With God Everything is Possible

                    May special bulletin 


                                                        “With God everything is possible”                                                                                  

Welcome everyone, this is a special May monthly bulletin rather than our general monthly newsletter. We ask due to the pressing times we are currently in to read with discernment what registers within your Heart and Soul and only that and take that in what is your Truth .

But there is urgency in this newsletter remembering of course everything at this time on our planet is happening eventually for the Highest good for humanity, Mother Earth and all kingdoms on her.  …..


This  is a Mother’s day month, a good month to review what the Divine Mother represents to us – the LOVE aspect of  God.. Mother Mary has always represented that to Catholics and Orthodox religions as she was/is God’s gift for that purpose in her lifetime on Earth but many  may relate to Lady Quan Yin or Mary Magdalene or Isis .I must add here Mother Mary’s energy is very close to the Earth at present a she sees all of us as Her children.


What matters really is not gender related though re the Divine Mother but the divine feminine within males and females. You could say  the male energy is the Light of God, the female energy is the Love of God and of course they go hand in hand .So give that some powerful thoughts this month  as the world needs lots of Love energy to manifest everywhere  and add those thoughts to what we request in the following dictation.


                                                  “These are the last days ”


There are “Horror Storms ” all around the world at present, you name it – the Ukraine, Middle East, Africa,  plus “Natural” disasters  in Tibet (this was not natural and in such a pure and peaceful mainly Buddhist people ),Volcanoes erupting in Chile,  ships going down at sea with major loss of life, extreme poverty and deprivation in many countries, people literally going crazy and in the U.S hatred between blacks and whites  which has been brewing for years is coming to the surface big time .


You don’t have to be an Einstein to know that an escalated war could happen just about anywhere. It was revealed to me just three weeks ago that “God is angry” Enough is enough. “These are the last days That has been said that to me three times now. We have seen already the crazy weather patterns in NSW and Queensland recently, and that could be only the start as I have seen our whole north coast of NSW and lower Queensland under water in 2016 .


Before these recent floods happened earlier this month I was also shown that floods of Noah type proportions could happen around the world  UNLESS we can turn things around for we are living in the End times (not the end of time) .I was shown that we had the option of major Earth cleansing via water, floods, tsunamis OR we can increase our work, our prayers, our affirmations, our Service to God, our Earth, all her kingdoms and humanity to alleviate or at least downgrade these effects….BUT the numbers doing the work are still too few!


Much is to come out of the U.S’s agenda and the people of the western world will be shocked. There is much Untruth being told about the so called terrorist activities which is an excuse for a war. Nearly everything written in the general Press is not the Truth ….  BUT LOOK PAST IT NOW !!!!….This the last throw of the dice of the dark ones to divide and conquer.


This is about control of so many things power , money not LOVE but LOVE is the only thing that is going to take this world from the brink of destruction to Victory as LOVE is God and is the only true Power in ALL EXISTENCE….. Everything else is just an absence of   LOVE!…There may be some BIG announcements soon too from the God team!


We as a collective Powerful Light Force can change the course of events in the world. Here is some encouraging words though from Jeshua to support you and our world going forward…

”You are Powerful more than you know .You have the Power of choice. You have built that in and you are awakening to it. You’ve always had the Power of choice, but a lot of times you have chosen to say you don’t have the Power of choice.


All these things happen to me and in our world , and I’m not Powerful enough to deal with them. That is a choice you have made, but now you can choose to say, God is in me! I AM the vastness of the cosmos and I draw unto me the Loving energy that I Am and will use it in my daily life and with the world at large.””


We simply do not know YET that we can change everything ..Remember “With God everything is possible.” (St Matthew’s gospel) Do your work, increase it where you can. You are needed much more than you know!


Call in the Seventh Ray team of God – St Germain, Archangel Zadklel and their Divine Feminine counterparts to bring forth the Awesome Violet Flame and ADD the Pink Flame of the Divine Mother’s Heart/LOVE in all your prayers now.  


Blanket the whole of all the trouble spots in our world with a VIOLET FLAME BOMB (not a nuclear one)  so thick it smoothers the lands.


