Miracle II Ocean Ormus May news update

                             Miracle II Ocean Ormus    May news update  



Welcome to our combined Miracle II – Ocean Ormus May news update.  We hope you enjoy the good news we have to share In this issue. .  


We begin with a few small reminders of some daily simple uses for Miracle II for late Autumn and winter to ward off winter illnesses. The following comments come from years and years of satisfied customer testimonials.


And remember ALL Miracle II products are great sanitizers, are antifungal and antibacterial even when watered down as recommended .Follow the guidelines in all our instructions for use on our website.. There are hundreds of examples of uses. Here are a few to sample for the months ahead….


1.Miracle II Violet flame bath for those winter chills and ills!

Bathe at least once a week if you can as Miracle II will energize you, as well as help remove the toxins and flu type symptoms which keep coming to the surface to be cleansed and that may include the emotional and mental ones.


This enormous Gift carries the Violet flame, one of God’s great Neutralizers. If you haven’t a bath tub or time for a bath then try a foot bath (up to your knees if possible). It can nearly have the same effect.  A  minimum of 20 -30 minutes at least for either activity to work fully effectively.


2.Stomach and Gastric issues and Miracle II

As we have often mentioned , take Miracle II Neutralizer liquid twice daily 5-10 mls  (teaspoon to a dessert spoon) and clean your teeth with Miracle II Neutralizer Gel mixed with a little green or violet soap  and swallow what you can.


This procedure can help STOP Fungus, Yeast, Wheat and Gluten problems and intolerance, even parasites and worms (which most of humanity have had in the system at one time or other ) and what is in the soaps that actually ‘magnetizes’ these things out. Your whole system , bowels and bladder included will get a ‘decoke and valve grind.’


3.Mouth ulcers, teeth and gum health and hygiene and Miracle II

So you can use Miracle II as your “TOOTHPASTE” forever. No more gum or tooth decay!!. Simply follow the above procedure.This has been proven in thousands of satisfied customers testimonies As we said when swallowed it can do an awesome job internally. It is always safe to ingest as it contains only natural and organic ingredients. 


4.Miracle II is generally a great aid for BABIES TEETHING. It has only pure organic and natural Ingredients in it so it can never harm you or your bub (Miracle II has been tested by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in the U.S as human safe for consumption.).


5.Mobiles.I phones and hand held phones and Miracle II

Please spray inside your ears each day with Neutralizer liquid to nullify the effects of your brains being ‘fried or scrambled’ from microwave energy from mobile  and hand held phones .Use loudspeaker devises wherever possible. Do know Miracle II will neutralize most radiation effects from cathode rays, gamma radiation and even nuclear – Independent scientific testing in the US proved this. Refer attached document ‘Know Miracle II’.


6.Our Animals, Pets and our Earth and Miracle II 

In God’s world we are truly all One so whatever you can use for yourself with our product range you can use just as safely for our animals, pets, plants gardens and agriculture generally. DO KNOW that Miracle II works to neutralize the harmful effects of all toxic and foreign chemicals whether they be on land, sea, ocean or in the body (animals ,pets and birds included) and Miracle II works watered down or in very small doses.


Now to reveal more about our second great product range Ocean Ormus that can and should be used in tandem with Miracle II…

Ocean Ormus Life Force Essence : White powder gold, the “Manna from Heaven’ ‘the Sun Ray’s own precipitated vitamin pill. ‘


Like many of you I am sure we had only ever heard about ‘White powder gold’ and ‘Manor from heaven’ from Bible readings not as ormus (nor in our case ‘Ocean Ormus’) …It was an ancient ‘wonder’ product used in Abraham and Moses’ time and by the Essenes in Jeshua’s time.  With God’s direction the ancients found a way to liquefy, purify Gold so it could be taken internally  for Health and Healing benefits.


I received an email from a good Miracle II customer to trial ‘Ocean Ormus’. Before I did I examined many of the hundreds of pages of data available on the Internet about Ormus or Orme ‘Liquid Powder Gold’ and how it had been rediscovered in the 1980s and was doing wonderful things for humanity.


