“Love is now the only answer”

                                                                             “Love is now the only answer” 


 Welcome everyone to this special but a little late August newsletter. So much has been happening in my personal and family life, just lost my dad, not to mention the unbelievable changes happening within causing days of sheer exhaustion .All this new Heavenly  Light coming to this planet is changing everything but now is not the time to rush but go further within for the answers to my/your life .


Suggest you have to do likewise for your highest good and most importantly we all need to nurture ourselves at this incredible time .


More than ever before Pray and Meditate, Rest up, spend time often in nature, lie on Mother nature’s body, be by the trees, in your gardens, stroll along the water’s edge, BREATHE . Be with our animals, bird and sea life – all help us heal, stay in balance above all the  ‘Events’ which Humanity is now being bombarded  with each day. 


This monthly newsletter contains some visions/messages from Jeshua and some other relevant information received about our immediate Earthly future but as usual I ask you to only accept what resonates with your Heart…Read too what I wrote last month about our messages.




I have been shown just this week  Jeshua sitting down with a ‘Heavenly council’ writing down plans for the new times.Then I was shown Him sitting in a meeting discussing Iraq and ISIS (and the middle east generally I felt). In all my years of doing His work, particularly from my introduction to Love Without End (2002), this was the clearest vision I have ever had of Him.


In this second vision I was in such Awe  of His Presence that I bowed my head to Him and did the sign of the Cross “In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit“..    Yes He is the ‘King of Kings’ but He is also our Brother and friend and wants us to feel that way about Him and ASK for His guidance.  The good news for me was God, He and the Heavenly team are watching us closely over everything  but not condemning but YES “we will not be left comfortless”  !          


I was TOLD however not to be ‘soft’ in the messages in this newsletter. The first thing is that we are not Home yet, not by a long stretch  and we need to intensify our efforts otherwise the predictions made by scores of  ‘biblical prophets’ coming out of the closets may happen one way or the other and soon.  ( I ask you to read the Book of Daniel if you have never done so before particularly ch11 and 12 ) .


Humanity… need to change


First we must change ..At grass roots level many of humanity do not even recognize God . Our ‘god’ is the good life with all  its trappings and diversions. Drug, Alcohol and sexual abuse are rampant in affluent societies Our children (not yours I would expect) are not getting the right guidance. We have other problems too and are not exempt from Karma.


In many parts of the world people live well below the poverty line, abused  and for millions their only thoughts about life are survival. Plus collectively we have not cared about our Mother (Earth) or the animal kingdoms and sea life and it goes on and on .   


We can make a difference though …


But we were still  truly born in the lucky country. As Australians with such a free living environment  we can make a significant difference to world events even from ‘down under.’   You may not realize it but only 10 % of the world population actually lives in the southern hemisphere so we are fairly free of many dark energies and karma that still exist globally from thousands of years of wars, pestilence, famines etc plus there isn’t as much ancient karma in this part of the world that can interfere with our good works.    


Unfortunately this is not so for the northern hemisphere with Europe and the Middle East (where the dark ones have got under the people’s guard for eons of time) ..and now the US are leading the world now in karmic return. The U.S has now becoming a police state to boot .This is the country designated as the leader of the ‘free world’ but they have never needed more help and prayers to help set them back on the right path.


Yes there are some beautiful people doing great things in all these places ,even in the Middle East and all over the world but not enough yet to  get 10 billion souls home (7.5 billion in physicality and 2.5 billion waiting to incarnate from the Astral level.)  And all the work to do must be NOW as our planet goes through so many changes back to the Light .It is LOVE and only LOVE that will win the day.  


Things have to change. .We have gone too  far the wrong way as a society and need a BIG ‘Event’ of sorts to totally shift. That may happen very soon to remind us of the Love that we ALL are !.


Nuclear power …   


God will NOT allow a major nuclear war no matter what crazy politician or military leader wants to start one. Too much damage has been done in our Universe with nuclear devastation and even within our own solar system. Maldek a planet like Earth just outside Mars was  destroyed by nuclear war eons ago,     some remnants of which float around our planet as Asteroids.


Let alone should we be using Nuclear energy anywhere on Earth as  we do not know how to  handle it  or contain it …Look at Fukashima and even Cheynoble  both are still leaking and poisoning our atmosphere and sea life  In fact most nuclear reactors leak  to some degree and there are so many in use  around the globe. All this must come to an end  Plus there must be no more mining of Plutonium, Uranium nor for that matter Coal Seem Gas, nor Fracking ..all adversely effect Mother Earth.   


But even if there are no nuclear wars if enough  people have not changed their ways and face the Light soon we could expect a significant increase in floods, droughts, earthquakes and more volcanic eruptions to cleanse and balance Mother Earth. Do you realize that humanities harmony or disharmony (emotional and mental bodies) actually cause these events.. We are ALL part of God – the Earth, land ,mountains ,animals, air, sea life ,the oceans  We are ALL ONE remember Another way put is it is God’s Adamantine particles created differently into many Life forms.


You know Jeshua was so at One with all life. He could command and walk on water, calm the seas,feed 5,000 with a few loaves of bread and fish.. And He said ‘The things I do you shall also do and more” …That is why I keep mentioning  the Adamantine particles. which He used  to perform Miracles  .through this knowledge one day we will be able to use God’s body (the Adamantine Particles) and do what he did.          


Our little planet is going to the LIGHT by hook or by crook and nothing will stop its progress. Whether humanity wants to come along for the ride is entirely up to each one of us .We have the (God) Power to help change humanities ways as it is God within that will make all things NEW on this free will planet.


Yes what I saw of Jeshua.,we are being supported every step of the way for all or as many as possible to make it but Heaven will only directly interfere with our Earth evolution if there is another 9-11 or abuse of nuclear weapons/energy. We must do it ourselves otherwise ! We can do it                                    

A song came to me as I am writing   … “Can we turn on our Heart Light and let it shine wherever we go, Let it make a happy glow for all the world to see” and so on  (N.Diamond) Believe it or not each one of us is becoming more powerful each day .We individually can now effect millions with our thoughts, prayers and affirmations…that is a fact ! 


Call on all your God Power to blaze St Germain’s Violet Flame of Redemption, Neutralization and Transformation to every part of the world. It WORKS. Add the Pink Flame of God’s LOVE to all who would enforce their male dominance of our planet as is the case in most war and troubled zones. 


The Divine Feminine energy (LOVE) from God  has been significantly increased to balance the overdeveloped abuse of the masculine and is for us to use                         


                                                    Our work…your work ! …Will you help!                                                    


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Open up your Hearts to what we have shared . Discern what registers as your Truth ..ask  your own inner guidance .  


Do make changes in your life where you need to now. Use the magic of the Violet flame to clean up  every aspect of ourselves that needs cleansing .                                                  


 Our time is at hand   !   LOVE and only LOVE will survive and only LOVE can change this world !     


If you would like to know more about our work, our lectures our programs, our awesome products like Miracle II, Ocean Ormus our Healing work or the whole Love Without End range please call or email us.


                                                        Till next time please share as you see fit



                                                          “In the Circle of Life we are all One”