much as the body even from my previous corporate life it was an easy decision to say YES to. I was then  ‘ASKED’ to travel to the United States to meet both Glenda Green of our Love Without End work in Sedona and this extraordinary man in Louisiana as he was keen for us to take on Miracle II..



In March 2005 10 years this month,trusting in the Universe I made that trip. I booked a flight to his hometown in Monroe, Louisiana even though I did not have the funds at the time and lo and behold I got a small miracle-Clayton paid for our trip and I have never looked back with joy the work gives us .

I was invited to stay at Clayton’s home which was an old second world war semi cylindrical shed in the middle of his small Miracle II factory.


Yes that is where he lived, a very  humble dwelling indeed .I stayed 2 days  . A few things I saw in this man blew me away.He had been in the Korean war and had suffered severe burns and skin cancers all over his body from Agent Orange used in that war. He was now 70  but I could not help noticing he had the skin of a very young teenage boy no matter how I looked at any part of his skin from his face to his feet and I did that often just in case I ‘needed to go to Spec savers’.      


He also had such an aura around him that I am sure he could glow in the dark. When he spoke to audiences and he did all over  the US for many years many people got a healing from his talk even before they even started using Miracle II. His theme in all his lectures was always “God is still doing Miracles.” …He was his own unique Minister of God but he did not belong or believe in ‘structured’ religion.      



He told me it took 8 years to finally let go of all Earthly attachments  before God asked him to ‘go to work’ in earnest and then the real Miracles started happening for anyone and everyone all over the US at first, and then overseas including here in Australia. i have always gone quiet on this issue as just 6 months after our visit and Clayton appointing us as his distributor for ’down under’, the FDA, FBI and CIA tried to  close him and us down (me through the TGA ).Big pharma and major consumer companies tried to buy him out and then when he said NO they tried to stop him trading .      


They put out notices in major newspapers and radio stations throughout the US ..I was asked to  recall  every product I had ever sold and had sold a lot  at that time through lots of expos, marketing activities etc I did a lot of praying then I can tell you. The long and the short of it was there was  not  one complaint registered anywhere in the world only thousands and thousands of testimonials of people getting healings so the authorities had to back off .      


This was one God product that was not going to  be stopped…It was given especially for these changing times.      


You know though Clayton acting on God’s direction, Miracle II was probably a major catalyst for companies worldwide starting to produce Natural and Green products . Take what you want out of Clayton’s story but for us he is an incredible unique human being and  an incredible Example of Faith and Trust in God and real Life as Love in Action for all  of us on a Path to follow.      



                             Some other wonderful information and benefits about Miracle II


Miracle II products are formulated along a Nikola Teslar technology of using Free Energy to  magnetize toxins and dirt out of the body or wherever they are in (and so ideal for cleaning and washing) They contain seven minerals and herbs including Magnesium, Potassium and Calcium ,two sea minerals and two herbs which are arched or fused together under Laser Light using 440 volts of electricity to BOND them as a unit of incredible Magnetic energy.     


Clayton received this formula from God written in LIGHT on his bedroom wall at 1.00 am in the morning and the means to make them, and then wrote them down  He immediately went out to make a batch of soap and gave it away free initially as part of his cleansing and releasing all his past life, his wealth.He had to build his life and Service  from a new perspective ..Anyway miracles happened from day  1 even with the Soap.       


When I came on board with Miracle II I was blessed to see how Clayton was given the formula but it was then taken away from us as it was his Gift from God not ours but  it was to show us it was real and true .     


One other  thing we were privy to witness when we took on board was that Miracle II contained the VIOLET FLAME and we saw that Clayton at the time was given the products as NEUTRALIZERS . We know the Violet flame to be God’s great Neutralizer in the Universe .     


 You might not know too all Miracle II soaps foundation are 80 % Neutralizer Liquid , so is the Laundry Ball which has 20% soap content (but never gets used up as it works like a magnet).The Neutralizer Gel of course is stronger than the Liquid form and the Skin Moisturizer too contains a good percentage of the Neutralizer Gel ….All Miracle II products are so practical you can use every day in 101 ways!     


These awesome products also carry a ‘Consciousness’,Healing energy as well as the Violet Flame plus the ‘Adamantine particles’ Know they are always working  even subconsciously when we might think they are not. Plus being God inspired products they can never,ever harm you, your family your children .


Attached are both and A to Z chart of some of the 101 + personal and general uses for the whole range. These guidelines are from people’s testimonials over many years. There is a product for most domestic (personal and cleaning) ,animal and commercial needs There is really nothing you cannot trial on, they work on anything, everything  and with great results  Give them a go ! I feel Blessed to have them to share.      


With your next order if you would like a free CD of the Miracle II story do ask and we will send a copy to you.


Next we will do a special feature on our Ocean Ormus range as it too is a great Gift for the world for these changing times.     


If you would ever like some more information or you have a sufficient sized group of people we would be prepared to give a talk about these awesome products at ‘your place’ as we need to Spread the good news about these amazing products for these special times .


Please share this special report and thank you for your support of our wonderful products and do read up on our website our other  major newsletters  under the Newsletters heading as we relate to these special and changing times.


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