“The second Coming of Christ is within…..”

       The second Coming of Christ is within…..”


Welcome to this special interim newsletter for March 2015. So much seems to be happening on the inner plane at the moment I thought I would touch base a little earlier than I anticipated. However please read with discernment as you should with all spiritual writings as to what registers with your own Heart to  receive the Truth as you see it and what isn’t discard.


These past few months I have often felt as though it is two steps back one step forward and have even asked myself   what is it all about, this spiritual path .At times I feel totally exhausted as I integrate the new energies from above bombarding the Earth .I have the strangest dreams that do not seem to be a part of me and much more.  If that is happening for you no matter what keep up your Prayers, Meditations Affirmations and service as what you and I are experiencing others are feeling even more so particularly those just starting out onto the path as most of humanity now is.



These times are so special ..There has been so much acceleration and stepped up influx of Heavenly energies of God particles (Adamantine particles)and so much more, expect big things to happen on our planet to her Earth body and in the Hearts of humanity very soon in the NOW time. I have written of this for seems like ages now but this time it feels even closer.. This is the (Second) Coming of Christ within all Life on planet Earth ….!



Call it an event, the EVENT! ..Humanity is experiencing a Shift of the ages that is causing an increase in their Consciousness, their Inner Knowing and may actually let a lot of their past simply go. They will need Way showers as we all did when we stepped out on the path so be prepared always for that time whether it is today, next week, next month  but I feel it won’t even be next year.


The (God) Power within our Sacred Heart is making everything new even though we cannot quite see it yet! .If you didn’t know it could look like a world war is in the making(a world war  though I have been TOLD will NOT happen). People seem to be going crazy all over the planet as many still will not accept the (inner) changes and will go to the Light at another time .


Remember humanity en masse cannot take any baggage into the new times and everything, EVERYTHING has to be cleansed first in this 3rd dimensional world, Mother Earth’s body as well. and that may mean more Earth changes. Mother Earth is going to the Light now (a fifth dimensional world ) with or without humanity. She is still passing through the fourth as I was shown, most of humanity is still immersed in the third but ready for a  ‘leg up.’ 


Will you restate your resolve and commitment  to ‘come up higher’ and so help our Mother Earth and our fellow man ..The (God) Power within us can de escalate any, many changes that our Earth and humanity may have to go through as we collectively have done before… This is what we signed up for before we came to the planet this lifetime and now .


Before you pray and meditate, cleanse your self every day using the magical Violet Flame of Saint Germain. Then address your family ,community,  the world  trouble spots. Always ask for Archangel Michael’s Protection wherever needed in your or your families Life and then see all that you pray for (yourself firstly) in God’s Golden Light to Lift us your Spirit !

This is no time now for ‘fence sitting’ ..your Faith will see you through. So don’t lose Heart, in fact do your work from the Heart  …Our time is at hand !  


Archangel books and more


Before we leave I would like to mention our Archangel Michael books in particular this issue…Like our “Love Without End” work they are so filled with  Love and Teachings but also Michael shares some wonderful Spiritual tools to use in your everyday life that we would be crazy not to be aware of and use.


We have His 6th book “Secrets of Self Mastery” now available but if you haven’t read any of this outstanding work start at the Golden Promise then “Your Sacred Quest” then “Let there be Light” then “Scripting your Destiny”   These books are for these special times but like Love Without End are not readily available in book stores so buy from us.


These books fully complement Love Without End as it is Archangel Michael and Jeshua (Jesus) who  lead the charge for this planet and all Life on her to fully return to the LIGHT.


We can run courses built around Michael and Jeshua’s combined teachings.. If you are interested please let us know.  


And do look at our Sacred Oils, Miracle II and Ocean Ormus  which all carry the Adamantine Particles to help you on your journey though Life….


Thank you for reading  ..If there any questions please feel free to write or phone…


        “Breathe in the Breath of God (the Adamantine Particles), breathe out Love”


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                                        ” In the Circle of Life we are all One.”