Psyche,Body and Earth changes

                                    Psyche, body and Earth changes

These times are very challenging for all of humanity on our Beloved Mother Earth every single person, all life forms in fact are experiencing things they have never quite felt before .

So many have told us how their ‘health ‘seems to be affected and that includes their children and the grandchildren…of how exhausted they are, how they are not sleeping, depressed even  and much much more. But it does seem the older you are, the more you will be feeling these changes.

And on top of that  if you watch the news so many crazy things seem to be happening all over on the planet you’d think we had gone backwards as a society.Everything is simply coming to the surface to be cleansed.

So here are some thoughts to ponder to help you understand ‘the changes’ and these times .I have written a lot about the Photon belt and the Heavenly and increased Divine Feminine energies coming in that we thought it time to refresh what affect it is having on the psyche and body.

This Photon energy carries the ‘ Light before the Light’ It carries the ‘ Adamantine Particles’ of God now transforming our planet, our solar system and galaxy…Its nature is Crystalline and it is affecting all Life not just humanity, but our animal, vegetable and mineral kingdoms as well as our Earth. It is here as a conduit to raising the Consciousness of All Life as we move up to a higher dimensional way of Living.

The Divine Feminine energy in particular is being sent forth from God to help balance the overpowering, over indulged masculine Energy on this planet. These Feminine will override the Masculine but working in tandem as we are now being drawn in by the Breath of God and going back HOME.

The Divine Feminine energy is Love manifest !!!

                                    The Tribulation

Now how is this all affecting us…Jeshua mentions in The Keys of  Jeshua that 70% of what is written by John in the  the Tribulation , the Apocalypse in the Bible as he saw it is what will occur within the psyche and the body of man. The other 30% are external events. These will magnify until this Aquarius age takes proper hold. That may take a still unawakened humanity several lifetimes or two to three  hundred years to complete as did the previous Piscean age.

We agreed to have our part to play as Way showers in it .In Leumeria and Atlantis our Etheric body over Eons of time became the dense physical body that we know today. .God is now reversing what happened to us We will become ‘Lighter’ both figuratively and literally and one day in the not to distant future ‘man will actually manifest more of an etheric than a physical body again.


           Body and Psyche changes …The Tribulation within

Right now that adds up to enormous physical, mental, emotional and astral bodily changes. As the Photon energy comes in ,our bodies are being IMPLODED with this energy and we are changing from a carbon back to a  crystalline based body .Every charka, organ and even our molecular structure is therefore changing within us ….Archangel Michael calls our very oftenly felt flu symptoms ‘Molecular flu’

Now taking one group part of the body at a time that is being affected

Head – Many are complaining of sinus problems, lots of head colds, migraines eye strain, that they have never had before. Our Pituitary and Pineal glands are being opened up  causing pressure at the back of the eyes, dizziness and in the middle of the head

These two glands when opened will give us more Clairvoyance, inner knowing, more insight , more Wisdom …but in the meantime to relieve the pain(s) a good head massage (I do one in the shower everyday) and meditation will help … take headache tablets if you must but only as a last resort.

Body clock-Sleep patterns are affected Our time is being condensed .. at the moment we a squeezing in a 24 hour day into about a 14 hour as our planet gets drawn back to ‘God’s Time’ ..This is causing undue stress particularly with sleep patterns.

Many are waking up for hours during the night as a result., have hot flushes (nothing to do with menopause) .We feel as though we should be up and at work. Suggest brief meditations during the night. Ask for guidance until the beta waves of the brain become receptive enough to Spirit..

Conversely in the middle of the day if we feel we  need to have a sleep –do so. Do what the Highway road signs say and take a 15 minute ‘Power nap’ . It may just save a Life by not even driving then .

Breathing …Chest and Lung issues – This is where all those doing special breathing, meditation and yoga etc have an advantage….we all have to learn how to breathe properly again…80% of our population do not breathe correctly. We must take in the prana,, chi ,life force energy better still the Adamantine Particles to help balance our new developing crystalline body structure.

Organs…Heart, Sacred Heart Some have told us they are experiencing a lot of chest pains,..  by all means see your doctor if you will but in many cases it is simply “Your Heart is being adjusted” as I was being told one night in meditation. For the heart proper good breathing habits will help and do practice breathing in the Adamantine Particles..  these are Life changing.

But what is happening to most of us is our hearts have had an etheric web of Protection around them for eons of time as we were not able to live out or express our truths and just be “The Love that we are” This web is breaking down so we can Live from the Sacred Heart once again…. Ask Jeshua ( Jesus) for help here. He is the great Master of the Sacred Heart, the great Master of Love in God’s universe .

Organs..,, Liver, Spleen, Stomach generally

Others tell us that they had liver and spleen tests done but again doctors found nothing… Good nutrition , eating sensibly, right foods, good water will become essential as our new bodies will simply not digest any longer a lot of the processed foods we used to eat …Miracle11 will help and some Light exercise.

Hips, joints, feet

Many are experiencing pain in their hips and their feet .Give your  self Reiki or whatever healing modality you do.. Apply the Neutralizer Gel, it is great for pain. Soak in a Miracle11 bath for an all over detox and pain relief .Even a footbath removes toxins and pain generally plus it works like Reflexology on the feet.

Exercise  lightly .  Go for Nature walks ..Do take time out for Yourself . Use the Violet flame and other tools you have in your repertoire on yourself

Miracle11 products were designed with the times we are living to assist us clean out all the toxins in our body and many are coming to the surface to  be cleansed now Drinking Neutralizer Liquid and a few drops of Ocean Ormus  everyday helps do a ‘de coke and valve grind’ internally with their Violet Flame properties.

Sacred Oils , Miracle II ,Ocean Ormus and Sacred Heart Reiki

Circle of Life has some powerful remedies  to help you through these times

The Sacred Oils and Miracle11 make for a powerful combination in the bath or footbath…and the Sacred oils work also on the Psyche of the body as well.  Forgiveness ,  Love ,Compassion, Peace all help those aspects of living Life to the fullest .Mother’s Blessing is vey Loving and Magdalene’s Blessing helps remove Fear. Christ Scent is so awesome, it can help heal a wounded Heart.   

All sacred oils   carry the Adamantine Particles

Ocean Ormus can certainly help make you feel more at Peace. Many have told us how this ‘Life Force’ product has helped their  themselves family and friends with Depression and Anxiety issues.

People do report on more Light dreams and of course the Liquid Gold in Ocean Ormus can be very healing on many levels .A little goes a long way  and you only need the smallest amount.

Sacred Heart Reiki

And lastly but not least our Sacred Heart Reiki  can help you master all the Stresses of the times , find inner Peace , Love and Healing  by opening  up your connection to God.

Mother Earth’s Cleansing

Remember too our Mother Earth is going through many changes and has to rid herself of all the Toxins out of her body from wars, general pollution in our Waterways , oceans, air  and land,  excess  mining, chemtrails,  fracking , nuclear radiation, oil and chemical spills, poisonous fertilizers including GMOs..Think of her in your prayers and affirmations .Call forth the Violet flame to help cleanse her body. 

There is no doubt though we will experience Earth change s but we can help lessen their effect

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