Our Love Without End story

Welcome everyone to this special July news report.. As these are such awesome times I thought it a great time to share with you a little of why we do ‘Love Without End’ and have now done so for  13 years as I believe it is becoming  even more relevant today for you as well as me than ever before to know about .
My monthly newsletters have never contained any full channeled messages as such but all comes from MY Truth from Holy Spirit within.  I write down the messages as I get them generally in meditation before I go to sleep or in the middle of the night when then I pick up my notebook to write  (Jeshua  Asked me to do this some 17 years ago and I have never missed  a night since.) 
The messages  can be either seen visually or by voice and sometimes a simple song …Yes listen to those special songs  in your head ..they are your angels whispering to you and it is one way they can reach anybody ! It was when  I took on Love Without End that that accelerated and I had some Life changing experiences before, during and after that  made me take on Love Without End with a Passion .  
Here it is …As with everything I write I ask you to read with your Heart not your mind and discern what registers as your Truth .Take that on board and leave the rest .     
.Jeshua TOLD me Before I came to the Earth that I had agreed  to  take on this work”
I heard heavenly choirs .He sang to me the Lord’s Prayer in a voice that made the 3 tenors sound like choir boys learning to sing.It was quite incredible.
And there was more but that should give you a feel  for it Whenever I started to wane over these past 13 years  and felt people were not listening or taking in anything I said about this work He would come through to give me some encouragement .
Take our work to this or that exhibition.. people get a Healing  just from His or Mary’s paintings which we exhibit  every single time or He would say get some more postcards of  “The Lamb and the Lion” out …Just this week  He did it again ..He Asked me to stick to what I am doing and at the same time He asked not to be carried away with other’s messages and channellings and people’s ‘ paths.’ 
                  He said “the Love Without End work carries the Creator’s and His Blessing”                                            
If you have a book/CD stored away please get it out again. These are works in progress for a fulfilled Life and for helping our families and fellow man !
Love Without End was also given for those who could not understand or stick with the deep teachings Jeshua gave earlier via “The Course in Miracles” and it would be better understood by the general public and for Christians to subtly review His teachings from the New Testament to connect to His real Truth of all His messages and of course this work is for YOU to understand and hopefully teach from  how you can.        
Channeled messages
I will add to this brief bulletin a comment here on many channelled messages being spewed forth from the Internet sometimes you can be totally confused if you read too much .Many so called channelers are not even as Spiritual as you are ,so cannot get messages from on High as you can. I say often find God, Christ and Holy Spirit within BEFORE you listen to anyone else. And the only way to do that is Prayer and Meditation and good works. THERE ARE NO SHORTCUTS on the Spiritual Path.
And Yes we are all looking for Answers (the whole world is ) and Yes there are some proven and outstanding channelers like Glenda Green and Ronna Herman who speak generally but they can only give you guidance as they are not allowed to know your whole Soul journey. That is between  God and you  .That is a Cosmic Law !
And lastly do not hang on with bated breath any or some of the channeled messages that give you DATES for this or that happening ..There  is no TIME on Heavenly  clocks as we know it so they /we  can get it wrong. I have been shown things that do happen in the future and thought that must be next week or next month only to see it actually happen a year out .The one visual exception I received was the  massive Tsunami in December 2004     I saw it happen 3 weeks before but did not know when or where !
                                                                                         Our work…your work !

Jeshua and Michael has ASKED me  to take their teachings out into the public arena so often as this work will become a foundation for many, a manuscript for Living in the 21st century. The books “Love Without End ..Jesus Speaks ”, “The Keys of Jeshua” and the accompanying 14 CD set “Conversations with Jesus “and Archangel Michael’s books are tools for Right Living “ are to be the new times ‘books of Knowledge’.
Will you help!
Think about our other Gifts too like our Miracle II , Sacred Oils and Ocean Ormus which has  a profound positive yet very subtle effect on the DNA as we move back  from our carbon based bodies to a crystalline (silicone) one or from the Consciousness of a  2 strand to a fully awakened 12 strand DNA ‘Being of Light’
All our products Miracle II, Ocean Ormus , our Sacred Oils carry a high vibration .All carry a Christ Consciousness . All are filled with the Adamantine Particles.

All have been made available especially for these times !!! 
In these uncertain times if you have been doing the work -Prayer, Meditation, the Breathing (so essential to breathe in the Adamantine Particles now), good works etc  there will be nothing to be frightened of and you always be in the right place at the right time .
This may be the time when your real journey in Life truly begins and God’s divine plan for you is fully revealed . Look at this time as a time of HOPE guided by your FAITH  with plenty of CHARITY or LOVE is in ACTION..  
Every human being came to this planet to learn and grow ..But collectively we have got stuck, caught up in the trappings or survival in our 3rd dimensional living. Now is there a need for humanity to get a ‘leg up’ so to speak as we are dragging the chain and Mother Earth cannot wait any longer to “come up higher and take all life with Her” and so humanity perhaps will get this Big wake up call NOW!.
“Love Without End …Jesus Speaks ” and “The Keys of Jeshua” are ‘Manuscripts for Right Living in the 21st century’ no matter what Humanities current Belief system is right now as .these are ‘BOOKS OF LIFE’ like no other and they are not about  religion!!!
 ( Note we have available the 14 CD set of the Conversations with Jesus Teachings and now a manual for teaching  Love Without where you can run your own group discussions
Live from your Heart.. it’s the only place you will find true Peace. Go there often throughout each day …Jeshua and Michael will show you how . Remember everything you need for this Life is within you, your Sacred Heart not anywhere else.     
Open up your Hearts to what we have shared . Discern what registers as your Truth ..ask  your own inner guidance .
Do make changes in your life where you need to now. Use the magic of the Violet flame to clean up  every aspect of ourselves that needs cleansing .
This is the most incredible time EVER to be on Earth..           Our time is at hand  !
    LOVE and only LOVE will survive and only LOVE can change this world and we offer you some great Keys to the Kingdom   !     
If you would like to know more about our work, our lectures our programs, our awesome products like Miracle II, Ocean Ormus our Healing work or the whole Love Without End range please call or email us.
                                                           Till next time please share as you see fit
                                                             “In the Circle of Life we are all One”