Blaze this Violet Flame blanket right across the whole of the US and Israel military and their leaders back in the White House, the Pentagon and Jerusalem. Fire Violet Flame bullets into the leaders, commanders and troops of each of the armed forces, renegades included. Trust us it works… .


Ask Archangel Michael’s Legion of Light Army then to wrap every ‘terrorist’ (on all sides) in an etheric blue lightning cage that locks them up from any heinous activities. This works too when you call in God’s Power within you.Ask Michaels Blue Army to Protect all the Innocent ones in the world from any further harm. 


Ask the Archangel Raphael and Mother Mary and all the ANGELS of Healing to work  wonders with all those suffering.


Now ask Archangel Michael to seal any/all trouble spots with a gigantic sphere of ADAMANTINE PARTICLES. Vision it like an elongated gigantic balloon  These Adamantine Particles are full of the Christ Light, the Love Light of the Creator,  the Violet Flame, the Healing Energy all rolled into one.

The Adamantine Particles as we write about nearly every month are so  powerful .


They are the  highest Energy of the Creator given to humanity at this time -revealed to the world by Jeshua and further  developed through Archangel Michael to make all things NEW in our world in these times NOW !!!!!


Lastly Pray for America which has strayed far from its Divine course set down by its forefathers .People live in as much fear in the US as people did in Germany in the 1930s Heaven TOLD us whilst we were there several years ago ….


Less than 25 % of Americans support their /any military involvement anywhere and they that do are probably only those who follow blindly what their country does and that includes many if government but they cannot or have not shown their true colours just yet.


Many Americans  are afraid but are a  God Loving race and people there like in the middle east need the world’s support too. 


Add all the Violet Flame you can to our own country too. We tend to follow the US blindly but we must create our own destiny.

Please note : There is much, much more about the Violet Flame on our website in the healing section and we have recently added even more information.


                                                 The Ancient texts.


A final word  re the Ancient Scriptures/Texts -Within the Buddhist, Jewish and Hindu writings, the Dead Sea scrolls and parts of the Old Testament…A lot of  what is written carries keys and codes that can open up the inner Truth of your Being. Some you could say we’re even written for these End times in mind.


For most of we have never opened any of these books but there are some very beautiful writings given by the prophets of old like what has been given in the New Testament .But like the New Testament, choose wisely and discern what you may want to read.


Jesus (Jeshua) quotes often from the Old Testament in “Love Without End” and in “The Keys of Jeshua” there are quotes from Buddha and Krishna and other great Prophets. The 23rd psalm of the Old Testament “Love is my Shepherd…”  Jeshua quotes in Love Without End,  carries  keys to open up the Sacred Heart….said three times a day it is very uplifting. And three times I have been ASKED to read the “Book of Daniel” from the Old Testament ..Among other things it carries a lot of what John wrote in the Apocalypse.


I have found reading Jeshua’s new work I can go back and take a more open refreshing view of even The New Testament. These are special times and it calls for going beyond the norm for answers. “These are the last days.” Humanity must change its ways .  So much is happening now… cleansing everywhere as we said earlier.


                                                     Our work…your work !


Jeshua has ASKED me to take His teachings out into the public arena as this work will become a foundation for many, a manuscript for Living in the 21st century. The books “Love Without End ..Jesus Speaks”, “The Keys of Jeshua” and the accompanying 14 CD set “Conversations with Jesus “ are to be the new times ‘bibles’” He said “they carry the Creator’s and His Blessing to be ‘out there’ . Think about it and if you would like to share with us please email or call .


Think about our other Gifts too like our Miracle II ,Sacred Oils and Ocean Ormus which has  a profound positive yet very subtle effect on the DNA as we move back  from our carbon based bodies to a crystalline (silicone) one or from the Consciousness of a  2 strand to a fully awakened 12 strand DNA ‘Being of Light’


If you would like to know more about our work, our lectures our programs, our awesome products like Miracle II, Ocean Ormus our Healing work or the whole Love Without End range please call or email us.

Please share this special bulletin as you see fit…it is time for all to know what is Truth and what is not, to also know the Truth of their own Being that they are LOVE and only LOVE can change this world.  


                                             Thank you for being with us..Till next time


               ”Breathe in the Adamantine Particles, the Breath of God and Breathe out Love”


                                                          “In the Circle of Life we are all ONE.


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