Ocean Ormus Life Force Essence – DNA special report.



     Ocean Ormus   Life Force Essence – DNA special report.


Hello and welcome to this  the second part of our August newsletter. We hope what we write gels with your Heart  And if it does we encourage you to try our Ocean Ormus product(s) asap.

We are now living in such incredible times that every bit of assistance we can get in our Spiritual growth will be a Blessing in our Life and Ocean Ormus befits that perfectly through  DNA.enhancement -.it has  a profound affect on it, plus Ocean Ormus carries Mother Mary and Jeshua’s Blessing. so read on why!

We have never truly revealed the detailed information that follows until now and the real  reason why we are doing this product range .

Some scientific background firstly

We know from Science 10% of DNA for is for building proteins. 90% is data storage and communication. DNA is an organic super conductor that stores Light. Words and intents can be programmed into any DNA. DNA can only accept Light that is coded in the same language as its instructions.

The same scientists studying our DNA sequencing know only 2, possibly 3 out of our 12 strands of DNA are active. They have believed many strands in our makeup seem to be inactive or ‘useless’.

 They were puzzled  enough and not that  far enough along in their own explorations to understand that nothing in creation is useless, and they suspected it was not a fluke of nature, although few of them were spiritually open enough to assume the truth that they were just inactive.  

 From a spiritual perspective the DNA molecule functions as a conduit through which high dimensional information (through Light codes) can be down loaded to the physical organism.

The truth is NOW we are going back to God and that means we will eventually have a fully activated 12 strand DNA system all working as it was in ancient times e.g. as in Leumeria.   God and the God team are reactivating these “unused” strands day by day as we become more dedicated to working to grow spiritually.

As we grow our DNA will change us in so many dramatic ways-all for good. Our intelligence, our memory and our creativity not to mention our Health will escalate rapidly. The final goal is to allow us to be fully awakened Beings that we are capable of.

Obviously 12 fully awakened DNA strands can only be one great Blessing for humanity but we emphasize here that is still a fairway off . We will all eventually have the power to create, to know the Truth of our history and that of our galaxy, but it was necessary first that we each experience the challenges and obstacles of life in 3-dimensional bodies, with free will and then when we commit a little guidance from Heaven.

So what has Ocean Ormus got to do  with all this. Where does Ocean Ormus fit  …

Our’ Liquid Powder Gold’ is a Gift for these times like it was in ancient times to aid the process of  converting/awakening all the cells of our DNA . It is not that great meditation, breathing, healing and Spiritual Life style habits can’t get us to full Christ Consciousness – they can, but Ormus (Ocean) aids and in fact can speed up the process no end.

This the ancients knew this and that this ‘Manor from Heaven’, this ‘Liquid Powder Gold’ could help prolong Life. The great Prophets wrote of it in the Old Testament- Abraham and Moses and it was used by them and then right through to the Essenes time.  (Jeshua, Mary and Joseph were Essenes).

  …The Essenes lived  till over 100 years of age on average when normal life expectancy was only about 40 years and now we have a like product in Ocean Ormus available for today’s world  that can positively effect your Health and Wellbeing like that as well as help your Spiritual growth.

Now we come to why we are doing Ocean Ormus ….

Our DNA and Earth’s DNA is the same, linked together rotating the same way. As Mother Earth raises her vibration, our Liquid Powder Gold, our Ocean Ormus can be a bridge, a Gift from Mother Earth to help us move smoothly from 2/3 active strands of DNA eventually to the whole 12 which when opened will take us back to total Oneness..

Eight years ago I had never heard of ormus per se, Manna from Heaven yes, but not ormus nor Ocean Ormus. I was meditating one night and was given the vision of what ormus was all about and its amazing healing powers. It’s Golden energy glowed and I could feel the Healing Power in it .

I was  shown it was used in Abraham’s time and right through old testament times. This message came to us from Mother Mary and it was not just any old ormus but this new ormus-Ocean Ormus!  I was TOLD “there was no other ormus on the planet quite like Ocean Ormus.” and then was shown where I could get it.

A short while after taking it on board Jeshua appeared to me and thanked us for distributing it . It carries both His and Mother Mary’s  Blessings as well as it is probably the best form of ormus on the planet. It is as pure and concentrated as you could possibly get of pure healing Golden energy (from the Sun) in a Liquid form and as close to the original formulations given.

So concentrated and pure is it that some only take 1ml per day although most take about 3mls. What most of us don’t understand is how subtly it works. Even when you may think nothing is happening … it IS and it can do some amazing Healing along the way plus rejuvenate your whole DNA system.

Plus it carries the ADAMANTINE PARTICLES just like our Miracle 11 range does.

If you haven’t tried it, meditate on it and ASK for guidance as we are now living in such incredible times that every bit of further assistance we can get in our Spiritual growth will be a great Blessing in our Life.

Please read also the document re ‘Right Use of Gold’ which is attached. There is also a lot more general information on our website too about its great benefits for your health which we have also covered in many previous newsletters.

Please check out our other four Ocean Ormus products too carrying. this Life Force product.. all are spectacular. and of course any questions please feel free to email us or ask .   

                        “There is no other ormus quite like Ocean Ormus “


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