Our Easter message

                                                           Our Easter message

These times are very challenging for all of humanity at the moment and we hope via these messages that we post each month that we can be of real service to you all .Whether you are/were  a bible reader or not  a few things have always stood out for me from the bible that bear mentioning for our contemplation this Easter as Love is their primarily the message as does our “Love Without End..Jesus Speaks”€œ and “The Keys of Jeshua”€ book themes …

‘Love God with all your Heart , Love your neighbor as yourself “                                                          “Love one another as I have Loved you”                                 €                                                                  “œThe Kingdom of Heaven is within you” “Don’t  you know ye are gods” (you see the word hu-man is sancript for god man  .                                  And remembering this sacred time is about Resurrection and Ascension  ,not just Jeshuas but ours in a future or near time He  said                                                        “The things I do you will also do and more”€                                            


Do take some time to contemplate over the Easter break, think about who you are LOVE! Take time out in Nature by the sea or in the bush, the mountains or simply to have ‘time out’ in  a private place at home. All of Nature is here in Service to you and can be very healing. Whatsmore they can give you that extra Peace and Tranquility we all need in these times. 

We also thought in your contemplation to review my report of the changes going  n within the body for all Humanity and how they are affect us all and our Mother Earth ..        For your new knowledge (in many cases) or just to review why things are happening to you  do read  a  special report on  Psyche, body and Earth changes“.            

                                                              Prophecies and our future .

There are many prophecies being spruiked around at  present  from many different sources but remember this we are creating our own Reality one day at a time  by the way we live our lives .What I see or you see or a  so called great psychic sees is always a probable or possible future depending on the track you, I or humanity is currently on and right now in our communities and globally it does not look too rosey .

I have been shown a couple of times in recent weeks  one timeline that “we are in the last days”€. Yes this or that WILL happen as seen IF we do nothing about it singularly or as a mass consciousness. but in recent times we collectively have made changes to some national and global events or at least downgraded them by our prayers and inner work.

As a true light warrior you have the Power to affect millions of people, the mass consciousness and even our Earth’s climate  whether you want to accept that or not. You have the Power not to just change some things about the future but CREATE the future You see we are all learning we are ALL One in God! As  Jeshua said…. “Don’t you know you are  god.”s€

But I stress we  MUST ALL DO THE WORK not sit on the fence and leave it to others to do as the numbers doing the work is still not enough!.I see this when talking to so many ‘Lightworkers’at MBS events around Australia  These events generally give many a nice fuzzy feeling but nothing really changes in them and they really do not take on board that it takes Discipline, Hard Work to grow and be of Service.

We are here on planet Earth to learn and to grow, share our Light and our Love and then to Serve and help others do so.

In an outer  world gone crazy with greed, rage, depression, war, poverty and sickness that are being experienced, your family, friends community and world needs your care and attention as they do not know how to handle what is happening within and without their inner and outer world as YET !

Before you pray and meditate, cleanse your self every day using the magical Violet Flame of Saint Germain. Then address your family ,community,  the world  trouble spots. Always ask for Archangel Michael’s Protection wherever needed in your or your families Life and then see all that you pray for (yourself firstly) in God’s Golden Light to Lift us your Spirit !

This is no time now for ‘fence sitting’ ..your Faith will see you through. So don’t lose Heart, in fact do your work from the Heart  …Our time is at hand !         

Do remember our wonderful products to  help you in these awesome times to assist you on your Path including  the Inspirational books we have from Jeshua and Michael.    

 A happy Easter to all     Breathe in the Adamantine Particles of God Breathe out Love    

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