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Welcome to our pre Spring newsletter We thought with Spring at hand we would focus in this issue on “Detoxing  your body safely, effectively and quite gently  with Miracle II and Ocean Ormus.”
Many of us do DETOXS at this time of year anyway You would surprised what our products can do for you  and in these special times there is a need to change many of our dietary habits as well as gently and regularly detox . We  have  the most effective and simple detoxifiers on the planet in Miracle II and Ocean Ormus Life Force , what‘s more you will get a real Energy recharge at the same time.
And don’t be surprised if you get an emotional and mental detox as well as there is something truly magical about these products The Gold in its Spin liquid state in our Ocean Ormus is truly one of God’s great healers . Ocean Ormus actually goes to work’ on ‘helping  to heal and raise  the bodies vibration so health and even your bodies energy levels get a boost  .
Here are some reminders of the simple steps to follow to do your own  effective  and gentle detox’ with Miracle II and Ocean Ormus.
Step 1
Simply do the Miracle II BATH thing 2-3 times per week for three weeks at least , bathing for at least 30 minutes –Four good capfuls of MII soap in the bath and 1capful of Neutralizer liquid is sufficient for maximum effect. As the pores of the skin are opened the soaps actually pull TOXINS out of the body…(see Clayton Tedeton’s testimony below).
Remember it takes the first 14 minutes for the body to open up all the pores of the skin to start releasing all/any the toxins in the body so do make your baths at least 30 minutes. Its a great way to RELAX as well and don’t we all need that ij these times.
If you have a Laundry ball throw that in too. . It makes the soaps and neutralizer work even better.
If you have one of our   very special pure  essential oils  a few drops in the bath  as well for extra Peace of mind .All our sacred oils are healing in their own right.
If you haven’t a bath tub, then do the foot bath at least for a similar time and soap yourself over as much as you can leaving  soap on the body to   magnetize out all / any of the toxins
Don’t towel yourself off unless you have to.Let the excess soap soak into your skin. Even the soap  is  powerful stuff and is full of Neutralizer Liquid (80% approximately) 
Step 2
Drink Neutralizer Liquid twice daily at least Take a minimum of 5mls (1 teaspoon ) up to 10 mls (1 dessertspoon).Take it with your tea or coffee or fridge water or straight. You can NEVER overdose on what amount of Neutralizer Liquid you take  
When I have had the flu at one time which I could not shake off for a couple of weeks -.I was working too hard and long, traveling to much  Anyway I inadvertently took 300-400mls of Neutralizer Liquid in one go and the symptoms disappeared within two hours .
Also take up to 5 mls of Ocean  Ormus Life Force once a day during this Detox period..It could do a gentle Detox all by itself over a slightly longer period of time but its purpose is to  help you rejuvenate.
Step 3
Clean your teeth with Neutralizer Gel and two/three drops of soap and swallow what you can. Not only is Miracle II doing a job on your gums and teeth but what goes down into the stomach does some wonderful things internally….Fungus, Yeast, Acid,, Reflux, Parasites, Worms and other nasties not only get NEUTRALIZED but what is the soaps actually washes these nasties out of the body
And you can do this whole routine FOREVER as it helps keep the ‘motor working’ at maximum efficiency
Post Detox
Suggest we endeavour to have a bath then once a week for ever to  stay ‘TUNED UP’ and keep  the drinking of Neutralizer liquid going too but maybe back to 5 mls either morning or night will be sufficient  Suggest keep up  with the Ocean Ormus Life Force product indefinitely but you may only need 1,2,3 mls a day as we do Simply slip under the tongue, Ocean will do its magic on you even when you don’t know it is.
PH balance
Remember Miracle II and Ocean Ormus are also gradually raising your PH all the time as you become  more regular  and consistent users .As most of you know a healthy PH level  means a healthy IMMUNE system  All Miracle II and Ocean products except the Skin Moisturizers are 8.4 % alkaline  The Skin Moisturizers are about 7.4 % but still at a good alkaline level
Mineral   intake
Plus you get some essential Sea Minerals, Calcium, Potassium and Magnesium at the same time daily.
Economical  and easy  way to detox
And all this is adds up to such a very economical  and easy way to  stay healthy and well  and of course you can do it forever.