A little background to Liquid Powder Gold


You may not know that Gold is one of the important ways from which the energy of the Sun is supplied to the interior of the Earth  – a ‘precipitated Sun energy source’ and acts as a foundation for the photosynthesis process for the soil/plants.


So as a conveyor of this energy  it acts a a transformer  into  the physical  substance of our world.  You could say it was placed in the Earth as a radiant electronic force ,as a radiator of the Sun’s energies but we also know that Gold is a great Healer and source of Life  as the Sun’s rays are.


The energy within Gold is of an extremely high vibratory rate, it can only act upon the finer and more subtle expressions of Life through absorption and here we have a simple wonderful way to Ingest through the body in Ocean Ormus as Ocean Ormus is so pure as and very concentrated you only need the smallest amount to get benefits from it .


Apart from panning for Gold in mining areas, most Gold is still found in most mountain areas of the world including the mountains under our oceans which of course salt water then helps to purify the Gold constantly.


Our Ormus is sourced from the pristine clear and clean Antarctic waters off Albany,West Australia .Then it is purified using ancient proven instructions mentioned above – Check out the purifying references from our web pages of how this Gold is then turned into Liquid ingestible Gold for human consumption.


We are confident our Ocean Ormus comes pretty close to what the Ancients discovered and used for their Longevity and general health.It is so pure and concentrated as we have been told by so many users of the Ormus or Orme sourced and made elsewhere .


Something else is wonderful  about our Ocean Ormus . It is Blessed and so we feel  blessed to offer you this wonderful Gift along with Miracle II.In meditation I was TOLD early on in the piece  “There was no other modern day ormus  quite like Ocean Ormus.” We believe ours is a cut above the rest for these reasons


As you know these are times of great, great change. Amongst the many benefits of taking Ocean Ormus is it’s natural purifying balancing and vitalizing energies are ideal for supporting humanity whilst it moves from the current ‘carbon based body’ to the ‘crystalline’ transformation required  during  the dimensional and vibrational upliftment  these ‘new times’ bring.


Ocean Ormus and Miracle II together

We suggest you take after you do the inner cleansing with Miracle II. People feel much more energized, are sleeping better or need actually less sleep and still have more energy by taking just a small dose of Ocean each day. Chronic fatigue and depression seem to be getting knocked for a six too and know it is working subtly on your DNA, Cellular structure and Light (Crystalline) body.


Ocean Ormus trial it-  It cannot harm …And one last thing here ..Did you know that people who pan and work in the goldfields absorb the Gold dust into their skin never get sick , such is the Healing power of Gold .

Ocean Ormus Life Force Essence trial /travel pack…It is so safe, pregnant women and babies can take as well as animals and pets,  and try it out on plants and trees in 1 drop dosages with either Miracle II or separate.  Do revisit our web pages for further information


You can mix a small amount too of Ocean Ormus with Miracle II. Rub into the skin or massage to empower the healing and performance. 


We have attached an up to date information fact sheets re Ocean Ormus Life Force Essence which you might like to read


And do look at our other four wonderful Ocean Ormus formulations -Perform Pain Ease, Femme Fresh, Alpha body creams and Eye Serum. These are awesome products 


Something is so special about Miracle II and Ocean Ormus products that make them uniquely a ONE STOP SHOPPING product range for the whole world!


Why not a Gift pack or a trial size Ocean Ormus for your friends and family – For Miracle II there are several ways to start  a Retail pack  a Travel/ Trial pack, Beauty all pack offers come with instructions and applicators.


We have pump applicators available (as well as foaming dispensers) for all Miracle II and Ormus products including use for soaps  Should you wish to  avail of one just email us back with your next order .


Check out all our past newsletters listed on our website in our archive files for more handy hints as well as revisit the “How to use instructions for all applications” for both Miracle II and Ocean Ormus .


If you would like some more information or you have a sufficient sized group of people we would be prepared to give a talk about these awesome products at ‘your place’ as we need to Spread the good news about these amazing products.


Till next time, please pass on  as you see fit!


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