The Purification

                                                                              Circle of Life June newsletter

 Welcome everyone to our June news report.. As with everything we write we ask you to read with your Heart not your mind and discern what registers as your Truth and only your Truth ,take that on board and leave the rest .We have labeled this month’s news as “The Purification” Just when I thought we were over a lot of the heavier internal emotional, mental and physical cleansing they seemed to increase significantly .
Things only just started to ease again last week but  this past month  has been probably the most intense time I have experienced and have laid fairly low to integrate the changes happening within . Same for many of you I expect as we have just completed another massive purification/ cleansing to fit us for these new times but it doesn’t stop there … ..     
Prophecies ..’These are the last days’ …
There is much going around the web from prophets particularly Christian and visionaries generally re ‘We are in the Last days’, ‘the End Times’ ‘the Chastisement’ ..some of which seem quite fearful that I thought I would comment .Many of these prophets are mentioning a greater purification will begin in September this year and will continue for at least 18 month or so. Interestingly all have said the same month.
Whatever happens and when, it may not be pretty. As a global community of 7.5 billion there is so much to change in the Hearts of a global humanity . We too have reported the same thing even the same words several times but no specific month was ever mentioned as many of us have experienced our own purification  process over a no of years to fit us for these times.
Our messages too did not carry a fear factor but a warning was there nevertheless!. And generally I was TOLD not enough were ‘doing the work’ to alleviate whatever may come to our Earth and Life on Her without more God intervention.                     .
I sent out as this week’s thoughts from Jeshua  too from “The Keys of Jeshua” this message …  ”  The Beginning of Life …The  End of Story”   where Jeshua describes a little of what He describes is ahead of us in these awesome times.
 “This is not the end of geophysical time or biological time but it is the ending of ‘story’ on such a massive scale  that one can only survive the forthcoming changes  by honouring Life, Love, Personal Integrity and Community above all stories.
The whole Earth -land, sea ,animals ,plants and atmosphere -ache for the end of its troubled stories .Most of all the hearts of men and women ache  for them to  end . Each will play its part in seeing that it does…
Planetary changes  will continue to shifting populations. Massive relocation of people will transform economic systems and the way people relate to  each other..Belief systems will be  fully re examined !
There will be so much transformation in this century, much so that what you now consider reality will only be found in history books.”   
FOOD FOR THOUGHT FOR US ALL  to meditate on !
If you have been doing the work -Prayer, Meditation, the Breathing (so essential to breathe in the Adamantine Particles now), good works etc  there will be nothing to be frightened of and you always be in the right place at the right time .
This may be the time when your real journey in Life truly begins and God’s divine plan for you is fully revealed . Look at this time as a time of HOPE guided by your FAITH  with plenty of CHARITY or LOVE is in ACTION..  
Every human being came to this planet to learn and grow ..But collectively we have got stuck, caught up in the trappings or survival in our 3rd dimensional living. Now there is a need for humanity to get a ‘leg up’ so to speak as we are dragging the chain and Mother Earth cannot wait any longer to “come up higher and take all life with Her” and so humanity perhaps will get this Big wake up call NOW!.
We offer many tools in our Circle of Life to assist us to learn and to grow in these times so you may want to revisit our offer…. .
“Love Without End …Jesus Speaks ” and “The Keys of Jeshua” are ‘Manuscripts for Right Living in the 21st century’ no matter what Humanities current Belief system is right now as .these are ‘BOOKS OF LIFE’ like no other and they are not about  religion!!!
 ( Note we have available the 14 CD set of the Conversations with Jesus Teachings and now a manual for teaching  Love Without where you can run your own group discussions
And in these times and ‘soon’ Spirit has shown me that even a new Bible will be in order in the coming times  …     
It will feature not only Jeshua’s but also teachings from the Buddha and Maitreya (He was Lord Vishnu / Krishna from ancient times).Remember only a part of humanity follow Jeshua’s teachings so the need for an expanded manuscript to  cover a world population .This will be a book of LOVE as there will be only one religion .”LOVE” as was Jeshua’s Intention to create from His Life on Earth .When this happens I do not know.   
Open up your Hearts to what we have shared . Discern what registers as your Truth ..ask  your own inner guidance .
Do make changes in your life where you need to now. Use the magic of the Violet flame to clean up  every aspect of ourselves that needs cleansing .
This is the most incredible time EVER to be on Earth.. Nothing has ever happened in such a short time line in any one of God’s planets, galaxies or universes. And the changes happening will come even thicker and faster…This is a unique experience but Mother Earth has to catch up quickly now with God’s Divine plan for our Solar system to move up into higher dimensions taking all life with her (or without her).  
  Our time is at hand   !   LOVE and only LOVE will survive and only LOVE can change this world !     
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                                                           Till next time please share as you see fit
                                                               “In the Circle of Life we are all One”