And to complete this section here is an article by Clayton  Tedeton founder of Miracle II  given in his “Telling the Good News magazine to verify  the comments we write about Miracle II  .He says one of the revelations about Miracle II’s  reason for being was to  purify the body temple.
”The body gets loaded down with toxins from the many foods we eat that have been sprayed with all  kinds of poisons. The toxins go into the body and they cannot get out because the pores of the skin are blocked up  from the many oils and soaps we have all used over the years that are made from animal fat.
Miracle11 soap is the only body cleanser that will clean out all the sweaty, waxy  residue from the pores  of the face, body and scalp. When this happens the body works the way God  made it to  work, to detoxify itself. When toxins cannot get out of the body, they settle in the joints and this is called arthritis, which leads to many other problems
The inside of the body  gets coated with additives, fillers, dyes, yeast, and acids in the foods we eat. They coat the stomach walls like syrup on a plate. Most of the nutrients that are in the food cannot get  through the walls of the stomach. We have to eat more foods to try and satisfy  what the body needs. This creates many problems for people .
But by brushing your teeth with Miracle11 Neutralizer Gel and drinking Neutralizer liquid, all the walls of the stomach are cleansed so   food can be  processed  the way it was supposed to be.
When you use two/three  drops of the soap with the Neutralizer Gel to  clean your teeth , you swallow some yeast acids and toxins are removed or stabilized in the body so  the immune  system works the way God intended  it to  work.
Now the soaps like the Neutralizers are ‘certified human safe’ (verified by  U.S. MSD government reports from the U.S.)  The Soaps are 80% Neutralizer Liquid anyway and it is the soap that flushes out of the system everything that should not be there like parasites, worms, fungus etc”.   End of article
General tips for detoxifying food  and related personal use.
Try spraying your meats, fish and chickens with the Neutralizer liquid to remove chemicals, insecticides, mercury, steroids, hormones .It also  marinates and  flavours them
Spray Neutralizer Liquid on  your apples, tomatoes pears  .fruits  veges that you eat with skin on them
Vegetables generally-wash them in water the kitchen sink adding  7or 8 drops of Miracle II soap into the water  .It is enough to remove chemicals and pesticides  related to  growing ,production of crops 
Spray your ears regularly if are a user of mobile phones  and who isn’t  it -neutralizes radiation effects
We have CDs  available of  the whole Clayton  Tedeton  revelations and  story of how Miracle II came about.. There are also  on it on many people’s  great testimonies .Simply write and request .
One  thing that is often been said to us at expos over the years that those who have tried  other ormuses  notice a profound difference when they have moved onto  Ocean Ormus Life Force We know  “there is no other  ormus quite like Ocean Ormus” . If you haven’t trialed Ocean Ormus  Life Force  Essence  do give it a go, You will be generally amazed of how you feel and what it can do for you… ‘It is the ultimate vitamin pill’ !!!  Read more about it on our website and attached testimonials.
                                                                                 Ocean  Ormus’s   other great products
We remind you of other Ocean products We have not had them long but these are something else and we are getting some great testimonies from very satisfied customers
*Reform Pain Ease  Muscle and Pain Relief 
*Eye Cream  Serum and
*Femme (for ladies)and Alpha M (for men) face and body creams..
All have the magical Ocean Ormus Life Force Essence as their foundation  and then  are blended with some of the most incredible essential oils and ingredients on the planet They are doing all their names imply, giving the results needed  from outstanding  pain relief to outstanding beauty and eye treatment aids
For more information about these magical products visit  the Ocean Ormus section on  our website at   http://www.circleoflife.com.au/category/ocean-ormus/                          
                                                                    In summary
We are doing both product ranges together because we know Miracle II and Ocean Ormus work together synergistically in many, many ways  And here is a small tip.- Try some Neutralizer Gel with Reform Pain Ease or add a drop  or two of Ocean Ormus Life Force to the Neutralizer Gel ,then apply them together  Some great feedback  here.
                                                                  Animals and Pets
Always think of your animals and pets too won’t you with Miracle11 and Ocean Ormus ..so many testimonials plus you can save a fortune on vet fees View our webpage sfor more details
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                            “Know you are helping our Earth and our Waterways when you choose Miracle II and Ocean Ormus ”