Ascension is not a piece of cake

                                     “Ascension is not a piece of cake”


                                           Circle of Life’s Autumn Newsletter

Welcome to our  Autumn newsletter. We are a little late this month as we take time to try to understand and digest all the changes happening ‘within and without’ and what they mean, plus it is has been such an exhausting time to say the least. We recommend you take it easy through these months.   


We ask you read what follows with discernment as with all our newsletters as to what resonates with your Heart’s Truth .We are now into the fourth year of the new times and many would be asking what is different apart from the fact the pace of life seems to have intensified and the world seems a little crazier .


Some are still disappointed knowing the ‘time lines on Events’ we thought may have happened on Mother Earth haven’t as yet .We assure you we are into the wave of energies that are changing every single life on planet Earth .This is what we call Ascension.. we a re not leaving the planet .


As for TIME itself I believe we have now moved into a time of NO time if that makes sense. This is what the 5th dimensional and higher life/energies look like ‘ as it is in Heaven’ ..Lately I am seeing my early earthly years as clearly as yesterday. I have read as many of you would, that in Heaven you could walk through one door  into the next and come out in 1,000 years time.


Now here is a lovely thought from Jeshua before we get into our newsletter proper.


 “Allow yourself, when the world is too much with you, to take the deep breath (the breath of God) no matter where you are, and to receive the Peace that I give you. For it is only through the Sacred Breath that you can.

For whenever you find Me,  you find Peace. Whenever you find Me,  you find Joy. Whenever you find Me,  you find Divine Purpose and Holy Vision.

Seek the Peace that I give you, not as the world gives, because the world gives and then takes away, changes or says there has to be conditions. My Peace I give unto you unconditionally. It is always there for you”.


As we write all life on our planet is now fast being raised in consciousness— This is causing much upheaval in humanity and on our planet. We tell you we are in for more electrifying times ahead- unprecedented changes in weather patterns, within ourselves, our families and community as each responds differently to the higher uplifting vibrational energies coming through.

Populations suffering under dictatorships and Oligarchs (including the U.S.) are rebelling as people take physical actions out onto city streets, calling for change. THIS IS A WAR OF CONSCIOUSNESS WE ARE WATCHING AND EXPERIENCING!

We can help…Use the Power of the Violet Flame to help neutralize the ‘diseases’ of fear and hatred that are effecting the mass consciousness.    

This will continue around the world until humanity en masse learns to go ‘within’…. Love and Peace are an unspoken necessity each of us must live by no matter what the circumstances are and Prayer and Meditation are the only way to find that Path.


Our ThoughtsWe must live from the Heart ..

It is essential our Thoughts are founded on Love more than ever before -No one is exempt from the fact that each person’s consciousness is identified wherever we go and whatever we do. 

It will be our dedication and commitment to Spiritual Practices, to  remain devoted to the Spiritual Path  that will continue to help guide humanity Home and take with us our families, friends and community yes everyone who chooses to follow our//your example so keep on keeping on..

Indeed, as our own personal higher consciousness expands and prevails, the energy attracts others to join with us so that an enormous cleansing of the human psyche can occur in many homes, diverse places and even governments.

It may not look like it but the darkness is disappearing  the dark ones will all be leaving our planet and very soon or they will turn and face the LIGHT as that is still available to many of them.

Be the example of Love in action everyday. It is in the Loving expression of good (God) Thoughts that we have the Power to change our world as we see it not just in our families but our communities, our country to live in a more Peaceful world  . This is the magic of Being a god in action ! 

This shift to a higher vibration, this Ascension process is definitely not a “Piece of Cake” is it ! 

Don’t forget in our prayers the animal kingdoms, wild as well as domestic, birds, trees, plant life, whales, dolphins and all sea and water life, they are feeling the effects too.….      WE ARE ALL CONNECTED REMEMBER!


Prayer, Meditation, the Sacred Breath and the Adamantine Particles.


We cannot stress enough the need for Meditation and Prayer in these awesome times . It is urgent if not critical.

Meditation you could liken to spiritual food for the brain .Do you know scientific studies have shown meditating can prolong Life but the most important Gift is it reconnects you with ‘HOME’, the beautiful place you left eons ago. It may take a while to fully reconnect but be patient and practise daily. 

Start with Breathing in the Adamantine Particles. Breathe them in consciously every day twice a day for at least 5 minutes Even if you do not quite understand what they are, they are so Powerful and awesome.. They are the Body of God. They create matter, they create physical life .


They will help each of us create our new world. They carry within them the Love, the Christ Light , the Violet Flame and the Healing energy required to make everything NEW in you and everything around you as you Breathe them in and out. 


The Adamantine particles are so much more than the prana we know  but are only available to  those that truly connect with their god self. This is a wonderful Gift from God, from Jeshua …. Read the attached for some more Insights!.

USE THIS GIFT .Much much more information is in our Jeshua and Archangel Michael work and do you know all our Miracle II. Ocean Ormus products and our Sacred Oils are full of them.  

All of humanity will have to make changes—not just us and very soon.—even though they may not understand what we know. Teach them ! As we have said there is much coming including ‘Disclosure’!


In summary

The consciousness of our beautiful planet has shifted quickly in recent months . Realize that she needs us/ you—and many like us—to make her and humanities transition easier and faster.

Remember we are in the early years of the beginning of a new age, so change was always inevitable whether people like it or not .

We encourage each of you not to lose Faith, not to lose Heart, to realize that you have great Heavenly support ..Ask God, your Sacred Heart, Jeshua, Michael, Mary or any of the other Heavenly team to help you to hold fast to a Loving Heart and the willingness to serve the Light in your very own special unique way.


Find others like yourself to share your journey with Love and Joy. It is the time of Community Creativity, of which we have often spoken. It is the era for identifying with the biblical remark that Where two or more are gathered in my name, there I AM.

Holy Spirit will join to complete any creative and Loving intention we have. Use the Magic of your Sacred Heart, the I AM within to help create the world we want around us  .


Remember we volunteered, we put our hand up.It was for this we came to be of Service to our fellow man and to our Mother Earth and all her kingdoms in these awesome times….We are here in Service


….Please share this newsletter with as many as you believe should read.


  “Breathe in the Adamantine Particles of God, Breathe out Love”


                                    Blessings from the Circle of Life


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 “As you think so you become. Always Empower your thoughts with Love”